Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, RIP MarkMan's #BeardStache

Continuing the discussion from Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V:

There you go you filthy maggots. :wink:
Some Preparation H for those Bung Holes.

Also from Season 5


I’m the first in the burning butthole.

Feels good man.


We need to quote this for Preservation. :wink:


I’m hoping Season VI of the BUTTHOLE brings back some fan-favorite returning characters.


LS-55 spring on a JLF for shmups? I am intrigued, ordering a few :smiley:


Pro Tip: PAS’ JLF 1.5lb spring feels near identical to a LS-55 spring. The LS-55 spring on a JLF (to me) feels like a tad less tension than your run-of-the-mill 2lb JLF spring. Add a PAS .5mm oversized actuator and it makes the JLF pretty much perfect* for shmups.

*there’s still the long throw to contend with. However, with the increased tension and earlier actuation, I almost NEVER hit the gate. I feather the stick lightly in bullet hell shmups will relative ease. Try it. You’ll like it.

Now if only I had the skills to design and 3D print slightly smaller gate inserts, I could probably retire my LS-40 for good…


It was only right for me to reshare Kyle’s old post

Also it’s a OLD post from before PAS offered aftermarket JLF springs.

Checking in for season 6

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One day i’ll have a proper shmup setup. meanwhile, anyone played some shmups on the switch in tate mode handheld? hows the little thumbstick hold up?

Out of a collection of 30 odd sticks, I got 2 sticks that I use. My main is a stock vlx diamond, with a six axis swap and 2 plugs. It’s always got charge so I use it for everything, fighters, shmups, tetris, megaman, and even metal gear solid.

But my second stick when I can be bothered to charge it up is my dedicated Ketsui stick, although I still can use it on everything else, but jlf feels better.

2nd stick is an og vlx, six axis pcb and a suzo 500, tighter than a mofo.

My diamond takes the most abuse, but still looks mint, but this og vlx looks worse every time I lay eyes on it

PS I just posted the 10000th on the check out my stick thread, I was gonna make a new thread but I though leave it to someone who can make and sticky it.


Those oversized actuators, noticed the pas version are metal, does that have any effect on decreasing the life of the switches? I read on here that the shape of kowal actuators will cause wear but not sure if metal would also add to it

PAS also makes/sells Delrin actuators, by the way. I swear by the .5mm oversized one. Delrin will not wear down microswitch tabs like metal.

P.S. for future questions, there’s a thread reserved for those. Check it out.


Went to the laundromat to do some laundry (obviously) and I see this machine there.

Would of preferred Baseball Starts 2 or Neo Turf Master over Neo Geo Cup, but it’s still pretty fun. Bust-a-move always a good time. Joystick was pretty good, don’t know what it is. Buttons were okay. Pretty cool, never seen a gold irl.


I see Bust A Move on there as well. I could play that there till my fingers bled.

IRL Gold Neo Geo Cab, Holy shite.

What I wouldn’t do for a God Cab.

@jopamo I didnt realize those were the derlin version! I was looking at the other sizes that are sold out. Ordered a couple and will see how they improve including 2lb springs, with my hori sticks.

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Residency stuff has been done with the new job, but I simply will not have enough PTO to travel to CEO this year. In fact, the only event I probably will be able to travel to will be Kumite in Texas, and that’s because I recently exchanged my schedule for Fridays and Saturdays off.

gold cab?

neogeo “mini”, gold version :

Supposedly the shape is a mystery, if you read SNK’s last message on the subject, perhaps they forgot they posted a pic on their website a few months ago , sure you need to zoom in but it’s easy to have a clue.
Dev wrote an article yesterday about it, yet it was already mentioned in nov 2017 ( )
The gold version seems to be a one-off to please some rich saudi investor.

looks like my favourite shmup is getting its own stick/s on its 15th anniversary.

by Sanwa!?

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