Your Cammy play style?

This thread was made before SSF4 came out, I actaully like how the cannon spike does less damage = less turtling and using Drill a much more punishable move.

Basically what is your basic play style of this character seeing how this character has a flaw with crouchers.

I play Cammy because… for some reason her Spiral Arrow move appealed to me a lot. It doesn’t hurt that her Cannon Spike is just a razor’s edge across the screen diagonally.

I only use Jumping Crossup against E.Honda. For some reason, E. honda is just easy to cross up with … into, c.lp, xx

With Cammy’s bad normals, sometimes you have to take the risk. If you feel like they’re aggressive, then just walk up and Cannon Spike. It will make them weary of it and perhaps block. This would then be the opportune moment to grab.

My playstyle is basically… jump around, feel out the opponent (if I can actually do that), and see what he reacts when I jump in. I walk up, wait to see if a DP or Tiger Uppercut is coming and then if it does, I usually do xx (since I’m not confident in my skill for c.standing.hp xx cspike or spiral arrow).

Its mainly rush down style. Make the opponent guess. After like a TKCS, throw. or, c.lp throw. Or if it combos, I try to finish my bread and butter.

Sometimes, I do a crouch HP on their tech’ed wakeup, and sometimes if it hits follow up with xx for some nice damage.

Yes, you do have to be tricky when playing against someone like Guile… its just plain annoying. Walk up, inch a bit, wait to see if he flash kicks, and then dash throw. If it works, do Cannon Strikes into tickthrow. Sometimes, walk up, CSpike.

Yeah, my playstyle mainly consists of landing these combos, while just rushing the opponent.

CSpike FADC CSpike, c.lp, clk xx
c.hp, xx
Cstrike into CSpike

rarely - standing MP, xx
and if I can actually execute it, CSpike fadc Ultra.

For the moves?

Spinning Backfist - This move sucks. Don’t ever use it unless you dont really care about what happens or for a surprise. If you expect them to Focus, yes. If you expect them to fireball, Yes. But only use it very seldomly.

Spiral Arrow - Yes, sometimes I do use it as a dash. Note: it is very punishable. If it doesn’t hit them, they could just sweep you, or if I’m facing Akuma… Free Ultra :(. xx is probably how I’m using it. Sometimes I use spiral arrow as anti air (first hit off Juggle them, then when they land, c.lp and hope to connect to c.lp, xx

CSpike is just awesome. Its just insane how far it reaches. If I see bison doing a headstomp. Cspike! Walk up to Ryu, expecting him to DP, CSpike beats it clean. If you know your opponent is going for a block string, Cspike! will probably hit their poke, it doesnt necessarily have to be spam.

Hooligan throw is only good for a few moments. Ex Hooligan on Dhalsim’s Yoga fire. EX hooligan on Ryu’s fireball/ Ken’s fireball / Sagat’s Tiger shot… and the Like. You also use it in tech traps. After you do CSpike, you immediately input HP Hooligan, and if your opponent techs, then he gets grabbed out (assuming he doesnt reversal or spam c.LP). If you do it sparringly, it adds on pretty decent damage and brings you close to your opponent. After a while you could even just jump, and they might mistake it for a hooligan and mash out DP for you to punish.

Characters that I find have a hard time against hooligan - Abel (maybe I haven’t faced a good one), Chun Li (ex bird? heh), especially Gouken. If you see Abel or Gouken, definitely use Hooligan to see if they know how to counter. You can also use it against Zangief. Grab Zangief out of his Super/Ultra with the hooligan throw!

Random fact I found out today, Cammy’s Air throw can Throw Chun Li out of her EX spinning bird kick. It was awesome!

I usually try to bait something and punish it. I throw a lot, I even use walk up throws - you’d be surprised how many times this works even in G1: walk, throw, walk, throw (they just :db:), walk, block DP (they’ll DP you 9/10 times), punish.

