Best quotes from EVO

There were just so many. I want to reflect.

“I think Justin’s on the phone”
“He’s talkin to his mom”
“Hi honey. Hope you win Marvel!”

“Zangief gettin cute”

-Adam Sessler referring to Gamerbee

“This is the biggest day of my life”
“Didnt you just get married?”

the guy on stage commentating during mvc3

“can we get a ko?”
“deadpool throwing fruits”

Keits yelling at skisonic for talking too much during the TVC finals?

LOL! I vote for this 1 as well. Keits tells Ski “Dude you got ur points in MvC, this is my game”

Ski: “alright, alright, alright”

I love keits, he’s a great guy who does great things for the scene. But man I was facepalming hard when I heard that over the stream.

“hey man its scumbag what do you expect” :slight_smile:

“Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!”

“_____ has been put on notice”

S-Kill during HDR: “Tokido is not only a great Vega player, but also kind of a jerk.”

Jwong said something to the affect in early testings about Adon" I think Adon is the 2nd worst character in the game"

Some quotes during GamerBee vs JW match. Jwong sent home. (more like a transcript LOL)

Ski " What is Justin Doing!.. I don’t know what to Say"
SKi “…I see a smile on Triforce Gamemasters’ Face right now"
SKi " Justin Wong two Random Ultras”

S-Kill " My stomach actually hurts, this is crazy"

SKi " Gamerbeee with a smile on his face. Feels like he knows this match up"

S-Kill " and the crowd didn’t think they would be cheering for a Taiwanese Adon"
S-Kill “…I’m squealing like a little girl”

Kiets " I’m trying to get the SRK techs to find out how many people are viewing the ADon Forums…hahahaha"



LMAO!!! Fav’d! Thanks for this LOL!

Keits : back to bras… it was very chilly in here all day.

Sherri : …

Ski : … yup I’m cold… i’m cold…

All 3 : …

“a flurry from rufus”

Seth Killian (forgets stream microphone is still hooked up and rolling during Madcatz raffle) - “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen…”

sessler: “it’s all tied up.”

Don’t underestimate the power of a microphone! :rofl:

S-Kill: “Mike Ross with that cute little smile” *when when he was playing gamerbee

S-Kill: “Mike Ross looking good on stage” during the award ceremony

When Skisonic (accidentally?) referred to Burnyourbra as ‘Burnyourcross’ and no one noticed, lmao.