Your worst personal match ups

Looking through my ranked records today and I thought this was a pretty unsurprising find:

This is probably skewed somewhat because of the majority of characters I fight seems to be mainly Ryu, but I was wondering if charge characters are generally a tough match for Makoto?

Nah. If VRyu beats Dieminion then that means she’s good against Guile so … yah the rest of them are pretty easy … the only ones I personally have trouble with are Guile and Bison (from the charge characters) Also I can’t see the picture lol.

T. Hawk owns my soul as Makoto for one reason of another.

My personal worst are bison hawk and hakan. Statistically speaking I only have like 6 characters below 50%. Yang,bison,guy,hakan,Honda and I forgot the 6th. Yang,guy,hakan are all under the 50% because nobody uses them so when I do run into them once a month I lose cause I have no clue what to do lol.

vortex characters in general are my bane

Him and Dan. For some reason I can’t beat that fucker. Probably cuz I only run into that character once in a blue moon.

Dhalsim. That curry version of Monkey D.Rufy make me crazy sometimes,especially when I’m tired. In general I hate all the runaway players,no matter what they use. It’s normal fight a turtle-made character,but I spend my time to chase some Cammys sometimes…Maybe the stages are too large :frowning:

DHALSIM ?! The match-up is like 10-0 for Makoto dude lol

Tips to beat Dhalsim:

  1. Pick U2
  2. Win

Pretty much shuts him down completely. I think I’ve lost to literally one Dhalsim player since AE dropped. He had this weird rushdown style of Dhalsim I was t prepared for. Beat him thee times in a row after that first match though.

I’ve lost to a few of the top dhalsims online but generally the mu is freeeee.

I don’t know why guys.I’m able to win,but i have difficult against those very good with zoning,not the scrubs in ranked. I don’t have many problems against some bad matchups like Honda,Guile,Dan and the twins,mostly those two even in AE (not 2012). I’m too impatient,playing Makoto is too funny,grab some fools and kill them is like sex to me. Think about my opponent face after taking a karakusa,make my day.


Sorry for my bad english. Just hate fighting Sim,i’m too impatient.

Oops! Didn’t realize the pic failed. Basically the list is my bottom % of ranked matches whilst playing as Makoto.

Cody 50%
Juri 49.09%
Dhalsim 48.39%
Cammy 48.15%
Abel 46.34%
Vega 44.44%
Adon 42.86%
Guile 38.78%
Balrog 37.36%
Bison 32.14%
Honda 31.82%

It’s probably skewed just because I’ve fought about 15 Juri’s online sine AE dropped and most of them have been pretty good and that sort of thing. I think the only matches I look forward to are Zangief (because it’s gonna be an ass kicking for them) and Rose, just because the match is really fun most of the time.

Juri, Adon, Blanka, Zangief, Abel.
Maybe some more, but those are the “Oh God no!” thought provoking characters when the match begins.

I’m not having too much trouble against any character except for Rufus and Cammy nowadays, usually If I’m having trouble against a character I’ll seek out someone who can play the character well and grind out a set against them online or offline, that’s how I got over my fear of Bison and Akuma.

But for Cammy and Roof it’s still hard for me and we have an abundance of Cammy players and one good Rufus in my local scene. A friend and I recently won a 2v2 tournament because he went up against the Cammy players.

Cammy, Guile (although vryu knows how to make this matchup in your favor), Akuma

Adon, twins, Sagat, sakura, and dan

At this point, after just under 3 months of training for Canada cup, I stand at 2676 fights with a win rate of 63.83%. Under 50% characters are:
It sucks cause I barely run into the last 3 and if I run into an ibuki it’s white gun v2(#1 ibuki). I don’t think I’ve fought a yang in ranked in like 6 months. Boxer is… Well he’s boxer lol what can I say.

Vega (Dictator), Gief, Ken, and just a few minutes ago, apparently a Japanese School Girl can whoop my ass with cross-ups like I’ve never seen. Shieeeeet.