Best quotes from EVO

Should rename this “best quotes of the evo stream” since it’s pretty easy to tell almost none of you were actually at evo.

“One day he’ll ask his kid, ‘Did you clean the dishes?’ and his kid will say ‘No Dad’ and that’s when he’ll punish hard” something like that :razzy:

During a TvC match. I forget who was playing but one player was using one of the giants:

“He’s waffles baby! Don’t forget the syrup!”

I also like crowd going " Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh OHHHHHHHH!"

Did they said something to the effect of, “and now we are going to give out the gold fightsticks to players who are not Justin Wong”?

Best quotes were off stream by the players.

Most of you did not enter The Rape Zone.

Anything Aris says is awesome.

From the female tournament.

Blanka wake up ball

Commentator : OH! On reaction with the up ball!!!

Edit : I’m gonna keep editing the ones I remember.

Ken does jab into regular throw

Sherry : Nice kara there!

Not exactly a quote, but you’re playing a game and two asses are talking about Hippos…

I gotta go with the one about Jwong being a terrifying Chinese dad.

Easily this. I cried when I heard this.

Banana Ken vs Infiltration

“Banana Daigo” LOL

That was hilarious.

I must have missed this magical time where Seth was talking when he thought the mic was off. Anyone have links to it?

Adam: He’s not openly gay

I have no idea wtf he was talking about but it was during the time they thought the mics were off :wtf:

Right before marvel started some guy yelled this shit:


shit was too funny.

Obviously talking about Ricky O.

Wow, I totally missed that one! Or maybe anyone who noticed was scared to comment!

Yeah, that was Ski. He said something like “Tomorrow, NOT Justin Wong will be getting a gold fightstick, but the top 8 SSFIV finalists.”

Amidst stream hic-ups I would check the twitter feed to see if it was just me having issues. In that black hole of intelligence there were a few funny quotes I picked up. I think my favorite was “Gooteks stickthrow broke the stream.”


Also Dogface continued it with:

Jwong “Did you put the dishes in the washer?”

His kid “No I did not.”

justin takes out the belt

I also liked Dogface’s comment about the Marn’s Zero when he played against PTX, something about it being MegaManX all over again. :lol:

Eita shouting ARIGATAYA!!! during the Sabin Daigo money match.