Blanka thread

Blanka is probably my best character in ST and despite him being ranked fairly low, i think he has enough strengths to make up for his weaknesses.

heres an overview of his specials:

rolling attack aka blanka ball:

this move is instant, hits on the first frame and can not be thrown. its good using to whiff to get in and throw or crossup, etc. since this move is fast and instant, its great to stop tick throws with and to punish whiffed moves. however, most characters can attack him back when its blocked, and a handful of characters can even hit him back even when it connects.

up ball:

like the blanka ball, its also instant, making it one of the fastest anti airs in the game. despite it having low invincibility (about a frame or two), it still has relatively high priority


its pretty good as a last minute clutch anti air if you dont have the balls charged up or the right angle for his normals anti air to connect. also its pretty good after a knockdown into whiffed ball crossup (or not). dont over use it, use it sparingly, but remember this move exists

jungle hop (forward):

this move is pretty fast and sorta hard to react to. it goes over some normal moves but there is some slight recovery in the end where you can get thrown or punched. fortunately, blanka has one of the best throw ranges in the game, and possibly the best throw in the game, so its pretty hard to counter throw them unless your opponent is fishing for this attack. like cammy’s hooligan combo, the last thing you want to do is be predictable with this move. learn the range where he stops and lands so you wont hop right into your opponents arms.

jungle hop (backwards):

mainly, its used to build meter and making your opponent whiff an attack so you can retaliate with your normals or specials.

ground shave super:

this super is pretty bad but still has its uses seeing how he builds meter so fast. for opponents that cant react to it (especially midscreen or closer), its a good way to close the match via chip damage. also its a decent anti air for the first or two hits (rest will whiff) due to its invincibility. keep in mind it goes under most thin fireballs. also beware that its fairly punishable when blocked.

What are your BnB’s with Blanka?

I’m Practicing Jump in deep MK, low MK, low MK, Blanka Ball but I’m having alot of trouble. I dont think it’s reliable.

Actually, Blanka’s up-ball has no invincibility at all. It just hits on the very first frame, so it catches people off guard. And unless the move that is attacking you has invincibility of its own, if you use the Up-Ball as a wake-up, the worst that can happen is you’ll trade.

How versatile is Blanka’s hop?

I’ve recently noticed that he has that. I want to learn Blanka, now, just to put that little hop of his to use: a stupid reason; but I’ve got nothing else to do.:wgrin:

use it as a cheap escape backwards, first few frames are invincible. or lockdown/mixup escape

meter build spam. i try leap in–> choke but idunno if it works on non-noobs

You can leap behind a “waking” opponent, crossing them up on wake up. It’s good for mixing up the pace, too. And, as mentioned above, a head chomp->leap in->head chomp is always a tough one to counter. The japs like to do it against waking opponent->standing jab->roll combo.

Fuck all the other characters. It’s all bout the green monster.

Seems this is the only Blanka thread so I’ll revive it. What I’m trying to figure out though is how do you do a b,f Blanka ball (horizontal) after his forward hop? I saw this in an Xmania match vid and it made me go WTF cuz it seems like in order to do it you’d have to do some type of charge partitioning. I noticed the Blanka player threw a c.MK while crouching just before doing this. Forward Blanka hop requires you to hit forward plus all 3 kick buttons as far I know.

I think you need to charge :db:, c.MK, release :db:, press 3 kicks for the forward hop and then you press :r:+:p:.
Obviously, you need to do it fast.

DevilJin: I think what you saw was the (from first player side) charging db/d/df, press df+3 kicks, u+roundhouse. It was simply the vertical ball up close. The roundhouse’s range was probably what deceived you. But if you look at the vid you saw again, you’ll see that blanka bounced off the opponent at a slightly different angle than the horizontal ball. I think I saw the same exact vid and had the same reaction.

That’s probably it. Thx.

Yep, Silks is right.

Can someone tell me how to do the front leap and then roll? Komoda is doing this in this clip at 00:30


Thanks for help :rolleyes:

Hold down or down forward for the charge while doing the hop. It’s a hot trick.

btw, there’s already a Blanka thread. It’s probably best to post in there seeing as there’s already some info.

Thanks Bernie. I thought it was a blanka ball after the leap, but it is a vertical ball. This makes it more clearer for me. In the future i will post in that link.

re: something fatboy wrote in the vega thread.
This is a first pass (ie unfinished) rough draft of a Blanka vs. Vega item.

Claw with capital ‘C’ = the character – skinny spaniard.
claw with lower case ‘c’ = the actual, pointy claw on his hand. This will mostly refer to it coming at you in the form of a crouching strong.

sac throw = sacrifice throw = When you get hit (typically by a jump attack) and then throw your opponent.

