Best quotes from EVO

“I could have definitely taken a leak.”

when yipes said something about bison having a colgate smile in his victory screen.



LMFAO!! Close this thread! LOL!

Henry Cen: “could be that GamerBee factor?”

indeed! :smiley:

“El Fuerte with the Ric Flair combination”

-Yipes, as Elf’s run stop fierce was performed

“He’s like a trash compactor. He just keeps moving forward! …And if he catches you PLAYING like garbage, you’re gonna get crushed!” -s-kill

Best quote, HANDS DOWN

My vote goes to “never Give Up, Never surrender. Buzz Lightyear.”

Yeah, this. Seth was jibba-jabberin up a storm when he thought the mics were off.

TvC Finals

1: Where would you rank psychochronic’s PTX amongst the top PTX players in this tournament?
Keits? : Fourth… there was a much better PTX player who got eliminated in the pools unfortunately…

He was right. The better PTX player got hit by RoyalFlush’s counterpick. If he was in a different bracket he would’ve definitely made top 4.

S-Kill: referring to Juicebox Abel “Some people call it autism, I call it focus.”

I loved the whole marriage ‘best day of my life’ thing, especially when his fiance went on the stream and kinda gave him heat about it.

Maybe someone can find this for me, but I loled when Dogface made a comment about Justin Wong being patient, and plays defensively waiting for mistakes.

He then says something along the lines of:

“Justin will be a terrifying Chinese father. His children will fear him, and they will just try not to make any mistakes. but, it’s going to happen.”

This is just the gist of it off the top of my head. It was during TvC finals.

you just posted that same thing literally 10 minutes ago

“Never give up. Never surrender. Buzz Lightyear.” was hilarious!

even though I heard this like 10 times, just reading it now made me laugh so hard.

One of my favorites was “Stand up at your computers at home!!!” lolol ok mr. james :slight_smile:

“Is this a button check?” -when I picked Hakan on the stream lol

Aww missed that match :frowning: I wanted to see some Hakan and Dan action on stream.

How’d you do?