Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected


That pelvic thrust. (Right around 26 seconds in the reveal video- guessing that’s his alpha counter.)

Mecha-gief now renamed Sex Machine.

I guess to have him fit into the SFV system, he had to evolve from a full-on grappler to a type of brawler. It’s not surprising, but it is telling of how the game will play out.

You know what I’m not seeing in the trailer? Green hand.

Also, looks like a lot of his animations are inspired by '80s style Hulk Hogan.

Fucking awesome. U can’t have a SF game without Gief. He looks awesome and has a lot of fresh new moves as well. This game is just getting better and better

I got so hyped when I saw this. He looks like he’ll be top tier in this game.

off a 1 minute trailer? lmfao come the fuck on bro

No SPD super is… odd. Like… really odd. I’m not sure if I’m a fan.

The critical art is pretty lame though

He looks fucking boss and manly as fuck. Should have given him a grey/white beard though.

He looks awesome, much better than in SFIV.

Let’s go!

Ffs! This game is looking more and more like SF2 by the second! Why don’t they just go ahead and announce Boxer and Sagat to complete the ‘Boss’ line up?

Don’t get me wrong I’m a grapple player by default, so I am a little bit pleased, but if I wanted to have the same characters I’ve been using for the last 20 odd years I’d never have left 1991.

My 2 pence worth.

Exact same look and outfit…
Christ Capcom… You really need some balls.

At least his grabs don’t look like they instant cut to a different camera angle. his spd in 4 is so incredibly stupid looking because it goes from normal gameplay screen INSTANTLY to a cinematic. now it seems like if there is a cinematicish element, it first connects from the typical gameplay angle and then does something flashier with the camera. that’s an improvement.

Yea that’s my only complaint…he looks the same. I was hoping a little change to his attire or some grey hairs or something.

It looks like his V trigger is projectile invincible, like we can see in the combofiend’s post.

He has 3 Crush Counters (HK, HP and 2HP), an AA Grab, an anti climatic CA, a Hulk’s like Command move (you know, the 6M in Marvel 3), a T bone suplex, an anti projectile headbutt.

I’m not a big fan of Gief but I like it (even though I prefer Mika in SFV)

Zangief is clearly far too manly to use sissy moves like weak or medium buttons in his preview video. Only hard buttons, because those are buttons for men.

Looks aight, I like Gief so I’ll probably play him at launch and make a decision from there. Karin is still the only one I care about tho.

Is it me or did he hit Bison with his crotch? LOL

I like how his V-Trigger sucks them in with the option to hit them, that’s a great boon for a grappler.