Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee

She stole it first lol.

Bruh, do you even XvSF?

Her new CA is basically Killer Bee Sting with a new ender.

Cammy lookin’ j00cy. she was my secondary in 4 so ill probably play her. v-skill kinda underwhelming but cant make her too good i guess. with a good skill she might be TOO stronk

Two button Spin Knuckle is some bullshit.

Cool bullshit, but bullshit nonetheless.

HCF Hooligan is cool though.

Not really. Not compared to the V-skills the other characters have (parry, KOF short hop that has a hitbox, absorb/reflect that works against supers).

Lol, that would’ve been jokes.

Still retains her old moveset with some new normals in place of her old ones (far, and it seems). V-counter looks alright, side-switches. The amount of hits her V-Trigger grants her is absolutely wild. Oh, and she looks gorgeous.

Cammy! Seeing this live on stream last night I am so thankful I started playing Cammy in USF4. I’m totally rocking her in SFV.
I now have two characters I’ll play in this game!

She really does look incredible. I like the new design and her rush down looks wicked.

Thanks to 4neqs here is a link to Ultradave’s E3 Notes. Sadly nothing for Cammy yet, but the notes will be updated.

Cammy is on page 13

Adult Cammy FTW!!!

Spiral Arrow going through someone and being safe when blocked happened while her V-Trigger was active in the footage we saw so it might ooly be in that mode.

Looks pretty good, I think her normals are very interesting and with the right frame data she could be a very nice footsie type character.

Ugh another lame female revealed, wasting a spot. Why couldn’t it be C.Viper or Karin?

I say this to you as a fellow Viper player…


Anyway… Cammy looking sexy as fuck(in more ways than one). Cross up Hooligan Combo follow ups, launcher target combo, mid-screen Spiral Arrow/DP combos… Too bad SA no longer hits low, though.

The normal versions also go through. V-trigger versions make it safer.

All these autocorrects of hers are gonna be confusing as fuck to deal with but I honestly love it lol.

Linking after st.hp leads to nasty damage, jesus christ. Unsurprisingly, her Critical Art punishes fireballs.

So, you saw that random match as well, huh? I swear that was KBrad lol.

Just realized that me and the last 2 poster have HxH avs lol.

Because revealing an actual SF-character > revealing Viper.

(I do want Karin and I wouldn’t want Viper, actually)

I don’t know what you’re trying, but C.Viper’s an actual SF character.

At any rate,Cammy is lame, boring, and tired.

So is your mom!