YouTube Update: DO NOT WANT?

So, is there anyone here who likes the new YouTube video layout page?

(I more than did not like it: [media=youtube]vWQTIYHawmA"[/media])

+1 for do not want

Seems like they totally did away with History of previously watched videos :mad:

liked the old layout better.

Just click on your name in the upper right corner, then my videos, then you can view your history from there.

seems like a lot of people are double posting on youtube under the new layout. Also having the description directly underneath the video is kind of poor design imo.

I thought the new layout was an April fools … I was wrong :frowning:

I was hoping for that too

Absolutely hate it, why did they need to change the old one anyway?

I detest the new layout. It looks incomplete.

At least it isn’t super buggy like the new SRK layout

The big question here is why the fuck did they even change the layout?

I’m not fond of it in the slightest. It looks a lot prettier, but, it’s too cumbersome.

Why does anyone ever change their layout? Even though its always painful, design has to evolve.

I would agree with you if the new YouTube was an “evolution.”

It fucking sucks.

Ha well, people aren’t accustomed to it. To me the idea of widgets on desktops seemed like a waste of space, but that is becoming the standard.

The new layout is horrible. I hate it.

2 thumbs down.

Everyone hates the new layout just like every hated the Update they did about 6 months back, will not stop them from doing it. Hell Google has been talking about charging for Youtube and having a free service with limited videos on it.