You're doing it wrong

hey guys … before i start this my primary question is should a pro akuma player ever allow himself to be pushed into a defensive style of play or should an akuma always strive to be on the offense?

i was wondering if we could turn this into a “if you ______ with akuma, you’re doing it wrong” thread

i’ll start … (even as a noob i know that…) if you try to combo into raging demon … YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!

some people take the term “akuma is a rushdown beast” the wrong way

correct he is a rushdown beast but this game is matchup dependent, so if you’re playing a gief or honda you’re not going to rush them down because with like 3 strong moves you’ll have less than half health

some people take the term “akuma is a rushdown beast” the wrong way

correct he is a rushdown beast but this game is matchup dependent, so if you’re playing a gief or honda you’re not going to rush them down because with like 3 strong moves you’ll have less than half health

and you can combo into raging demon (only works on guy though)

Focus Crumple says hi …

It’s all matchup related. Usually you zone them out until you get a untechable knockdown and go crazy. Off the top of my head, when playing the Gief, Hawk and possibly Hakan match ups you don’t go near them unless you have a death wish, your execution is 100% accurate, or both.

Having several special moves make akuma a good offensive and mixup character. The best example would be crlp crlp crmp xx dflip. Ryu can’t do that; the most he can get from that is a fireball or tatsu (or sweep I guess). But with more moves come more risk. Take Guile for instance. He has 2 special moves, but a huge assortment of command normals that try to make up for that. And with fewer risky moves, punishing Guile is more difficult (fast sonic boom cool, very small frame disadvantage on his sweep, can fadc flash kicks since he has no realistic use for super).

Therein lies akumas strength. His moves are flashy and have tons of jugglability but at the same time leaves him open when blocked or whiffed and he suffers from 15%± lower HP. Members here are discovering very worthwhile option selects as well.

Defense wise he’s got the same great DP as a shoto should and his teleport is good when you guess the opponent’s intentions correctly.

Offense/Defense - 7/3

Why would you do DF from a blocked whatever? I never understood that. I noticed JR does that all the time. VS everyone. Dude face Alex Valle’s Guy and bam. He gets blocked and does DF anyway even if Valle punished him each time he did it.

Anyway I always thought Akuma was a patient character. More like safely approach rather than powerful rushdown. I always saw Akuma’s rushdown as something that was at it’s peak from an untechable knockdown and decent anywhere else.

JR is the most predictable akuma player ever…all he does is those demon flips on block / reset ALL the time…oh, i forgot about the random empty jump / flip into raging demon, lol.

Anyways, if you do like him you can beat LOADS of scrubs, but every single time you’ll face a decent opponent you WILL lose…maybe you’ll win the first game because he doesn’t expect it, but in a semi-long set you’ll get downloaded, laughed at and bodyied.

It’s good to use demon flip pressure on some instances (very risky vs shotos) but you should NEVER get predictable with Akuma. Akuma is a heavy mixup character, and as the name suggests, you gotta mix it up. Doing the same shit all over again won’t get you anywhere except beating online scrubs.

BOTTOM LINE: For God’s sake, IF you wanna learn to play a good akuma DON’T take J.R. as an example like most scrubs hanging off his balls in his youtube channel do. “whoa JR those demons in round 1, 2 and 3 were so clutch, how could you see him trying to tech the throw or jab you all the time, you’re godlike yeah 5 stars as always”

I meant it as an example that akuma has MORE options as a shoto; you can do crmp xx fb 5 times in a row then crmp xx dflip throw/kick/overshoot to set up a brand new offense the next time. Canceling normals into dflip is sick. Just like how abel can cancel sweep into roll. It’s useless on the 18th consecutive attempt but when fresh it can catch him offguard. Walk up cr.lp xx mk.flip palm, sweep(throw) gets good success.

o shi-… JR being put on BLAYST!


JR is good, he’s still just trying to play Akuma like it’s 3S, but this game is too slow and the dive kick pressure isn’t the same.


Why you can’t play reckless against Honda.


Take note to no bad fireballs thrown and no saced life from dumb choices.

I actually came in here to say Akuma can’t teleport out on wake up against Honda anymore.

Man the auto-correct in this game is pretty ridiculous.

Not even if Honda goes for buttsplash?

if you use shin roflcopter with akuma, you’re doing it wrong.

Honda won’t got for buttsplash on Akuma’s wake up. You have four choices from what I can tell after a knockdown. Crouch on Akuma then he’s either going to Throw/Teleport/Dp or Ultra. He doesn’t want the Oicho so he’ll teleport but the thing is after you punish with one Torpedo he’ll most likely sit there and eat the oicho or try something else.

So you end up just waiting and responding accordingly.

Momochi missed a few DP’s on Hondas jump. Can’t give free jump ins. I notice that Akuma players don’t DP jumps enough, but Ryu and Sagat players DP almost everything.

because akumas play style is VERY different to sagat and ryu. with sagat and ryu you can just kick back throw fireballs and when someone jumps in srk or crouch fierce…akuma is just played differently

Okay, I got it.

Akuma throws a FB, the opponent doesn’t time their jump properly and Akuma can opt to punish with an AA DP or cr.Fierce(depending on the opponents position), why wouldn’t he? Or rather how does Akuma play so differently that AAing with a DP or cr.Fierce is not something he can do?

…Except Akuma can do the exact same thing.
Ever Anti-Air DP someone with Akuma and then used a Red Hadoken on them? Probably not cause most people aren’t thinking about that when they play Akuma, but it IS possible.
As far as crouch fierce goes…That’s my main anti-air for Akuma in the first place.