Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee

From SRK’s article.

I wonder how her gameplay will be affected by the V-Trigger.
And what it will be overall. I guess even though there still the same move list, removing all the hard KDs force a more CVS2/2X approach.
Time will tells.

I really do like this new design. Except for the swimsuit though.

Another one of my mains is back,hurray!!!
I hope they mixed up her gameplay a bit.

There’s a heavy emphasis on left/right mixups with Cammy. Her spin Knuckle now a V-skill can go through the opponent and so does her spiral arrow when blocked.

You could have at least put stuff in quotes, instead of just copy-pasting from the front page article.

Couple observations:

  • Her spin knuckle and hooligan combo both seem to auto correct now
  • Her spin knuckle seems to have some strike invul
  • Her c.MP seems to be a low now.

Strike did hit multiple times.

yes my girl is back! is that a new target combo cr.lp, and special cancels? bruh

she looks great to me

hotlinking from 4chan, man you are bad at the internet.

Honestly, how the hell does that outfit suck into her belly button like that? Is she vacuum sealed or something?

Looks fun. Got a bit of a facial redesign like Chun Li so she actually looks like someone you could meet in real life and not typical anime character with rounded face, invisible nose and big eyes.

I like the idea of spin knuckle being attached to V Skill and her V Trigger sounds like it’ll set up some anime style mix ups. Decent walk speed, good buttons and hopefully cannon strike isn’t super durp and more situational now. Dive kick era needs to go.

Wish she got her rollerblades from Cannon Spike and that her V-Trigger was her skating around with them.

Wow, her face now looks like a real person. I never knew I wanted this =O

Jhk is different it looks like her sf4 nj hk :frowning:

Looks pretty good though still, hitbox wise it’s a lot lower and pretty far out it seems. Looks weird as a forward jump attack though. She got what looks like an AWESOME double knee attack straight from blanka.

That Killer Bee Assault, though…

Decapre died so Cammy could steal her Ultra

This is the most beautiful and British looking Cammy they created, really.

10 min of photoshop, give me this