Your thoughts on Omega SFIV? LOL

Getting mixed feelings tbh

If you can select OMEGA mode online like in Endless mode, does this mean you could use Edition Select (Vanilla, SSFIV, AE) versions online in Endless Mode as well?**

disappointing. it looks terrible like they didn’t add any real new animations just chopped up existing ones and put it together. fireball kicks for Ken? why are we waiting for this crap just for better netcode on PC?
the only thing i liked is the faster walk and dash speeds.

Whatever the guys at Capcom is smoking must be some REALLY good shit.

Looking forward to it. Everyone knows the money is in keeping the casuals happy. You should be thankfu it’s not a $5 money grab

I look forward to see how creative they can get. If this goes well, we might be able to see returning moves from this mode that looks cool and works well in future SF games.

Lol isn’t Ken’s hadoukyaku leg hadouken just a rehash animation of his focus attack? so lame

do you guys know if we can finally use Edition Selection of all SFIV editions in online endless mode now?

Yes endless will receive edition select in the upcoming patch.

Expecting new animations is too much though tbh. I don’t really agree with this mode that much since I think their time/resources could be spent doing better things (championship mode, rematch in endless, buffs for the whole cast etc.), but animating does take a long time. It probably took Capcom around 5-6 months to animate Yun/Yang/E.Ryu/Oni and that was with a full team of people who actually knew what they were doing. The team working on Ultra is much smaller and they obviously aren’t as versed in doing things as Dimps is. Even animating 1 new move for every character would take months of work for a team as small as they have now, and would require a lot more money as well.

I wouldn’t have a problem if their spliced animations actually looked GOOD, but right now they look ghetto as hell.

I wish it was never announced. You people bitching about everything is bad enough online, at least I can block you fuckers… but I go to locals and you all still cry.

I really don’t care about the aesthetics. It’s free and I’ve paid for worse.

This mode is clearly the trash can of Ultra’s fan-submitted balance request phase; the “Here’s What You Asked For, You Idiots” mode. That said, I’m interested. I’m curious to see how accidentally balanced and unfortunately more fun than normal mode it will be. Kinda sad that people are just assuming it won’t be taken seriously. If there are at least 5 viable characters and some semblance of strategy can be perceived then it will be taken seriously.

I get the feeling that if Mike Z read that he’d say something like “I could do it in less than a week.”

I wish I were kidding when I said that this has a good chance of ending up more fun than regular SF4. It seems wacky but doesn’t have that full retard mode that rainbow had. Should be fun.

It’s pretty neat, but you might as well play SF4 Remix instead, especially since that is under active development with an attempt to be balanced.

I’m on board just for the sake of fun. Still, I hope they don’t use Omega to gauge interest in SF5. I really want that game to be more serious, hardcore, and to reward both good offense and defense. Despite the fact that I enjoy SF4 I still think its littered with bad design elements.

Haha you’re probably right. I exaggerated a bit when I said 5-6 months for the animating of those characters, but it did in all honesty probably take about 2 or 3 months.

On one hand I’m happy to get a new feature even though it seems useless and probably ends up like online team battle, on the other hand I’m fucking mad that they have the nerve to develop this useless shit feature instead of working on the incredibly long list of bugs that this community has compiled and sent to them.

I’d rather have an update that fixes a majority of dumb bugs and netcode for PC and PS3 than a new feature that will probably be fun for a month and then will be forgotten.

Looks interesting to me.

Also, this doesn’t necessarily mean they neglected to fix the bugs or add other features to the game.

Guile looks hype.

Bet you never expected to see someone say that, did ya?

Anyway, I was super excited to see Guile doing some of Charlie’s moves in Combofiend’s preview. I really like the kick move he has that leads into the EX Crossfire Blitz thing. Looks like it’s actually really nifty and useful. Not so sure about Sagat’s non-EX Tiger Raid thing, though. And if we’re talking animations for some of these moves, then Ken’s Overhead Crazy Kick looks janky as sin at the moment. Hopefully they polish that up a bit more before release. I imagine that they’ve mostly been focusing on making it all work up til now, and they’ll make it all look sleek by release

personally I think they were/are planning to release another version (probably WERE planning), so they had a bunch of animations in place. They would later the models with the actual character model. Most of guile seems to have some of charlies moves and the EX version of his new special is charlies b.fbf +K super.

Probably the new version they were planing got canned and they thought they couldnt milk SF4 no longer especially as maybe they are planning SF5 next, so a “hyper” SF4 wouldnt make any sense.

Hence the extra moves are random bits of code/animation that they didnt want to just go to waste.

Anyway, personally think the mode will be fun although some of the animations are really cringeworthy at the moment.

The only reason why you are not excited is because it’s not called SFA4 or SF5. Unbalanced you say? Well, wait and see before judging. We played broken games in the past, as long as it’s fun, there is no point in complaining for a NEW game.

I gave up on SF4 after Evo, glad I did. Only see this dividing people and nonserious players sticking with it.

This x100.