I try to use SBF - everyone knows it’s unsafe, so it’s rarely used, so if I use it, I may surprise my oppnent :). It sometimes works, especially against people spamming FA. Well, sometimes not. And if it does… Ultra :).

I don’t use crossups, since everyone plays Ryu (or at least Sagat), there’s no need to try that.

EX Hooligan works well against fireball spammers, and even normal hooligan can be surprising (it seems to be good against Abel and you can grab Zangief out of lariat). And if you let it slide (this seems to work against some Zangiefs and Boxers, since it’ll slide under lariat/headbutt), you can ultra. And it’s a quick way to get close.

When I’m ahead in health, I try to calm the game down a bit and backdash to full screen distance. If they throw fireballs, FA/neutral jump… If they don’t, no problem, just wait. They’ll have to attack… If they jump, CS. If they walk, mk SA. If they jump far, mk SA.

I have a good experience with changing pace - in one match vs Akuma, I played 1st round very defensively, and the 2nd round was all out attack. He was so stunned he couldn’t even mash DP :).

Since my execution is very bad (dunno why, I have (had) no troubles in previous SF versions), I have to rely on this stuff… But it works, and I’m enjoying this game.

Lots of far away lk spiral arrow feints, because people have the perception that all Cammys online do is spam spiral arrow.

Lots of standing jab after a knockdown, switching off into either a guard or a grab.

Cannon Strike spam on their wake-up if I don’t feel like baiting anything.

The occasional late s. rh, at random.

In other words, I try to give off the perception that I’m a blithering idiot–works perfectly for me.

I have to say “Wake up mix up game Cammy” is my style. Get a down thenThrow/TKCS/Hooligan/Cross up etc. So much fun playing this way.
Do have to make guesses and that is risky. But guess right and big damage.

This. One of my friends described my cammy in casuals as:

“If he knocks you down you’re fucked. Just set your controller down.”


You’re in the Cammy forum, you know. =)

That said, my Cammy is almost 100% rushdown. Her focus and backdash make an amazing combination for baiting reversals or getting a crumple, which I do from time to time to make them forget about TKCS just for a bit. I’m pretty bad at defense as a result, but then again I rarely have to defend since I’d be on the offensive.

I’m an up-and-coming Cammy player, and I can agree with the OPers comments, and, to an extent, understand the frustration that comes along with playing with her. However, I think it goes without saying that, for me, playing cammy is ‘fun as hell’.

True, all of her moves are punishable by players with good reaction, and none of her whiffed, blocked, and suprisingly some of her landed moves, are safe. That does suck.
Cammy Vs Cammy? You are absolutely right, its gay as hell, and oftentimes, I lose to scrub cammy’s, not because im awful, but because the mirror is so lame, that its pretty much who can do more cannon drills and hope to catch the other cammy off guard.
Block low and pretty much nullify her entire moveset except throw? Very true. Its funny how just yesterday I said “Cammy would be so much more dangerous with a decent overhead normal”. I agree with this.
Spinning Crap Fist: It does suck. Use it once every 50 matches, or if you can anticipate a hado (altho startup is pathetically slow).
Crossup Does suck, lol. But its an option.
So I agree with you 100% on these facts.

But what I will say is that she has a ridiculous amount of mixups after a knockdown, specifically the backthrow, or hooligan.
I think I heard sanford say once in a video interview that his Cammy backthrow was “lethal”, and unless you are “good at guessing, its gonna be very hard to get out of it.” I didnt fully understand that statement until just recently I started using MP Hooligan over backthrown/Hooligan opponents. Believe me when I say the mixup options are limitless. She is absolutely meant to “rush down”, you cannot turtle or wait for the other player to pin you down (unless you are leading in life, then you have that right).

I often like to use TKCS if im a full screen away, to ‘distract’ the other player into thinking im doing nothing but building meter. Secretly, im doing it to lull them, and hopefully they do something stupid like stand there and do nothinig, or throw out a random hadoken (which I am anticipating) and I throw out EX hooligan. Thats a hard move to beat on reaction if you hide it correctly. Still punishable by shotos who “sit” on DP, but, like you said, high risk high reward.
I enjoy using Cannon Strike after a forward knockdown as well (especially on players who have poor anti-air options, or Chun-Li, because it CAN stuff EX SBK if done correctly) to pressure players into a blockstring and then tick into a backthrow. CStrike is relatively safe on block and hit, so its a good tool.
Focus is really helpful, but can get you into trouble if, like me, you use it entirely way too much and on the wrong characters. Its best for baiting players like gief into thinking they have more time, who then jump in, which is your outlet for dashing and punishing accordingly.
I like her BnB, but for whatever reason, Its hard as hell for me to land on ps3, but have no problem landing it on xbox. weird. After cross up is when I usually go for this combo.
st. MK is pretty decent I think, I use it to kinda stuff certain idiots who walk half the screen and try to throw me <_<
st HP (close) to Cspike FADC to another Cspike or ultra is really invaluable, and I love using it on recovering whiffs, dizzies, and the aforementioned Hooligan over knockdown.

At the end of the day, I dont really see Cammy ever being high tier, Tournament spam material. Overall I have the most fun with using her as an “in-your-face, no time to think” type of player. generally if the opponent is pressured, You’ll see tons of DPs in the process (which will hurt badly), so its good to test your opponent beforehand to see how triggerhappy they are. This eventually sets up your guessing game of mixups and can in turn really rack up some satisfying wins with her. She has tremendous footspeed, so it makes me more versatile for learning the next character. I love abusing her backdashes and focus> forward dashes THROUGH projectiles, because its so fast. Usually if the other player randomly throws out projectiles, you can focus dash through the first, then jump over the second and HK (which has really great range), to CrMK, to HK SA. Satisying indeed.

Just my thoughts d(~.^)b

This is me as well. Wonderful fun!

I like throwing in the occasional backfist vs fireballers, it is a wonderful surprise for such a “useless” move!

Hooligan EX too, getting someone flustered with the wakeup game, backing up and finishing them off with it = joy.

I like using Back Throw as much possible every time just to mess with my opponents and charge characters the most, but Cammys back throw does less damage which, I have no idea why?

Besides that, if you try to Hooligan on wake up, its going to miss, this isn’t SNK Blue Marry.
Though I guess that Counter Ultra Combo where you basically kill the person is a tribute.

How is the back throw lethal? Where not talking about throws, for all I care it could be another suplex, its just a normal techable grab.
Not Chun Li, though would be nice if they just gave that character pants for once. And Fei Long with a Kung Fu shirt

I am an old school type… I like to play footsie with quick C.strike/TKC.strike and tick->throw pressures…

Cammy’s footsie tool is not as good as the shotos, so often time, someone out footsies me, my Cammy gets destroyed…

specials spam

attack, rush down, spam.

this is how i play until i get a knockdown and then i’m trying to appear to go nuts while in reality mixing up between safe fakes and real risks. oh, but i also really like the s.jab step forward s.jab step forward s.jab pressure randomly mixing in baits and throws.

Hm. I should try that. Far Standing Jab right?

rush like crazy and mindfuck opponent

I’m a average Cammy player with a playstyle of 100% rush down… My game involves spacing, baiting, blockstrings, baiting, and being flashy. haha Although, I can be a little too aggressive when I play. I have to slow down my play alittle. I’m always moving haha.

The one thing I hate about playing Cammy, is that you have to know what your opponent is going to do next and every move you make, it has to be perfect or else you’ll be punish greatly over an simple error. Like doing cannon strike as an example, sometimes I’ll always do a regular jumping kick when I’m really trying to land a cannon strike to keep the pressure going. Although, most of her normals are unsafe, doesn’t mean you’re not able to use them, her jabs/shorts and mk are what I find to be her best pokes. Also, most of her special moves are quite useful in her play. I like to use them for moving in a opponent or keeping the spacing to how I want it…

Hooligan - One of her most useful move. Works greatly against focus happy players who are mid screen or if you have an EX meter it would also work great from full screen. When using Hooligan, it’s a reaction type of move. You have to know what your opponent will do like when is he going to throw a fireballs, focus, dash, or whiff an attack. One thing I like about the hooligans are they can punish an attack from any range. Let’s say if you jump over E. Honda Ultra, it goes under you and you want to punish. EX Hooligan would be your only option.

