video thread

RAPEAGE :woot: good shit and thanks.

Some matches like row vs preppy,etc… the link is broken…
Why dis happen???


with the new beard you look like one of the charachters from “altered beast”

Which links are broken? I’ll check, but if you can point out specific links to worry about, that would help.

Preppy, so far these vids are broken:

Preppy (W ServbotDoomTron) vs Ian (DoomIronManThanos)
Preppy (W ServbotDoomTron) vs Row (AmingoSabertoothKen)
Preppy (ServbotDoomTron) vs Ian (W JuggyGuileCapCom)
Preppy (GambitCapComTron) vs Kyle (W RyuCammyCyke)

I am d/ling right now if more come up, I will post.

BTW, good shit posting up the low tier stuff. I am so bored with marvel right now, it is a nice change to see good low tier stuff. Someone there needs to play Ruby(anti-air),storm(variety),capcom(anti-air). This team is funny as hell for zoning. I call it “The Wall”

Right… :tup:
The link is broken

Here are some more:

RowTron (BlackheartIronManGuile) vs Preppy (W ChunSakuraTron)
Minh (W DoomCammyKen) vs Ian (AnakarisShumaRyu)
Minh (W DoomCammyKen) vs RowTron (PsylockeCykeRyu)
Minh (W DoomCammyKen) vs Kyle (WolvieWolvieTron)
Minh (W DoomCammyKen) vs Preppy (MegaManCapComTron)
Minh (W KenCammyDoom) vs Ian (RubyHeartCaptAmerCyke)
Minh (KenCammyDoom) vs RowTron (W KenIronmanSilSam)
Minh (IcemanBBHoodJuggy) vs Preppy (W ChunSilSamTron)

Okay, identified all the missing files from the Low Tier update and am re-uploading now. Should all be fixed by about 2PM PST.

Hova: Thanks. :smile: I didn’t take a picture of it this year so far, but it’s my Santa beard - see pic here, although that’s last year’s crappy first-attempt job (hand and spray stage-makeup-dyed hair and beard, done for the amusement of my family) - I did a much better job last weekend to amuse the gang. :smile: FWIW, I think AssQuatch (guy who took 3rd at the Olympia tourney) and I are likely going to have a best of 7 battle in January, with the loser having to shave off his beard.

EDIT: All fixed up.

Whoo, I want you to win AND lose now. -_-

Anyways, nice stuff. Everyone should play Low Tier games at tourneys now. ^_^. More fun than watching the same stuff over and over again.

EDIT: Also, No Dan/Roll Love. :sad:

Dam love the videos :clap: expecially the ones with dhalsim and cyke owning some serious ass cant wait for more :pleased:

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all. :smile:

Marvel vids from the LanWerx 12/18 tourney are up:

Other updates:

  • Looks like the bulk of the remaining Florida footage (final 16) is probably a lost cause for very understandable reasons. Will be getting further details on this in mid-January and seeing what may still be around.
  • Interviews still pending - we haven’t managed to get everybody in the same room yet
  • More 12/18 LanWerx footage is probably forthcoming, this time of CvS2, thanks to Ken Masters who was taping too. :smile:

~8 CvS2 vids from the 12/18 tourney are now up. The Evo footage was taken down to make room.


thanks though

Thanks ALOT Preppy. =D Your the best. Big thanks for putting up with my shitty ass speed when I was upping to you, too. =/

thanks zac,
being generous as always

Seeing someone else play Amingo (and win, for that matter) brings tears of joy to my eyes :pleased:

so your that tall white dude that goes to ffa and uses amingo… damn i havent been there in such a long time and i still remember what is left of that place

That would be me, yes. Which one are you? Have I played you before?

Will there be anymore NEC5 vids coming out? Like starbury vs wigfall, demon hyo vs desmond in losers finals, setinaaal vs Omar in losers??? What happened to the rest of the vids??? The finals aren’t even up yet!

I think Isaac has the rest of the NEC vids… ? I haven’t heard anymore from him about those, but the holidays messed everybody up.

Next update will probably be low tier Cali footage once they decide what matches they want to use (they may use instead). I’m also getting 2-4 tapes next week from a tournament from last year that’s near and dear to all of our hearts, and I’ll encode those promptly. Other than that, next footage should be footage from the upcoming LanWerx tourney. For anything else: people just need to get it to me. :smile:

I’ll probably take down the Tricks of the Trade videos next, since that’ll clear up about 1GB of space, and I think everybody has all of them by now.