YOUR cosplay pics

Find a shooting star, or a clock at 11:11 and start wishin’. lol.

Oh why not, I have no pride or shame left. Too old… And yes, these deserve to be in Bad Cosplay, not Hot Cosplay.

My Auron from FFX

Probably my worst cosplay, Jack Krauser from Resident Evil 4 with a Leon

Frank West (Dead Rising) with homemade Servebot head and friends as Otis and Brad

My Millenium Earl with a Road (D. Gray Man)

My latest: Ralf Jones (KoF) with B. Orchid (Killer Instinct)

Edit: oh why not, here is my Krauser with a Kratos I commissioned for my best friend, the lead singer of I, the Creator (death metal band from near Rockford, IL, search myspace and facebook if interested), Julian Cunningham.

You just reminded me I have a Miranda Lotto outfit sitting in my cupboard waiting to be cosplayed XD.
Pulling off an amazing millenium earl though…Tell me you had a Lero…pleeeeeaaaaaase!

That Orchid cosplayer is hittable…

Or maybe you’re too fat to pull it off?

i thought your post would be more like “Mare, Mare, High horse”

Thanks. I figured if I spent over $3000 over the span of 3 months of intense work it’d pay off. The mask alone is one of a kind and cost around $1700 to make after materials.

@Geese: I got her gallery page as well as her facebook, but I doubt she’d appreciate random cat calls. Sorry, I’ve been cosplaying forever and I know a lot of people from all over.

Jesus that’s expensive @_@ but it did pay off in the end, very well actually.

Would you perhaps be able to recommend me a material for Miranda’s time record disk?

Go lightweight all the way. If you have experience and can use wonderflex to mold it into the shapes you want, do that since it has the best look if done right. If not, I’ve seen excellent ones done with thin aluminum and even reinforced hardboard as they took much time to use a lot of detail (even blacklight/glow-in-the-dark paints).

I think it came out pretty good especially considering you only had a week, I see what your saying baout the shorts though, besides that, I like it.

oh man. :lol:

Since I can never find Wonderflex (Being in the UK I find it impossible to find).
I think I’ll try the second option :smiley: I thank you for the advice.

Bobbypigo: XD I did try without shorts. Took one step out the front door and went “TOO COLD!” ran back in and put shorts on XD. The temperature over here in November gets to like…minus 2 degrees Celsius.

Me as alt Ryu and a Balrog at San Diego Comic-con.

Was wondering if the people in this were on SRK XD saw it on DA. Laughed my ass off, good stuff!

haha thanks. I assume you saw this one too? Zangief pwning me!

If I had photoshop skills, I’d put the explosion background after an Ultra.

possibly the best Ryu cosplay I’ve seen.

Agreed, that’s a nice Ryu :slight_smile:

Balrog’s face makes me laugh.

I’m thinking of doing Rose next, and R. Mika sometime later. After that, I’m gonna try Charlie.