Your opinion on teleport tactics

Had conversation with a friend today and he was pretty salty about teleport teams beating him online. I basically told him that “Yeah, that’s marvel for ya.”

That being said, I’m generally indifferent to teleport tactics; I understand why people use them and they are very valid but I personally don’t find porter based teams “impressive” or “brag worthy”. It’s like, of course you’ll probably get a hit in if you can appear behind me in one second.

Anyway what is your opinion on teleport tactics? Love’em? Hate’em? Cheap? Fair?

I just hate how hard it is to blow up their assist cuz they’re all over the place. Thats bout it.

Yeah that’s one of my gripes as well. XD

There’s 2 things I REALLY hate in the new school capcom fighting games:

1.divekicks in street fighter.
2. Teleports in marvel.

Both are easy mode offense, both turn average players into threats.

I could rant forever, but it would do no good. They are just something you have to learn to play around.


I’m telling you it’s a casual hook, Since people don’t want to learn safe blockstrings and frame data Capcom throws them a mulligan they can spam for second chances.

They pretty much dominate the online environment. As soon as you see it coming you have a ultimatum:

A) Either take the risk blocking the other direction.


B) Continue to block in the same direction and hope that they mistime the teleport.

Either way, You block wrong, you lose a ton of life. You’re forced to play a rushdown game just to avoid the situation while the other character can run, then teleport over to you when he’s ready.

I used to think I could fight Wesker’s online as long as I hit them before they shot the gun, then I learned that he doesn’t need to shoot to teleport, and that’s when I stopped giving a shit about online play.

Of course they are, it’s obvious it’s a cater to the casuals. Same as ground bounce hitconfirms (though since its generally for bigs i don’t mind those)

My biggest gripe about teleports is that not everyone has them… I mean since they are so powerful it seems as if every character should have access to them in some form or another. I don’t use any teleport based teams, but I just wish they were balanced better by needing meter or something. I like that casuals have something strong they can have access to, I just think there should be better restrictions such as requires meter or has to be within a certain range… Having to be on the ground while calling an assist isn’t enough of a restriction imho, but capcom wants to sell games… Can’t blame em, but using better netcode as opposed to simple mode controls divekicks and teleports would be the better option and umvc wouldn’t have flopped.


They’re annoying but 90% of the time they’re easy as hell to predict and punish. Especially the derp Dante’s/Vergil’s who do it every two seconds.


I believe that every character should have a dodge roll or something like that to switch sides of the screen. Or teleporting takes 1/4th of a bar of meter.

you make a lot of threads

Its dumb and derpy but there is dumber shit in this game. I just hate how abusable it is online…then again I play Vergil and X-23 so LOL

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I feel the same and I play Dorm. It’s become a crutch, and it sucks.

Without commando to clap them they are annoying

Real talk
Mystic ray is amazing as an anti teleport assist.

the only issue with them is some of the characters depend on them (strange) while some just have no god damn business with them what so ever. but they really aren’t enough to break the game.
their annoying but some are more annoying then others.

just to be clear here we’re talking about

Well, I feel some are more annoying to deal with than others. I try it occasionally with Deadpool and hope they guess wrong when I call out an assist, but his Teleport isn’t exactly abusable compared to the others.

but it comes with shuma…pass.

What? deadpool teleport is soooo abusable its so fast that you cannot react to it and it recovers basically instantly. The only bad thing about it is every 3 explosion which is not even that big a deal since he can cover it with assist.

How I fight against teleporters (unless it’s Deadpool who has zero frames of recovery :()
Step 1.Wait for opponent to try and teleport.
Step 2. VARJA!!!
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit.

strider in MVC2 is kinda the reason i picked teleport characters on my main team.