Diablo 3?!

which is exactly why i play it over games like wow…

i always considered it the spiritual successor to d2, similar item systems and skills you know.

If you notice, the splash screen has been updated.
The second image “15.jpg” has been released , following their theory.
And besides just a Hel rune, there is also a supposed shael rune to the left I think. I was skeptical too, but I’m starting to believe. And check what this one guy said,

Damn… I guess 08 ain’t just the year of the fighters, year of games PERIOD


I was joking. But I do think that, THAT three is a coincidence.

Yeah… and WoW is pretty much just magic-find runs.

Diablo III: It was Cain All Along

This cake is a lie.

And wart better give me my money back.

Did you not raid his corpse in Tristram?

Damn Diablo 3 would be fucking dope. I hope they just take off all the PK hax, cept Maphack, that shit is dope!

lol, yea no shit.

It would be crazy if that was the name of the game, but at the same time I would be half laughing at the twist.

diablo 3 would make my wow account get canceled in .01 seconds

Three Lost Vikings VS Ice Climbers

Dude…Cross-over game!

Diablo Universe and WoW universe collide, only one universe will survive. Making it a fight to the…wait that’s Infinite Crisis…

i read some interesting speculation elsewhere that its actually the archangel tyrael. hence why he destroys the world stone at the end and sends the hero through a portal called “oblivions end” when baal is defeated.

Tyrael is a douche >_>

How can you even think about Diablo 3 when StarCraft 2 is already in the alpha stage.

For Aiur, son!

I read that same shit… Im pretty sure it was fanfiction, but they had so much information and the way it was presented made it seem so legit. I could totally believe it and it really did have the perfect basis for a Diablo 3 game.

Would be awesome if this is the route blizzard took if/when they make a D3 game. Totally psyched about this announcement… It HAS to be Diablo related… Sure, SC2 is gonna be awesome - but D3 is what Im waiting for.


Announcement of an announcement… I think.

I don’t know how credible the site is. We’ll just have to wait until the weekend.


The site is pretty reliable. But I still won’t believe it until Blizzard officially announces it.

Well today’s image pretty much confirms it for me.

  1. Yesterday, the eyes looked identical to the D2 cover art, today I see the D1 cover art (the area between and under the eyes mostly).

  2. The runes form the shape of a pentagram. I thought maybe there could be a link between the runes and the bosses you fight to unlock the seals in Chaos Sanctuary, but I’ll let more aspiring conspiracy theorists take this one.

Damn, typing it out I see how silly an optimistic fanboy can come off.
Besides it was only last fall something no one thought would happen did happen. Maybe I’m the only one with a case of deja vu… but the past few days feel quite like the days prior to Capcom Gamer’s Day 07.

im about 99% sure that this is for lich king
but that one percent keeps me hoping to god its d3

the only thing they could do to make me shit my pants and make the ice gfx make sense is have

“Hell has frozen over” written somewhere