video thread

Vid ‘announcements’ get hidden in the Tournament Results thread, so… I figured a new dedicated thread would at least make it easier for people to track what’s new on my site.

Currently shared vids are here at

Subscribe to this thread to get my update announcements, or just check the page directly for updates. This thread will generally get new announcements first, since I like SRK peeps more than completely random peeps. :smile:

A full searchable list of all the footage I have is here:

You are welcome to post up footage or links to footage of your tourneys/play as long as its decent stuff. If it’s a combo video, don’t post it if it’s interlaced.

I will host fighting game footage for other people… just ask - better than MegaUpload or something like that. You can hit me up on Skype (‘[email protected]’) or PM me here.

To get me footage, the best option for me and the site is:

  • regardless of all else, ZIP or RAR it into one package
  • put it upon rapidshare / yousendit / megaupload and send me the URL

You could also ask me to set you up a temporary account on my server, but that’s a minor pain in the ass that I’d generally like to avoid. If we do that, you can only use FileZilla (SFTP) to get to the site, no other upload manager will be able to connect.

MUCH appreciated, thanks preppy

W00T! Genghis matches nice job!

keep 'em coming … what happened to all the Row vids :sad: ?

Chun li represent :encore:

and spiral still going strong !

The Olympia Tilt vids are great, thanks for uploading. The newer ones, though, are basically unwatchable because they were encoded at 99kbps.

MH: I cycle out the older footage - I mention this here. As it is, I’ve got a little under 3GB of files shared out this way. You can grab older vids from me via AIM, or via DC if the GFB hub ever comes back up. :sad:

Robyrt: I’ll likely add an ‘encoding’ and ‘filming suggestions’ section next time I update the page. Still, they’re videos you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, so I myself won’t be complaining too bitterly. :smile:

You are the man. You are helping out the community in a big ASS way. Good shit. Thanks.

Good looking out

~Stony Starks~

If you mean the new RiCo tourney vids, only 2 were accidentally encoded at 99kbps due to human error; the Genghis vs. Joe and Ruin vs. Genghis #1. Everything else is normally watchable, with some vids having minor black bars because again, due to human error, we forgot to set the framerate to 1/60 for those vids.

Preppy is da beast. keep it up man. keep the community alive

That website is the shit. More IM vids needed!!! :((

Zach I <3 your site, Olympia vids were cool, especially since DND took Marvel, he deserved that shit:clap:. I’m curious if your hosting bills are insanely high? Or is this courtesy of MS?

thanx Prep. Good shit.

Preppy for president!

I’ve tried the GFB hub but it ain’t working for some reason, at least for me. Send me a PM when its up and working again, Rowtron is teh shit :clap:

Thanks. :smile:

The LanWerx ‘low tier’ update (about two tapes worth, or … 50 files?) will have about ten matches with Iron Man in them. Iron Man doesn’t get the most love around here, though. :smile:

N-Ken: Naw, I just pay for the disk space, and the bandwidth is free. So it works out pretty damn well.

Preppy is the best. :clap: Thanks for always helping out the community. :pleased:


That LanWerx vid of you is KICK ASS! :slight_smile:

Preppy thanks a lot, man. I don’t even know you but you are nice.

Brood_star: thanks. :smile:

Update: 12-3 low tier-only casual footage from LanWerx posted.

PA videos taken down to make space. The Evo videos will be going down by the end of the week to make space for the 12-18 LanWerx tourney vids.