Wtb: hori vlx diamond edition

Please if any one of you guys decide to buy it on http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/aw/c/ref=aw_d_c_videogames and decide to sell me one let me know your price. Hori it’s not been fair by only selling in Japan. Also maybe someone that’s big time involved with the FGC can help us to sign a petition to Hori and make then sell it in the US. Bellow it’s some pictures and a info about the Stick that I want. Another thing what can we possible do to make hori sell it on US? Please give me your ideas as well. Discussion Tech Talk Thread
HORI Premium RAP3-SA VLX - Vewlix "Diamond" for PlayStation 3 - July 2012 Amazon.co.jp Exclusive


HORI Japan announced that they




wow. thats hella sexy.

damn!!! that looks so good!

Markman said they wouldnt be available til July if I’m not mistaken…hell I want one too lol

Man we need to do something #FGC unite bro. We need to find someone else to make a petition, MarkMan doesn’t want to get involved. Sorry to bother you Mark Btw but I couldn’t think about anyone one else.

Why did you post this sir? I’m trying to quit! Hahah.

Maybe someone the helps out with Wednesday night fights could help put th petition out there…or maybe if we got enough people to order then maybe arcadeshock could help since its one if their sponsors? Just some ideas…gotta brainstorm a Lil more lol

I’m pretty sure they will bring it to the u.s. a few months after july. the first VLX’s sold out completely so they must of been a success.

I would buy one, I wish that amazon jp would ship it to the u.s. but they won’t, I would pay the ridiculous shipping price. I just hope it comes out here, please Hori release this to the u.s.!

According to this, July 26th is the projected release date. We should do a group buy from somewhere! I’m down for one.

That sounds good. I’m going to write a e-mail to Arcadeshock tomorrow.Let’s cross our fingers :slight_smile: Should we post in their thread?

We should man. That’s definably a must have. :tup:

Put me in for the group buy. This is the sickest stick I’ve ever seen.

as I posted before, if we can get a group buy for this I am in. Keep us posted bad boy.


It actually says VEWLIX on the face of the stick. The current VLX doesn’t say VEWLIX on it.

I will :slight_smile:

That’s even hottier. :slight_smile:

I’m so down for one of these. It looks so beautiful :slight_smile:

Yeah. You got my support.

They are not doing a 360 version. My guess is that this will not be released in the US. :frowning:

I know. But we should act fast. We have until a little before july 26 to figure out. I’m sure it will sell fast. This’s not just a VLX but a japan exclusive as well.So it will be super rare. MarkMan already told me on twitter that he’s getting 4 for himself throughout a friend in Japan. if we don’t act fast those that have the way of buying it will do and it will run out.That’s a Arcade Stick that everyone might want to have.

Discussion Tech Talk Thread

Just talked to my cousin, I’ll try and see if he can import me one the next time he goes to Japan! Although I’m sure there’s someone on these forums who lives in Japan that wouldn’t mind exporting some for a little dough.