Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

The Introduction thread got stale. Let’s try this again.

1. Stay on subject.

2. Do not ask for help.

Lessons learned from AkihabaraShop:

An LS-55 spring magically fixes the JLF for me. It also turns into a solid stick for shmups. It was an obscure reference I caught in another post. I’m guessing most people would call it too tight. It’s tighter than both my LS-32 and LS-56. Has anyone else tried this? Thoughts?

The LB-45 (large balltop) is insanely huge. I’d be curious to know if anyone regularly uses one and how you grip it. I had to use the ‘grip of doom’ which is the equivalent of shifting a gear on a manual transmission.

The LB-30 (small balltop) is comical looking but I actually liked the thing. It feels like it gives you extra precision in shmups. I left it on my LS-32 for now. It’s a little too clumsy to use for fighters.


My main stick is a jlf with ascii optical pcb, and an ls 55 spring added with the stock spring. It’s magically delicious.

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i’m thinking about getting the ls-55 spring into my madcatz SE stick that i ghetto modded with happ switches :rofl:

i just got done wiring my HRAP 3. i had to solder the wires to my happ switches and i guess i inhaled too much solder fumes. i’'m dizzy as fuck :rolf: lucky me i was using lead free solder.

I’m still a giant advocate of the LS-32 myself. I threw in an LS-32 spring into my own ASCII Answer and it feels just plain old right. Seimitsu’s LS-32/LS-40 spring feels as if it were custom made for me! :lovin:

Kyle, I know what you mean; the LB-45 is HUGE. When I first saw one on my friend’s custom, I thought for a second he commissioned Numbski to make him a custom ball-top from a pool ball, it was so huge! I couldn’t even gearshift knob the thing since I’ve got really small girl hands and it’s uncomfortable for me to grip it like that. I can’t reach around enough of the ball-top to get a comfortable grip!

I have yet to try the LB-30 ball-tops though. I’d definitely like to try one though; they’re deceptively cute! I only wish they made them in more designs besides just the standard colors. It’d be really cool to see a LB-30-M MeshBall! :lol:

Anyways, does anyone besides me find that authentic American joysticks look insanely awesome? For some reason, I like the way American stick designs look over Japanese design, even though I myself play on nothing but Japanese parts. There’s something about an American stick that makes it stand out and be awesome. Is it the straight, 2 by 3 layout? Is it the perfect centering of the joystick in these designs? Is it the concave buttons, the 1, 2, 3, 4 player buttons? I dunno, they just look absolutely fantastic!

I accidentally ordered a 45mm Seimitsu Bubble top instead of the 35mm. Not only is it huge, but heavy. I was able to move the joystick by tilting the stick around really quickly.

I’m the opposite, I love the curved layout of the Japanese design. To me, the American layout looks stiff in comparison. Off course, those 15 or so years of playing on Japanese parts leads to a bit of bias.

Hehehe. I got one of those huge balltops some time back. It’s pretty clumsy; I think I left it on for about 10 minutes. 360s were fun though. :slight_smile:

What games actually use these? Seems like something that might go on a claw machine.

I haven’t tried the LB-30… Something new to throw on the pile next time I make an order.

American sticks are hot. This is my old Saturn stick.

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Is it wrong that I’m drawn more to that copy of Ys for the TurboGraphx CD than to the stick?

Random thought. Man, I wonder if Hori is gonna shit their pants when they see this?

See what?

My random thought:
Why do no big manufacturing companies make just cases without shitty buttons and sticks in them? I guess just because it’s a niche market…

I dunno. Need sleep.

He’s posting like it’s a thought he’s having. Basically he’s being the big tease he always is with new products coming out, haha.

Oh I see.
Can’t wait to see what’s brewing.

I add an LS-32 spring on top of my JLF ones because I’m quite heavy handed. It makes them perfect for me.

I bought a 45mm bubble top and a 30mm top to see how different they were. I put the 30mm one on my Namco stick and somehow it just seems to fit the stick, I guess because it’s so compact.

The 45mm however… I’ve been dying to use it but it really is too heavy! I’ve got it on a stick that I built recently, using the stock stick that I had left over from modding my Agetec. I even put another spring in it to try and compensate for the drastic throw, but it’s still too weighty and spongey, you’d probably have to get an elevator spring in there to make it useable.

my button ranking:

top: sanwa obsf/n 30, ps-14g. these are easily the best buttons i’ve used so far. i rank them highly because its super easy to slide from hp to lp and back. the only downside is that the sanwa are too sensitive at times and the ps-14g are a bit loud.

middle: happ convex and concave.

they much more sturdier than the japanese buttons but also too tall to mount on small joysticks. also its not as soft as the obsf and ps14g (more resistance). i love their concave buttons over the convex buttons. i might be the only guy here that does

low: ps14 gn and its kn counter part, crown cwb 203c. too much resistance. it not good for mashing or sliding buttons with your fingers. the edges of the crown buttons are a bit sharp.

bottom: happ ultimate. avoid at all cost.

i havent tried out the ps-15 or ps-14p yet.

You’re not the only one :[ I actually spent more time seeing if I could tell what was under Ys.

I recently switched my SE stick to an LS-32-01, and I absolutely love it compared to the Sanwa JFL, which gets me to thinking- should I look into other Semitsu sticks, or is the 32-01 really the standard

does the LS-55 spring make the JLF feel … “mushy” like when you add an LS-32 spring to it?

try out an LS-56, they’re the sex.

So I’ve started the thought process for a new mod project. This is dangerous, because now that I’ve got it in my head I won’t stop thinking about it until I order parts and make it happen :rofl:

If I do it, it’ll be another 1 of a kind though :tup:

A quick history of my joystick use. Started off with a JLW with a 45mm balltop and later added a beefier spring.
Next was the LS-33. I loved its compact design and short throw. A stronger spring makes it great.
Then I used the LS-40 followed by the LS-32. Now it’s the “LS-36” (thanks Ikagi-chan) which is probably as close to perfect for me as I am going to get.
All that to say, I never really used the JLF. I put it in a lot of people’s sticks but never in one of my own. So I decided the other day to use one for a while…
I suppose there is nothing inherently wrong with the JLF but I still began to feel guilty for putting it in so many sticks that I have sold.
I thought to myself, "Is this what I have been subjecting people to?"
I mean, so many people claim to like it and think it is the joystick standard but seriously!
Just to bring it up to par you have to mod the heck out of it when you could have just saved yourself the trouble
and bought an LS-32…or a 40…or a 33…or any Seimitsu joystick really.
I guess to be fair I should say that the Seimitsu aren’t what I would call perfect either;
The 32 has a fat shaft, the 40 wears out too quickly, and the 33 has the softest spring ever.
But I would gladly take any of those over a JLF…at this point. I’m going to leave it in my stick for now
and put some serious time into it. Maybe I am missing something.

In reference to 45mm balltops.

Your comment totally reminded me of this [media=youtube]w-P0fsq4j1s"[/media]. In particular 2:27~2:32. Is it weird that those 5 seconds turn me on a little?

Couldn’t have said it better myself. The JLF feels so loose and mushy. I want a stick with some resistance.