Diablo 3?!

I really have to agree…this looks like something WoW related (why blizz!?!).

I mean - it kinda looks like Arthas.

But at the same time, the shape of the symbol fits all three of blizzards IPs somehow.

If there is a god, this will be Diablo 3 (or Warcraft 4…LOLZ!). But I just know it’s gonna be some stupid WOW shit. GRRRRRRRRR!

Here’s a little something that might convince you guys its not WoTLK related:

Clearly, Arthas has no eye brows. I don’t think they would change his artwork at this point, and it seems unlikely he’d take his helmet off in such a cold condition like being trapped in ice. :rofl:

Also, as I said… the hype behind this image is extraordinary, the feeling for me is just the same as it was for SFIV. If they didn’t announce D3 at WWI, not only would they most likely get boo’d off stage (especially for saying it was just WoTLK), if I was there I would take the jail time from throwing the closest sharp object directly at the asshole on stage.

Even if it is a 1% chance, that minuscule amount has me wide awake and wired at 6AM.
:d: Thanks, man… I think I will use that to go to sleep.

it COULD be the protoss.

Yeah it looks closer to a protoss. The protoss symbol is also there as well to the lower left of the face. Maybe it’s something SC2 related? But everything is speculation pretty much… All the runes point to something in Blizzard’s past.

Diablo vs. Starcraft

Bet it

They could have taken his helmet off.


I think it’s Arthas since you can see the rim of his helmet now, seriously, doubtful it’s Diablo III.

The team that made the original Diablo in northern ca left blizzard to form their own company and make the game HellGate London – that’s probably the closest thing to Diablo 3 that exists.

Blizzard closed down the offices and brought what people remained back to so cal to work on WC3 and WoW.

Because of this diablo will be the last franchise to be revamped.

If you want to get a good idea what their next game is, then look at their job postings where they list the project as a new “Next-gen MMO”.

Which either means WoW 2, SC WoW, or diablo WoW(the least likely since Warcraft is more popular than diablo and they are probably going to follow the pattern of WC3 and WoW with SC2 and some kind of WoW SC).


EDIT: OMG 3 pages on the Diablo 3 thread!!! D3 CONFIRMED!!!

If it is WoW related, then I would think the folks at Blizzard have seriously lost touch with their fanbase; WoW teasers aren’t warranted.

WC4 would be nice…

but why would a hellish beast come out of a large block of ice?


someone didn’t play lod


But if you look at the css file, these are the words are commented out:

icy, cavern, harbinger, tundra, cold

seems to point to diablo 3, but the penguin image makes no sense…

There will be a penguin level in D3?

I never really got into the diablo series because I was immensed in the SC world. By the time I did, I couldn’t really get into a game so old. I would be extremely happy to get into this though!

If you ask me, they look like minerals from SC, not ice.

Then what would you call the snow falling down?

It has to do something with the death knight. Hence why Runes are on the screen. Could be wrong.