Zangief v-trigger 2


(Cossack Muscle)** - Cossack Muscle changes the properties of Screw Pile Driver and Borscht Dynamite. The effects last until the V-Gauge Timer runs out, or if one of the aforementioned special moves is successfully hit.

In addition to increased damage for the Screw Pile Driver and Borscht Dynamite, Screw Pile Driver can be special move canceled and will combo, leading to command throw combos that usually aren’t possible.

I wish it buffed Siberian Express too, but i like the idea of VT2 be grappling boost

SPD can be special move canceled? Not sure what they mean by that.

So if you land one SPD the V-trigger is gone? Then the big question is: how much is the damage increase? It would have to be significant to make it worth it over V-trigger 1.

i guess you can do stuff like stNormals->SPD

No idea how much it boost damage, but being comboable add to the whole inflicted

I hope they added also stealth buff to Gief CA too, after all it can make sense

According to UltraDavid jab SPD does about 30% damage while fierce does about 45%. Now I really want to know the duration of VT2.

Just saw Stupendous combo cr. short, jab into jab SPD. It did pitiful damage. Low jab no longer combos into itself, so his comboability is now even worse than in S1. All command grabs have an additional 18 frames, enough for the opponent to dash back and do a full jump in combo to punish. No buffs yet whatsoever.

RIP Gief.

Wow, is it SO bad? :wow:
I still can’t find a video anywhere.

this i guess is MP SPD


Disappointing, but we should see a not comboed SPD to confirm the ridiculous damage isn’t due to damage scaling.

You have to watch really closely to see any additional damage. Don’t know what UltraDavid was on about, EX SPD isn’t anywhere close to 45%. It’s 20 or 30 HP extra damage and it takes all of your V-meter.

VT1 does 180 damage by itself plus EX Borscht/juggle follow-up. Why in the world would anyone pick VT2?

At 12:00 you see a bit, LP SPD and EX SPD

At 1:00:35 you see HP SPD doing bad things to Claw’s lifebar

I’m curious to see if it boost a lot stun too

Judging by the video, it’s about a 30% stun.
Nice damage, anyway. =)

Good day my friends, long time no see.
His new VT2 does crazy damage on single hit but with terrible damage in combo.
It is known that VT2 can be cancelled from regular attack, but i am thinking whether we can cancel it from lariat,
making some combo like lariat>VT2>EX air SPD?

Jesus, that damage was insane. If VT cancel off of normals is + enough on block to get a mixup (doubtful), that’s gonna be disgusting.

After Lariat the opponent is not in a juggle state is he? If he is, then it should be possible to do EX Borscht after a trade.

The command grab nerf is really going to hurt him I’m afraid. Not just with oki, but also in the neutral. I’m glad @scratchback isn’t here to witness this, he’d probably have a heart attack.

Don’t worry I quit this trash game a long time ago lol. Just wanted to stop in since it’s been forever. So they’re making him even worse? LMAO.

The whiners got what they wanted. Despite Gief not winning anything they nerf his main tool for dishing out damage. Not only that, his best poke, cr. jab, no longer combos into itself. His comboability was already poor and they made it even worse.

Can you believe that, even now, there are still idiots who believe he’s top tier?

seems so much nerf here…

clpclp dont conncet but clkclp seems still works?

hope there is still some buffs to cover those nerfs

Cr.jab no longer comboing is huge imo, what the fuck are they thinking? I guess ONE good Gief in the world means he’s op right?

Cr. short, cr. jab still works. And you guys are forgetting that we still have the counter.

Not a Gief player so help me out here. Whats the significance of C.LP not combing into itself.
C.LK still links into itself or into C.LP. Start up speed is the same, but range is a little less. He should still be able to do C.LK x 2, C.LK xx VTC.
For the most part does not leave him with the same combo-ability?

Or is more of case in neutral you won’t be able to do C.LP x2 confirm into VTC?