Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee

I’m overly drunk at the point of writing and I’m making jokes at the expense of people on the internet I’ve never met (that is, you at this moment. My apologies).

Also, that post was meant to say “I wouldn’t mind viper”, not “wouldn’t want Viper”. She plays very differently from the basic cast but that appeals to a lot of people. If that means more people playing the game, I don’t mind.

I like Cammy though. She’s consistently fun to play and is usually a very solid character, even in her worst iteration (SF2), even though I’d love it if she put on some actual fucking clothes =V

Seriously, that costume is so much better than her default. D:

It has some pretty sick colors, too. My favorite costume to use by far.

That low short (cr Lk) though! :slight_smile: #Cammy2016

C.Viper haters just hating cuz she’s so animeeeee.

I liked the way Cammy looked in this game. Reminded me a lot more of CVS2 Cammy. She’s actually walking around and pressing buttons more than she’s spamming dive kicks. Her new pressure options with the V Trigger look really fun and that f+HK command normal gives her some crispy links.

When Cammy does her Hooligan into Cannon Strike, according to Peter it is never a crossup. I feel it actually makes it unnecessary complex to deal with.
When i see the Hooligan going crossup i’ll block to the other side, then the cannon spike comes…and it’ll hit me. I mean, i feel it isn’t a good idea to make exceptions like these.You hold back to block, except in this case.

Peter mentioned the reason was because of something something super, i couldn’t make it out what he tried to say.

Really? Could’ve sworn I saw her Cannon Strike autocorrect…

Yup, I was salivating at the amount of damage that combo did. And HxH for life. :smiley:

That command normal reminds of Viper’s, wonder if it crushes lows like Viper’s too (imagine if you could link off Viper’s like you can SF5 Cammy’s lol).

All of Cammy’s Hooligan followups auto-correct now. That’s gonna be a bitch to deal with.

It does autocorrect from hooligan, that wasn’t what i was referring to. There is a “crossup” popup onscreen whenever you have a crossup.
It doesn’t show when you crossup with hooligan and do the cannon strike. Bit annoying to explain in words, but basically what i mean is, if Cammy changes side where her hooligan and initiates her cannon strike and stays on the “new” side…it doesn’t count as a crossup. So there isn’t a left right mixup at all when seeing the hooligan right?

Or does the “crossup” popup not show in this instance and you actually do have to switch sided to block it.
Maybe i’m thinking this stuff through too much.

I’m guessing the pop up just doesn’t happen. You still have to block the other way.

Likely because it didn’t hit as a crossup persay, because she swapped sides long before the attack hits. It’s likely a timing thing.

Cammy looks perfect,
don’t fucking touch her.
PS: Scars fade.
-An American haiku.

(And I’m not even a Cammy player)

After watching the chimera ant arc all over again, I had to represent somehow :smiley:

I really feeling Cammy so far in this game. Depending on the final roster I might just main her if Viper or Juri isnt in. Can’t wait to play her in the beta

Meh, 8 months left, they might change it. She looks really powerful in the current build but I don’t know enough to say for sure.

he specials auto correcting isn’t why she looks powerful, I honesty don’t think its that bad at all, its not super fast unless in v trigger, let her have the mixups I say

Clearly cr. Lp, cr.lp, Cr. Mp xx works
But why didn’t anyone try Cl. HP and the new B+HP (which looks like Cl Mp) Combofiend showed off, I want to see that damage output.
Cammy looks ridiculously fun totally my secondary for now.

Her new low forward looks really good.