EXTRA BATTLE: Thoughts and Ideas for DLC Costumes and NPC Encounters!

Any ideas and thoughts on Extra Battle?

What are the encounter you prefer to be seen in Extra battle?

I think it’s time to bringing back Flash Back battles/Memorable encounters like SFA3 did to Ryu vs Sagat.

Callbacks that did a reminder of the story plots in past events as an additional to Extra Battle by using NPC and DLC Costumes.

It can be a single battle that tells a story or a confirmation in past events that they did happen.

A futuristic encounters is okay also to be considered based on SF3 are also fine like Alex vs Gill (Urien with Gill Alt) and Chun li vs Urien.

Another one are What if or Elseworld encounters, That is a what if possibility encounter.

Note: Limit your ideas using characters that are in-game already and those that are confirmed by flowtron legit leaker.

Flashback Historical Encounters

[] Sagat vs Go (NPC)
] Sagat vs Adon (NPC)
[] Sagat vs Dan (NPC)
] Ryu vs Adon (NPC)
[] Ryu vs Sagat (Unwounded alt)
] Zangief vs Haggar (NPC Zangief Alt)
[] Nash vs Shin Bison (NPC Bison Alt)
] Juri vs Seth (NPC Urien Alt)
[] Bison vs Seth (NPC Urien Alt)
] Nash vs Chun li (Alpha Alt)
[] Vega vs Cammy (Alpha Alt)
] Sakura (rumored) vs Kyosuke (NPC Nash Alt)
[*] Ibuki vs Hinata (NPC Sakura Alt)

Futuristic Historical Encounters

[] Alex vs Gill (NPC Urien Alt)
] Chun Li vs Urien
[] Zangief vs Mecha Zangief (NPC Zangief Alt)
] Fang vs Mecha Zangief (NPC Zangief Alt)
[] Zeku vs Haggar (NPC Zangief Alt)
] Ryu vs Hugo (NPC Abigail Alt)

What if Encounters/Elseworld
[] Ryu vs Violent Ken (NPC Ken Alt)
] Akuma vs Evil Ryu (NPC Ryu Alt)
[] Ryu vs Oni (NPC Akuma alt)
] Nash and Cammy vs Fallen/Revenger Vega (NPC Vega Alt)
[] Akuma and Ryu vs Asura (NPC Necali Alt)
] Ryu vs Demitri (NPC Bison Alt)
[] Akuma vs Leo (NPC Alex Alt)
] Ken vs Kevin Strayker (NPC Guile Alt)
[] Ryu vs Edward Falcon (NPC Ken Alt)
] Chun li vs Devilot (NPC Karin Alt)
[*] Akuma vs Astaroth (NPC Birdie Alt)

Alt Costume DLC SF Character**

1.) Hinata (Sakura) = Encounters for Sakura and Karin

2.) Hugo (Abigail) = Encounters for Abigail, Zeku, Alex, Urien and Ryu

3.) Kyosuke (Nash) = Encounters for Sakura, Ibuki and Karin

4.) Haggar (Gief) = Encounters for Zeku, Abigail, Zangief and Mika

5.) Mecha Zangief (Gief Alt) = Encounters for Gief, Mika, Chun, Guile, Balrog and

6.) Oni (Akuma Alt) = Encounters for Bison, Zeku, Akuma, Ken and Ryu

7.) Evil Ryu (Ryu Alt) = Encounters for Bison, Sagat, Akuma, Ken and Ryu

8.) Violent Ken? (Ken Alt) = Encounters for Bison, Akuma, Ken and Ryu

9.) Chunli (Alpha Alt) = Encounters for Bison, Guile, Nash, Vega and Bison

10.) Cammy (Alpha Alt) = Encounters for Bison, Cammy, Guile, Vega, Nash and Chun Li

11.) Claw with Fallen Balrog (Cannon Spike Alt) = Encounters for Nash, Cammy, Guile, Gief and Chun Li

12.) Necali (Asura Wrath Alt) = Akuma, Ryu and Bison

13.) Gill (Urien Alt) = Bison, Urien, Kolin and Alex (Halooween Costume)

14.) Hideo Shimazu (Ryu Alt) = Sakura (Flowtron), Ibuki and Karin

15.) Wild/Daigo Kazama (Ed Alt) = Sakura (Flowtron), Ibuki and Karin

Alt Costumes for Elseworld Capcom Franchise**

1.) Ryu with Jin Saotome Alt

2.) Ken with Edward Falcon(Power Stone) Alt

3.) Karin with Devilot or Ingrid Alt

4.) Ibuki with Strider Alt

5.) Nash with Cyber Blue (Battle Circuit) Alt

6.) Juri with Mai-Ling (Warzard) Alt

7.) Rashid with Viewtiful Joe Alt (Shown in Screenshot)

8.) Guile with Kevin Strayker (SF2010)

9.) Mika with Pure and Furr (Capcom world 2)

10.) Alex with Leo(Warzard) Alt

11.) Dhalsim with Saturn Dyer (Plasma Sword) Alt.

12.) Dictator with Demitri Alt

13.) Birdie with Astaroth(Ghost and Goblins) Alt.

NPC: Can be independent NPC models or an NPC version of modified existing characters.

1.) Go = Modified Shoto Alts

2.) Dan = Modified Shoto Alts

3.) Joe = Modified Ed Alts

4.) Mike = Modified Balrog Alts

5.) Geki = Modified Zeku (flowtron) Alts

6.) Retsu? = Modified Shoto Alts

7.) Adon

8.) Seth Clone = Modified Urien Alts

9.) They can even add US base Shadaloo Troops like F7, Khyber, Arcane and Blade from SF live action movie just by altering Nash Alt in a different stance.

