Yun vs. Akuma

Ok I had Yun (Genei jin) and this guy I know had Akuma with SA3… (yeah I know :sad: ) . He kicked my ass a lot!

Here’s how the fight goes I try to build meter for Genei jin, but he comes rushing in with ground/aerial fireballs which locks me into place and he ends up cornering me. Then he starts rushing me down with tick throws/random DPs/and etc. Basically anybody got any advice against Akuma players while using Yun? I have trouble playing a runaway game against his akuma.

Yun Is Top Tier

Dont Be Afraid To Respond To His Presure
If You Get 2 Hits Or More On Akuma You Already Have Bout Half Bar For The Genei Jin
And Once Genei Jin Is There
Hes Got To Respect It lol

Just Keep On Practicing

I couldn’t tell by your post, but… if he’s jumping forward while throwing air fireballs, parry that shit and punish it. If he’s just jumping straight up and tossing out air fireballs, dash under him. If he throws a regular fireball, super-jump and dive kick quickly and you can hit him during the recovery. If he’s using a specific attack to set up his tick throw, jump next time you block one, then dive-kick when he whiffs the throw and punish. Maybe focus less on building meter and more on keeping up with him - Akuma’s not exactly a slow character, he won’t let you run away to build meter. And, hell, if you can parry half of the fireballs he’s throwing at you, you’re building meter just doing that.

Remember that you’re just as mobile as he is, and remember that he takes hits like a girl. And never, ever be scared of SAIII, it’s easily Akuma’s worst super and he can only punish you with it if you fuck up.

Yeah I guess I’m a have to just keep practicing with Yun. My best character is Chun-li, but I really don’t want to use her in casuals because I feel so cheap seriously.

@ Akzidenz: Lol there’s no way in hell I’m worried about his SA3. He’s deadly to me with meter or no meter. The whole rushdown scenario works and it doesn’t work for me. Like I can get close changing up my dive kick versions into command throw, but sometimes he sees through it and knocks me down causing me to get dragged across the screen.

What is he using to knock you down, and what are the options he’s choosing from on wakeup?

Letting Akuma rush in is where I think you messed up: Rush his ass first. Yun is really good at offense, so there’s hardly ever a need to play defense wit him…especailly agianst Akuma. Do NOT run away; He’ll catch you. The Genei-jin has a really short meter so don’t worry about charging it. Akuma’s the type of character you need to put on defense at all costs. J. D is right, you need to rush him. A good weakness in his Hadouken tactics is that you can dash under his air Hadouken and leave him wide open.

Akuma’s SRK is his main defense option. It also hearts like a bitch. What out for it. Also, learn his juggle set-ups and look out for them.

I’m going to say this agian, because I can’t stress this enough: Do not play defense. An Akuma on offense is an Akuma in control.

you have geneijin, ur invincible in that mode.

but really u cant defend against geneijin forever unless you knock yun down, senpo tenshin his ass (command grab [sp]) then peace him out. geneijin combos hurt BAD for akuma, especially if u throw in some palms.

wake up hurricane with akuma beats like everything

not palms

Mix him up with dive kicks and get your first knockdown, after that you have tons of options to get him and gain meter, and just remember, once you have a Genei Jin he’s dead, he takes soo much damage off it, so just RTSD.

About air fireballs, parry them, and if you know he’s gonna do them, go under the fireballs when he jump then punish. Try to figure out any patterns he has, parry then punish, then keep him busy with your mixups and attacks.

Yeah thanks for the advice. It pretty much comes down to lack of practice/execution with my Genei jins. It’s like I go limp when I activate genei jin… I’m not doing enough damage/breaking through his defense so I basically spend the whole genei jin trying to command throw/find a overhead/crouching attack to juggle him.

^ The genei-jin is only as good as the person using it. It can be the worst and best super art in the game. I find it most effective when you use it to juggle in a corner.

LOL… and a run-away-bar-charging Yun isn’t cheap?

Not as cheap as Chun.

Compared to chun-li no.

Yeah Yun of course is unstoppable in the right hands, but like I said I’m still learning everyday about increasing my skills with Yun. It’s already bad enough that the comp in my area consists of one person nowadays and he rarely even plays.

Akuma’s a bastard and you shouldn’t be afraid of his speed and rushdown tactics because Yun’s are even better. You’ve got to learn effective pressure, including mix-ups and controlling your Divekicks. Don’t just spam FK-Divekicks just for the hell of it because you think he won’t catch on. Remember, it’s fast but if you become robotic with the use of them, he’ll just parry and punish you. There are little things you can do to create pressure on another player, no matter who they are using (FK-Divekick, whiff LK-Divekick, throw or mix-up for example). How about you try this: Close st.MK->cancel into super-jump, LP->FP chain. You will land first, when you do, press forward+FP. It’ll have a cross-up type effect where you will be in front of them, but hit them with the other hand.

if he’s using super 3 then that means you’re jumping in a lot. gotta mix it up those yun dive kicks. now it all comes to whether or not your genei jin combo is respectable

lol no he always uses Super Art 3 because he’s weird like that…

Anyways yeah I believe my main problem is just needing more practice against his style/better execution.

does he do those annoying dp+K things? up+Jab–>feirce…that’s pyro’s true power of yun, lol…o ya, and d.short

but, d.short at the right range will own his dp…forget which one though.
and…shit, if he gets in you’re dead. you won’t comeback, he’ll karathrow the ish outta you., if he’s good.

basically, he’ll air fireball in, then k throw, then meaty short, k-throw, short, wiff jab short short super…d.mkXXdp+K…blah blah blah, you lost…that fight is impossible. unless you’re better…surrender to the hate

I’m sorry, but you lost me from the first sentence.