Also, I like to use it for mind games, and setting the spacing. Lp hooligan then cancel out (grab button) for trying to stay mid screen from your opponent or to keep your opponent guessing. For spacing, If they like to back dash or run away. I use HP hooligan for moving in closer. Another thing, Don’t be scared to throw out hooligans. Even if you get punish by it. If their just punishing you with jabs or normals. It doesn’t take out that much damage and it still brings her closer to her opponent which is what you want. When they start to punish with uppercuts, or ultras. That’s when I’ll stop using them for awhile.

Spinning Back Fist - Man, this move is really horrible but it’s still useful. I use it mainly for spacing, fireball spammers or after a FOCUS crumple.

When using it for spacing, it’s mainly used at full screen. Use LP spinning back fist only. Then you can just sit there wait for an attack, move in inch by inch, or just jump in cannon strike. Also, this move can be punishable by certain characters who have range attack but don’t be discourage to use it. Just find out whens the right time to use it in a situation.

And this is my favorite move. I always use it to finish a opponent or when I manage to get a stun.

Level 3 FOCUS > LP spinning back fist > cannon spike.

This combo can be used from anywhere. I use it mainly in the corner, cause I can do a MP Hooligan Tech trap after or to follow up with her c. strike mix up.

When I do manage to get close, I try to unleash as much pressure as I can hoping I can punish a mistake although sometimes it doesn’t work out to well cause of my over aggressive play.

But her Cannon strike is her main pressure tool… I use it to bait a srk or an attack at any moment when rushing in. After a couple jump in cannon strike, you’ll know if your opponent is familiar with the match up or not. Some players likes to mash uppercut after every cannon strike or some players like to jab. If they are jab happy, just mash uppercut but if they block, you’ll be punish. That’s why I try to cannon spike when I have a 2 bar meter, so that I’ll be safe no matter what. If I sense a srk coming out, i’ll just block then punish with a c. mk xx sprial arrow.

Now the show starts, if I can get them blocking after a cannon strike I’ll follow up with a block string, and if they manage to hit, I’ll continue the Bread N Butter.

Her block-strings is reallly amazing though, I can keep an opponent blocking from corner to corner only if they don’t know the match up too well or don’t know what to do with her pressure game.

Some Basic pressure combo’s I use.

c. lk, c. lk, level 1 focus, c. lk c. lp. c. lk

s. lp, c. mk xx hk sprial arrow FADC tkcs, c. lk, c. lp.

jump in cannon strike, EXtkcs, EXtkcs, tkcs, c. lk

c. lk, tkcs, c. lk.

Those are what I use most of the time. I always try to mix it up. The one thing I love about Cammy is that all her jabs and short can all be link into a spiral arrow combo but the 3x c. lk doesnt work, a 3x c. lp sure works though. And she has a very beastly focus attack. Just like chun li.

Alright didn’t think I wrote this much, but just thought i’ll share my risky play style.

I’m going to keep it short -
High Damage, low combo input Cammy.
Range game Cammy.
Block String for Meter, Cammy.

I guess there really is only 2 styles

Turtle or Spam

Since this character doesn’t have good tools for all situations and from the looks of it would just require relying on safe moves in SSF4.

  • the one thing I do hate is how overpowered the air cannon strike is
    no recovery on it or not enough
    and some people use it as a taunt as if they are doing anything but just annoy you.

Like a T. Hawk in SF2 how is only jumping around like a f-- with light punches into a suplex thing.

Rokubear - Man! That’s really fantastic, I look forward to trying some of that out.