Zangief Q&A Thread

If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question about Zangief, this is the place to ask. And if you know a lot about Zangief, swing by here from time to time to help answer the questions!

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What are properties on EX SPD? Any invincibilities?

Also where can I find frame data for him? Specifically looking for c.lp,, and


What should I know about Zangief in SF5 compared to Zangief in the SF4 series? I was always more of a T. Hawk guy in SF4, but since my boy didn’t make the cut for this one (any time soon), I figure I can learn how to Zangief, because I’ve always felt best with bigass characters.

I also hate lengthy combos, so that limits my options. :sweat:

Why don’t more people do on-purpose block string drops or delays where to sneak in an SPD? I.e. jump with Body Slam, wait a couple of frames until blockstun is over, SPD. Or c.lp, c.lp, delay, SPD.

welcome in 1996, it’s called tick throw and every grappler character do this in every street fighter game since SF2.

Yes. Why don’t more people do them on a regular basis? It’s quite effective online yet you don’t see them on any replays/matchups/tutorial videos.

How do you consistently anti-air with Lariat? Is it like SF4 where you have to use crouch Lariat? Frame data I’ve found says that Lariat has “short upper body invincibility from frame 1”, so does that mean you should do it standing and as late as possible? Any tips would be appreciated.

On the contrary, if you do it late, it gets stuffed. Imo AA lariat is only good for far jump ins. Even AAing a neutral jump with it is risky vs some of the cast (Necali)

That’s unfortunate. I guess I’ll keep testing where it’s most effective, and stick with s.LP, c.HP and s.RH in the mean time.

You use air APD

Cr.MP is good too… Cr.HP…
AA Lariet is good for the jump ins that in sf4 people would try to AA and get stuffed.

EX SPD is invincible to throws, though I don’t think it’s from frame 1.

Frame data is here on SRK:

Lariat also doesn’t have nearly as much priority in SF4, but he has many other AA options in this game, including V-skill vs. jump-in attacks, which I think will be fun to master

New here and learning

Is there a good way to quickly recover after getting knocked down? They start jumping all over me and get through my lariats and LP and I end up stuck.

How consistent is V trigger to grab or CA supposed to be? It’s a hit or miss on whether they can hit me or jump away. I can’t tell if it’s my fault or if it’s “unreliable.”

You need to settle down and block for a second.

Lariat is no where near as beastly as it was in SF4, so don’t use it all that often or at all to stuff anything.

Vtrigger to grab is a gimmick. It relies on them just doing nothing, or mashing out a jab/short.

V.Trigger to SPD is a 50/50.

The move is designed to just get them off of you. While in the corner its super potent because it gives you pressure while they try to establish positioning, which is pretty broken, its not really meant for that.

Also, keep in mind that the reason why SPD works is because people are pushing buttons after jump ins. If you V.Trigger and they stand block, you will whiff.

Hmmm? Do you mean v-reversal? Even if so, I dont see how it is 50/50. Spam backdash or jump back.

Hi Geify,
PPP when you are knocked down is a quick recover. KKK is quick receovery with a backwards roll.

Ok thanks.

Is there a better follow up for Vtrigger, or any other method as far as punishing obvious projectiles?

standard follow up to v-trigger seems to be ex air SPD. you can use lariat or a fully charged standing HP too, I believe.

A good alternative on a full connected VT is to dash forward into HK, this resets them. You can then do an immediate MP spd (buffered into your HK recovery, no pause needed). This catches so many people, it’s crazy. You can also reset into super for insane damage, but need to pause on the reset, so not as easy to time it.

Regarding VT, I usually pop it asap. Try and suck them into a c.lp, c.lp, lk string. Then cancel the lk back into full VT combo (can combo VT from any move when already activated. This works alot due to people fearing spd, so they get hit by the string after being sucked in the first time.