10.) Cyborg Monitor, Twelve and Eleven

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Violent Ken is a must. I’d pay for that alt.

Yeah this is the chance to make those costume exciting to appear.

I always wanted to known, see and play as Sagat against Go. Since it’s a significant meaningful event in SF history that has only told on books and not in game or Capcom themselves. While I want to see a What If encounter against Violent Ken using Necali, Akuma, Ryu and Bison.

Adding Up NPC

Would be

Goutetsu (Zeku Alt with bow) : Encounter Akuma and Bison

Gouken (Akuma Alt) : Encounter Ryu, Akuma and Ken

Byron (Guile Alt) : Encounter Nash and Guile

Abel (Urien Alt) : Encounter Nash, Guile, Gief and Cammy

Relieving historical moments is so in SF.

Would love an RE2 Leon costume for Ed


If thats the case it’s good that were getting RE Blonde Jill for Juri?

And Wesker Nash?

Unfortunately, only Chris is allowed in Capcom fighters.

My Capcom-tribute alt for Ed: EDward Falcon from Power Stone



Even the same name, both boxers too lol =)

My wishlist of Capcom Tribute Alts (to not confuse with “character recreation” list, like example do an Haggar skin for Gief instead give him an actual slot)

Ryu- Megaman X (alt imput version: no helmet) <- Jin/Hayato are closer but i like give Ryu Capcom’s mascotte

Ken- Dante (DMC3 Version)

Chun Li- Jill (RE1/MvC2 version)

Zangief-Arthur (Ghouls N’ Goblins)

Cammy- Simone (Cannon Spike)

Guile- Captain Commando (CC)

Sim- Saturn (Plasma Sword)

Nash- Jedah (Darkstalkers)

Rashid- Viewtiful Joe (VJ) <- done. Win =)

Laura- Black Widow (Slam Masters)

R.Mika- Tiffany (Rival Schools)

Alex- Fighter (D&D)

Ibuki- Amaterasu (Okami)

Kolin- Ruby (MvC2)

Urien- Shade (Cyberbots)

Ed- Edward Falcon (PS)

Abigail- Viktor (Darkstalkers)

Menat- Rouge (Power Stone) <- need boobs boost lol

Necalli- Asura (AW)

Karin- Devilotte (Cyberbots)

Birdie- Soldier Red (Forgotten Worlds)

Juri- Gloria (DMC4)

Vega- Godot (Ace Attorney)

Rog- Boman (Rival Schools)

Sagat- Nemesis (Resident Evil)

M.Bison- Sigma (Megaman)

Akuma- Mech Akuma (Cyberbots)

Possible with cast addition
Cody- Gene (GODHAND) <- Cody get into SFV pls
Rose- Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
Guy- Strider Hiryu (Strider)
Viper- Regina (Dino Crisis)

I’ve done somthing similar in the past, but being Halloween based there’s a strong Darkstalkers majority or monster mostly oriented:


Please as much as possible avoid making this your character wishlist thread since it isn’t intended so.

It was noted on the topic.

This Cestus guy is just photoshoping ideas while declaring it initial his, Not just once but a lot of times he claims Capcom steals his ideas. He even claims the obvious stuffs as his and brags it.

This is the thread were those ideas came from. I came up and bring up the topic, we even had discussion about some costume about the nostalgia costume which influence his Halloween Costume.


Link to his post

The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Before I post my ideas I do research not just by similarity in visuals while all he do is photoshop stuff and claims his while he mocks Capcom.

I don’t mind copying my stuff but I do mind someone else using it to brag as it was something else.

I started a topic regarding alt costumes which he comes up sooner in a few pages of the thread, The Necali as Asura, Karin as Devilot, Dictator as Demitri, Alex as Leo and Rashid as Viewtiful Joe were my ideas all he did was photoshop it and compiled it with his meh choices and the others preferences, Some of those ideas were obvious matches that every Capcom fan that are familiar with the franchise would easily find similarities. I don’t mind being reference and I don’t need a credit but using it for false claims of bragging and labeling it as a breakthrough is kind messed up. He had a weird obsession of the need to label anything as his along with his self glorification.

Observe the rest of his choices removing mine or the obvious Capcom fan picks, Without references he’ll just pick the characters by being obvious, popular opinion, looks, skin color and by fashion sense.

I don’t bother to photoshop the others that were obvious picks and those he had done from mine.


Additional stuff!

guesting alternates



the outside universe are good choice of combination

the what if choices are obvious.

I’m still able to come up with not just random ideas but rather unique, different and effective pairing in non-sf universe despite the already given many ideas even without referring from the previous ideas submitted.


I didn’t put Biff as Alex because Slammaster’s Biff design were bland unlike Gunloc that can keep the brown leather jacket


Megaman set


Is this a good moment to remind everyone that Capcom also made D&D: Shadow over Mystaria?
It would be nice to see some D&D costumes, and WotC would probably be up to it, since they don’t seem to care about digital games (at least is what they said about heartstone)

Yes, but probably Capcom would play safe instead like they did with lin kurusawa from AvP. They just took a character with likeness in Canon spike which is simone.

They remember it, watch THIEF =)

Alex could be a great FIGHTER

ELF- Cammy
DWARF- Zangief
THIEF- Laura or Menat
CLERIC- ??? (Sagat?)
MAGIC USER- Ed or Urien