Your Least Favorite Match-Up

What match-up do you dislike playing as Abel the most?(Excluding Zangief) You can throw Zangief in there if you want but everyone knows how that match-up works.

I know I’m about to get frustrated when someone around my level chooses Akuma. I literally hold down/back in that fight more than when I play Balrog. Having no good choice besides blocking his S.HK. I’ve tried EX CoD and LK Roll to deal with the S.HK but, have only gotten mixed results. Also his great mix-up game keeps me holding back after I get knocked down.

Other than Akuma a TKCS happy Cammy can make me cringe. Share your horror stories!

I hate fighting Chun.

Gief doesn’t bother me so much anymore… Akuma… meh.

Fucking Chun. The fight is just so fucking stupid. At least against Gief, you don’t have to commit to silly risks just to try to survive… you can lame it out, and wait for a fuck-up. Against Chun, she just does what she wants all day, and you have to do dumb shit to compete. Booo.

I need to fight the Chun players that your playing then, since I rarely have too much trouble with her. Mostly because I only need to get in once or twice before she done.

Blanka is my least favorite match. Zangief is second. the overhead roll just kills me.

Honda all the way because of neutral fierce, best you can hope for is a perfectly timed dash under/tt

Low Forward.

As of now, Chun, Rog, Bison, Honda.

Chun probably first on the list.

My least favorite match up has to be Akuma. I don’t enjoy the fact that a character has ONE move that shuts down my offense. It’s a pain in the ass to want to create space so I won’t get hit, but then immediately need to put myself in danger again to get some damage. If I don’t get a knockdown, I want to hang myself. So F’ing lame. OVER AND OVER THAT F’ING STANDING ROUNDHOUSE.

Other than that I don’t appriciate Fei Long, Chun, and Gief.

Focus is your friend unless he’s doing the REAL EX Rainbow Ball mix-up. Where if you focus he lands right in front of you and grabs. I only know one blanka who does this though.

And I feel you on the Akuma rage ladramadon

Honda, countless life leads were lost in this fight. I hate his stupid st. rh, I hate the fact that all but his fp headbutts are safe, I hate his hit box, but I do love the fact that his ochio gets eaten by regular throw or tt.

Pretty much any match-up I don’t have much xp in, I hate getting randomed out.

Zangief on the other hand is a thrilling match-up. It’s hands down my favorite, before he gets the kd.

^This, minus Honda (the matchup thread is really useful for those having trouble with him). Throw in ryu just bc hes so gd overused and lame.

chun, nuff said…I also hate jab happy rogs and hk mashing bisons. And IMO, rufus matchup is fun, but between ex messiah and his corner mixup ive definitely popped a few blood vessels from pure rage.

I enjoy playing ryu’s around my skill level. So simple yet thrilling. I want to get in. He doesn’t want me to. Its only fun when your opponent is good enough to take you off autopilot.

Cammy, mainly due to the fact that she’s my friend’s main and I play him the most and we’re at the same skill level. Pretty interesting since we know how each other plays their character.

Otherwise, Balrog.

Right now:


Chun-Li and really good Cammy’s.
I have a friend who main’s Rog so I’m not too scared of them, I just hate the jab happy ones

Still to this day whether I play Ryu or Abel…I still hate fighting Chun-Li

Good Cammys, Rufus, Chun. And Sak if she knocks me down, stupid bitch. Only honda that really ever bothered me was Mr.SNK’s.

cammy and yes i play a good one locally (look up steinmania on youtube)

i still hate playing against chun but i’ve gotten a lot more comfortable abusing chuns when i can bait their ex-sbk and just cross up for free/overhead to step kick etc.

rufus is always a toss up but i don’t play it as dumb or scared as i used to and gief isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be.

bait ex sbk for CH overhead? How does that work?

watched that sd specialists qualifiers btw. im gonna try out for la west. =p

oh i didnt mean bait it with the overhead…i meant overhead after they dont have any more ex since chuns <3 down back

Screw the rules, BLOODY ZANGIEF! Especially since this sudden strange influx of counter-pickers against me. Even against a guy who I had played before, where he picked Rose and we had a great match, next time I went against him, he bloody counter-picked.
But a really offensive Akuma is pretty annoying aswell. Playing against an Akuma, first round I managed to knock him down in the first second and went on to perfect him in 16 seconds. Next round, he gets past my knockdown and manages to perfect me in 13 seconds!
Pretty random I have o say :confused: