Best quotes from EVO

found it:
Keits: “[Justin Wong’s] strategy originally revolved around 'i’m going to make you make a mistake, or wait for you to make a mistake even, and then punish you hard for it.”

Dogface: “[Justin Wong] is going to be a cruel Chinese father when his kid messes up. His kids are going to be so scared of being punished by him, but it’s going to happen, you know? He’ll be like, ‘Did you load the dishwasher?’ ‘No I didn’t father.’ And then he’ll get the belt.”


forgot about seth’s garbage comment. that was classic. the buzzlightyear one was good too.

i think i would have to go with the buzzlightyear quote. or if it counts the photo shopped pic of the fat guy watching the ssf4 poolss done as rufus lol awsome

also i dont think i have heard the word shinanigins so many times in one weekend…


What exactly does “Arigataya” mean?

This one wins.

“SHORYUKEN!” ~The evo crowd.

im not even gonna lie, that hyped me SO MUCH

Assuming you were there, why not post some quotes then?

Oh wait. That defeats the whole point of you being obnoxious.

He should of had everyone do hurricane kicks.


was that at me?

i wasn’t there, i saw it on the stream. that still hyped me.

Nope, that was not @ you. It was @


Because they won’t mean shit to you since you weren’t there.

But if you want some
"Teaching autistic kids to swim on the weekends"
"Nobody asks to be raped."

The drunk GD crew will recognize :rofl:.

To paraphrase: “Some people think their children are happy accidents.” It was completely tangential, hahaa. If anyone can find or remember the entire quote that’d be great.

“Oh no! ___ is putting ___ on notice!”


To be fair, he saw Daigo queuing up and thought he was fighting next, but Gamerbee’s match was next. The camera just happen to be on Gamerbee when he said it, unfortunately.

Haha, I remember that. I forgot who the commentators were, but whoever was playing messed up but got something good out of it anyway. One of them called it a happy accident, and then the other guy was like “some people would call their children happy accidents.”


About time.

Man, you guys remember some better quotes than I did. Other than Buzz Lightyear, I remember during pool play, a match between Guile and Rufus, Rufus was wearing his Chinese zombie outift by the way:

Guy1: Yeah Guile! GO AMERICA!!!
Guy2: Uh…t-they’re both American.
Guy1: Doh. :rofl:

Needs a caption, something along the lines of “5,000 Ken Fans Can’t Be Wrong!”

TyTYT: You mean you’re not supposed to get poop in your mouth?
Aris: That’s Miami Heat material right there.

NC Tekken player: You’re muslim? Man, whats with people joining these crazy new religions?
English Tekken player: That was new 1000 years ago.
NC Tekken player: What? Really?

lolz I maths good. 1390*

Protip to self: don’t post at 4 AM with no sleep.

pretty sure it’s older than a thousand years old.