HORI Premium RAP3-SA VLX - Vewlix "Diamond" for PlayStation 3 - July 2012 Amazon.co.jp Exclusive

apparently its only out on amazon.jp’s site with the diamond vewlix cabinet color layout

Do want.

Need 4 of these. Comes out in July.

Soooo…basically a recolored VLX?

recoloured, only ps3

i was well chuffed, entered my address for pre-order… and sorry we do not ship to UK!!!

hopefully Hori USA do a run of these, and then I can order from Gamestop USA

nope, its the diamond


fap fap fap. will buy.

how you gettin them? via a friend or amazon JP making an exception for you?

ill put money into your account order 2 for me… seriously, PM me PLEASE

I stand corrected

Even though this is just a recoloured VLX, its definitely going to be added to my collection.

we can mod it
we have the technology
more consoley

You cam use a service like shopping mall japan the problem is that you typically end up paying double to cover service and shipping fees.

Alright. Someone buy one. Use it for a year and then sell it to me cheap…dibs!

I wasn’t kidding. I think I’m getting 4.

i wasnt kidding either, order extra 2, and ill wire yu the cash

ninja turtles FTW???

I would totally be down for a group order if someone is doing it.

It’s just that pretty.