Diablo 3?!

Holy Shit.
And it ain’t April 1st.

Im a little skeptical. I mean the splash screen looks like ice and Lich King is coming out soon…so yeah.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Diablo 2 remains my favorite Blizzard game. I would fangasm if this is true.

I don’t see how people are interpreting that splash screen as anything but WotLK

Is it the runes? http://www.wowwiki.com/Rune_System


edit: I just read that page, that’s a pretty goddamn elaborate theory they have there. I’ll be impressed if they’re right

Uhhh what?

was I baited? there is no way any of that shit is right

most likely real. blizzard is working on all their past titles right now

If Diablo 3 comes out my life is over.

I just figured the ice thing was just promoting WotLK, but I guess it could be Diablo III. I guess. Oh, and if it is, good bye civilization, I’ll miss you.

Nah, it probably won’t come out till 2010-2011 anyways.

well everytime Blizzard would announce something like this it would be for a whole new game…we already know that the WotLK is announced so why would they make a teaser thing like this…that and I see a number 3 faintly on the right side.

the game will probably be pushed back 100 times before blizzard gets it close to completion.

I gotta start playing Diablo 2 again. :stuck_out_tongue: But really I don’t think it is for Diablo, and that Diablofans are just thinking too hard.

Clearly a picture of Hell frozen over, where Diablo will come smashing through the ice and continue his reign.

Why cant companies just announce things? Why would it be worth the effort to pull this da vinci code shit? Its kind of embarrassing.

i hope i didn’t just get baited.

like the sf4 rumors, i’m not putting any hope in this until it is officially announced…but like sf4, i will be quite happy the day it is…

What? Where?! If anything you’re the one baiting… not being serious of course. But I still can’t see the three.

blizzard vs. capcom 2

hahaha love how they skipped the first BvC and just made the second. That takes balls.

And its pretty much confirmed that this is NOT D3.

baiting? err…I dunno it’s what i saw…


I ain’t baiting anyone…but again…why the hell would they make a teaser for WotLK? if they’re doing this to say announce the release date then that is dumb…I’ll remain optimistic for something new…