Complete "How to Change the Music in MVC2 + How to make your game selfboot" Thread

Preppy edit: The old ComboMasher guide is backed up here:

Should still all work. hmu if you notice any broken links or anything out of date.

anyone else having that problem? I used tables, not frames, so no matter what way you stretch the screen you should be able to see everything without having things overlap.

t-kimura- Thank you. :smiley: I hate doing instructions without pictures, so i though i would add some. Cause its always easier when you have a visual aid.

Is it me or I can never load your website :frowning:

Good shit bro, i’ve always wanted to do this but never got around to doing it because i figured it would be too hard. Thanks a lot. Late

i might acutally make a custom mvc2 just cause urs is the easiest step by step including pics

I’ve love to try this but I can’t view the page either.

I already know how to do this but that is one excellent tutorial right there. I think a person has to be pretty clueless not to get it right following ur instructions. “Thumbs Up Soldier”:cool:

Complete “How to Change the Music in MVC2” + "How to make your game selfboot&quot

I still can’t get it to work even though I follow every instruction

Can it be because I start it off with somebody’s eles custom mvc2 copy ?

if that’s what’s causing the problem, what’s the right one to get

preppy-edit: fixed link

can i go through the same proces of the tutorial if i wanted to change the music in SF3TS?

you can do the same thing with 3s/cvs2 except the names for stages are diff… here:

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Adx files

*3 songs per stage

*nyc = New york stage (ken/alex)
*ros = russia stage (12/necro)
*gem = hugo
*chi = chun li
*shi = ryu
*kyo = ibuki
*doj = makoto
*yam = akuma
*afr = elena
*bra = brazil (sean/oro)
*lon = dudley
*hon = hong kong (yang/yun)
*fra = remy
*q = q
*mex = urien
*gre = gill
49_end = ending
50_end = ending
51_vs = versus
52_open = opening theme
53_p_sel = player select
54_name = enter name
55_win = win theme
56_judge = draw game
57_s_sel = stage select
58_conti = continue
59_over = game over
60_gill = gill intro?
61_b01 = bonus round: car destroy
62_b02 = bonus round: basketball parry
63_staff = credits
64_remix = not sure?
65_menu = menu
66_p_se2 = not sure?
67_logo = capcom logo

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Adx Files

adx_cont = continue
adx_dm01 = intro to fight vs. gouki or rugal
adx_dm02 = intro to fight vs. shin gouki or o. rugal
adx_end1 = normal ending
adx_end2 = beat s.g. or o.r.
adx_fnal = can’t remember
adx_grv = groove select
adx_her1 = new challenger: bison or geese match (arcade)
adx_her2 = new challenger (vs)
adx_menu = menu
adx_name = enter name
adx_news = jap only?
adx_nois = static screen
adx_open = opening theme
adx_over = game over
adx_rank = ranking
adx_rato = ratio select
adx_roll = credits
adx_sel1 = char select 1
adx_sel2 = char select 2
adx_st00-0a = stages
adx_st0b = training
adx_vs = versus screen
adx_win1-5 = winning theme

thanks dude. :cool:

So the MvC2 disc you use as a source CAN’T be a legit copy? You have to have a copy of it? Cuz when I tried it with my mvc2 disc, it just showed 3 random text files. :frowning:

cd-roms cant read gd-roms so no… cant be legit.

Yeah, you need to download the MVC2 image file and use daemon tools to mount the MVC2 image file.
Daemon tools is a program that fakes your cumputer into thinking that your MVC2 image file is actually in your CD-Rom drive. So instead of actually putting a mvc2 disc in your drive, this program lets you “Mount” the image file to a fake drive. When it does that, the standard window pop’s up when a Cd has been inserted into a drive.
1)When you download Deamon tools, install it.
2)Then you should see alittle lightining bolt icon in the lower
3)right hand toolbar by the system clock.
4)right click on the lighting bolt icon and select virtual CD/ dvd rom drive.
5)then click on “mount image”.
6) then search for your MVC2 image file and select it.
7) a “now loading” screen will come up for like 3 seconds and go away. Then the window will pop up asking what you want to open the contents of your drive.
8) then load up ISOBuster
9) select the new drive that Daemon tools mounted the image too.
Search for daemon tools on yahoo or google, they should have a tutorial too if mine is too confusing. Hope this helps.

The link doesn’t seem to work? It won’t load up…

Blah, I can’t see it either. I’ve already made around 20 customs, but I’d like to see if you got some shortcuts or something. Did you mention that you can make a batch file to convert the WAVs into ADX? Handy stuff.

awesome guy, thanks.

looks so easy ill probably even be able to pull it off this time.

noticed you have ? for adx_here… adx_here is the here comes new challenger music if you wanna update that.

This was super helpful - thanks. :slight_smile:

Now I just need to increase the gain on my way way too quiet songs…

Nice, here is some stuff that can help, usually when you convert your mp3 into a wav file the volume will be to low when you play MvC2. So you may want to think about that. Anyways you can also make really neat art for it, provding you can find the template, but I lost the file, however you can find it on Kazaa somewhere if you try. Uhh random other note, you don’t need ISO buster, you can just drag and drop from windows explorer, and you can also use CinePak to read the adx/bin files, it reads them and does other things, also if you burn with nero (the selfboot image) and you need to go through the CDI2NERO program AND it wont work for you there is an option you go through on the CDI2NERO where it asks you to chose whether you want it to be a TAO, or DAO image, the default is DAO, so you may want to use DAO… Anyways that happens to people sometimes, probably because of their burner (?). Let’s see I think I may have forgotten some other things, but, meh.