Blanka vs. Claw
version 0.9
by Harahi (tl: nohoho)

  1. Outlook for Blanka
    With an anti-air with suspiciously big invincibility that’s charged back, fast normal attacks with good reach, quick movement and jumping all letting him attack or hold back as he likes, Claw is a tough opponent. His combined strengths are top class.

Nevertheless, one pillar of his strength – the wall dive – can be countered relatively easily with a vertical ball. Also in terms of sheer damage, Blanka has the edge. We can’t shake the fact that Claw has the advantage, however.

  1. Flow of the Fight
    Because of the suspicious anti-air [flip kick], Blanka must suffer while being unable to launch a surprise rush. If you find a chance to rush that could be the fight right there, but Claw can just jump away. At this point we must rely on trading horizontal balls with Claw’s crouching strong and the fight can get really messy.

Claw is looking to use normal pokes, the slide kick, jab rolling attacks or a jump in rush (or jump in -> whiff -> throw.) He might just turtle up, too.

  1. How to Fight
    Against the claw, you can score hits or trade by using the horizontal ball. So versus the crouching strong poke, use a horizontal ball to avoid being pinned down. Note that if you get carried away with trade=OK balls the fight can spin out of control, so be careful.

Blanka’s vertical jump is somewhat effective. You might get hit as you leave the ground or you could eat a slide kick as you land, so use it only sporadically.

When Claw hesitates with the crouching strong and becomes defensive, you can use a jab ball -> bite. If he’s able to react to the ball you’re better off holding off, but this is generally pretty effective. If Claw tries a slide kick the jab ball will hit him really nicely.

Electricity can also beat or trade with claw attacks. When it hits you get a knockdown which is really sweet, but there’s some lag when you stop and it gets beat by the slide kick, so you can’t use it too much. One trick is to bait a slide kick with electricity and then horizontal ball, but the electricity lag got longer [since earlier games] and this became less effective.

Isolated slide punches and crouching roundhouse kicks don’t work well against Claw. When he’s on the offense the slide punch will often get beat as it’s starting up. If you use it poorly he’ll jump in and hit you with a combo. You might want to use it here and there. Blanka’s crouching roundhouse is even more useless. Claw generally won’t be in range so just forget about it.

We want to avoid letting our opponent dictate the pace of the fight, so when you see him give up his charge [he walks forward] you should jump in as you see fit.

From that jump in we’re looking for an offensive rush but it’s tricky because Claw is so tall. When you jump at him it’s best to use strong punch and medium kick since weak jump attacks are vulnerable to sac throws.

Anti-air is vertical jump fierce. With the proper timing you should be able to knock him down. You might eat a claw sometimes, but with the proper timing you should be able to avoid this, I think. Blanka’s other anti-air attacks – vertical ball and standing strong – both get beat easily, so stick with the vertical jump fierce.

To take down Claw’s wall dive, the vertical ball is your main weapon. Also: electricity, vertical jump fierce and escaping jump jab or strong. Try to use a roundhouse vertical ball right as he leaps off of the wall. If your opponent stops you, mix up the timing of the vertical ball or use a horizontal ball to run away. Electricity is rather effective but note that Claw can grab you with the Izuna Drop if he’s really slick. Vertical jump fierce and escaping jump jab and strong attacks can be used on a case by case basis.

When you knock Claw down you definitely want to go for okiseme. It’s tricky [to cross-up] since he’s so tall but…
Also, using electricity to shave a bit is an option. If you do a horizontal ball after making him block the electricity you can catch him if he tries a slide kick. If your opponent becomes wary of that, you can use a “whiff electricity -> bite” trick, right?

nohoho notes:
Claw can usually block and counter the slide punch. It does, however, beat Claw’s crouching strong nicely. Blanka’s crouching strong and standing short work somewhat well against the claw, too. With some luck, standing roundhouse can be used to dodge slide kicks.

When you get knocked down, a wake-up horizontal ball either beats or trades favorably with most of Claw’s okiseme options (though the final hit of Claw’s rolling attack = no good.) Also, the horizontal ball generally works well interrupting Claw’s crouching strong -> rolling attack attempts.

I’m wondering why Blanka’s j.jab isn’t mentioned all that much. It has really good range and priority; it extends further in front of Blanka than j.fierce and stays out a pretty long time. I see Blanka players use it to get in against Sim and Chun.

No joke, j.Jab is the truth.

Harahi is the best Blanka I’ve ever seen. Komoda eat your heart out.

I’m kinda wondering what positional uses Blanka’s diagonal jumping strong and diagonal jumping forward are good for. So far my mental checklist of Blanka diagonal jumping attacks looks like (and please correct me if I’m wrong):

j.jab = air-to-air, many hitting frames
j.strong = ???
j.fierce = powerful, low hitbox for countering certain anti-airs
j.short = crossup mania
j.forward = ???
j.RH = range and power