YOUR cosplay pics

If you’ve cosplayed, post now, it would be cool to see, and also, if you have tips for first time cosplayers, it would be cool.

I decided to pull an Ibuki today, just out of random, if anyone has any tips that I can improve on, that would be great.

This should be a good read. subbed

there’s a thread for this

lol gasp

This thread is fucking awesome, I cant wait to see more. Nikkowar, maybe you can do Makoto next?

I do not cosplay because I respect myself.

kewl bio jk i h8 u
youre gay.

Demand cammy cosplay from hot chixorz on SRK NAO.

Cool butter knife. Do you use it to butter up your rolls?

^^^ Snare, Snare, High hat!

your cosplay is not complete , you lacked plenty of stuff and you got your glove wrong :S .

I would put mine up since I did a Cammy one but last time I posted a pic of myself here I got pretty much obliterated.

Nikko-chaaaan, Juni and Juli…STAT!

Post it!! Cmon go for it! You cant metion pics on SRK and then NOT post them. . . .

Fine. Probably the only one I could find that night that isn’t blurred from me dancing. I put it together in two days so it’s really shit since it was for a costume party with about a weeks notice, though I do intend to make it better next time.

Would have gotten rid of the shorts, but I froze my ass off going into town as it is in the middle of November in that getup.

Cute. :smiley: Add me on PSN and we’ll play sometime. :slight_smile:

Shall do :slight_smile: Though I’ll probably get my ass kicked XD

Also Nikko-chan.
You could use a bandanna for her headband thing, Bandages are key for her costume, really are. She wraps her hair, arms, ankles and everything in them XD.

Maybe. We’ll see. But that’s how you get better! Next thing y’know you’ll be flying over here to EVO and kickin’ everybody’s ass here. XD

Could only wish, my friend. Could only wish XD

Will do, that was just a random idea that came to me yesterday, I’m thinking of either that or Morrigan for Halloween, gives me plenty of time to improvise :stuck_out_tongue: