Diablo 3?!

New image is up. Not to fuel the fire, but the symbols doooo look like layers of hell…

Being a huge fan of Diablo 2, I too wish for a third.

But I have come to terms with the fact that Blizzard doesn’t give a shit about Diablo any more. Their cash cow right now is bringing in the mad money, and with Starcraft 2 (god damn, a sequel to Korea?) coming out they are focused on that.

I love watching all the uber D2 fans start screaming like 14 year old girls at an N*Sync concert, then having their hopes and dreams crushed when it’s just an announcement for a new WoW patch.

Face it people, D3 is just too awesome to be made. Let it go…

P.S. If this does turn out to be D3, then I welcome the flames and brutal internet assault I will receive. Also, Fuck yea! D3!!

If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, it’s a duck.

WotLK announcement, end of story. Probably for the open beta or a final release date. WotLK hasn’t been in the spotlight on their page for a while besides the mini-lore updates.

Exactly, this is probably a WotLK release date or something.

Sadly probably WotLK

But if it was Diablo 3 I would throw a sexy party.

Blizzard Smash Brothers. [prays hard]

D3. The runes don’t lie.

I hope they don’t go the MMORPG route with D3… I’d rather have it just with upgraded graphics but the same trusted gold standard of D1/D2 playstyle.

I’ll definitly buy/h4x this game if it is released… :stuck_out_tongue:

The rune on the top right does look like a Hel rune…

ah yes but when its released its a high quality game that will be played for years to come

I hope they implement more Rogue-like mechanics and make multiplayer less about who has the best items. I WANT PERMADEATH!

That’s putting it lightly, from www.diabloii.net

Blizzard Kart Racing

Blizzard Puzzle Fighter

Blizzard accountants

in this game you will forever count the amount of money blizzard is making off of WoW.

Sounds like torture.

Actually, you know what. I’ll have to retract my statement. From what I gather…

The splash image is supposed to represent Blizzard’s WWI which is coming up very soon. With subtle references to both the Lich King (Frostmourne) and Diablo II (runes), this may very well just be a dual-announcement. Blizzard likes to do things like this, particularly with the announcements of both WotLK and SC2.

They might announce plans of a “D3” AND new info on WotLK. With the recent closure of many LK alpha leak sites I think they want to save some of their thunder for the WWI.

Sit tight, folks. :****P

Though I have to admit that it sorta doesn’t make sense for blizzard to have 2 RPG’s out on the market. Of course unless they want the money from the cheap nonmonthly paying users as well, through just initial software sales. Meaning this game will be around 50-60 when it comes out.

It will not be another MMO.

…for the love of god I hope I’m right. If they aren’t working on D3, I’m going to be fucking pissed.

diablo series has never been an MMO. its a completely different style of game.