Zangief Video Thread

Want to see some good examples of top players using Zangief? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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Snake Eyes just won WNF 1.1, you can check the tournament here:

Man Snake eyes has improved a lot!

I am far from good. But mind if I put up some videos when I make some?

Some match-ups. Suggestions, critiques, name calling, go ahead. Thanks in advanced.

New to gief. Uploaded a few matches. ranking with zangief in a nutshell

Nice. Lots of rage quitters. Such f@gs. Quit against the lowest tier character? That is like low…lol

Here is my game against Ultra Gold Bison #8!

Nice man. You can tell the ppl that are still in a SF4 mindset. No reason at all to neutral jump Gief on wakeup; he has no invincible moves lol. Good job exploiting that.

Wow, I didn’t even know peoples scores got to 7k yet. I like the standing F in the corner near the end. Thats really good stuff.

Match I had today! It was fun for me dunno about the other guy lol.

Playing against Rashid that was Ranked #1 at the time.

Too bad this guy is/was rage quitter. Frauds be afraid of those capcops :wink:

And now they completelly removed him from ranked.

Nice matches. Please tell me how you do that reversal taunt thing you do. I do not know how

If you mean the hip thrust its forward and all 3 kicks while blocking, zangiefs v-reversal. If they are on the ground when you do it it leaves you in jab SPD range so its a good way to shift momentum with a mixup

Hey guys. Would love any input you wanna give. I like this match because she was ranked like 100k spots higher than me and I pulled it out. Total spazz to not ex the jumping spd at the very very end. I panic lariat afterward and luck out to get the win. I know I have a lot of work to do on my game, and I have thick skin, so be as critical as you like. Thanks in advance!

Here have a rage quitter

Ok a few things. when she does the full charge HK parry it is a free SPD. When you do jump ins, 6HP is a better option than cr HK. it is easy to hit confirm. Lariat is a bad reversal option use it less. against graplers use exspd as it is unthowable or just block or cr. jab. you need to get better at anti air jab, do it early it beats everything. Use j HK instead of j hp more, there is much more hit stun and block stun. also from distance your three main pokes should be Cr Jab, St MP, Cr MP and standing hard kick in that order, i only saw you use cr jab. only use st jab to anti air.
The person you were playing didnt know the matchup and that is why you won, but you have the right ideas just using the wrong tools with him currently.

Right now it looks like you are playing him like you did in 4 and i know it is difficult but treat him as a completely different character, i took a lot of loses before i figured it out.