Your biggest weakness in battle?

Dear God, I found my soul mate. I’m so scared of DP’s that I can barely mount an offense.

I’m every 09’er bad player trait rolled up into one person

I hate blocking.

I think DP is a God move that answers everything (To be fair in SF4 it can be at times but in KOF this will get you killed.)

I have to stop pressing OS Crouch tech all the time.

I can’t comprehend using Time to my advantage, this makes me impatient, then I start to rush in and that gets me killed.

I love churning butter, this can make me predictable if I use a grappler.

He picks Chun.

End of story.

Another “weakness” I have…
I try to parry too much shit.

I don’t know.

Ironically, if you don’t know what your biggest weakness is - not knowing is probably your biggest weakness.

I got another one - I don’t turtle enough with Blanka in ST.

I try to hard to parry Ryu’s Super Hadouken on 3rd Strike, I over think and drop it.

I convince myself that I’m smarter than I actually am.

Man, I don’t even parry in Third Strike. I mean it’s useful, but not necessary to win.

If you play shitty people…
But seriously, you mentioned you use Urien? Urien can’t do jack ass against Akuma’s hurricanes without parry. I could literally do this shit…
e.g Watch round 2…
I was like… wait, he can’t parry hurricanes.

Parrying is useful if you don’t over complicate stuff. I mean, if you don’t need to parry to win then your clearly fighting the wrong people.

There’s a video (can’t find it) of Geoff the Hero trolling a Q player by just doing tatsu all day.

We all get moments like this once and a while in 3S

  • Overthinking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve expected my opponent to have some sort of complex plan in motion, when in reality I could have just rushed them down and won.
  • Not being cheap enough…on and off of the character select screen.
  • Losing my cool when situations start going in my opponent’s favor, which clouds my judgement and may lead to me doing something stupid.
  • Not being aware of my spacing often enough.

Really good female players… Fuck! They are too hard.

Well you can block them, right, Mixah?

Kayane gets me hard.

Revenge ultras and terrible anti-air.

Every time I see you post, I want a burrito.

Holy Hell that Tofu looks good.

I have trouble keeping my stick up.

I think you need to see a doctor for that.

And then?

You can reversal tyrant slaughter, but nobody picks that super.
You can’t punish a blocked HK tatsu, and you can’t duck it. So what do you do? You block, take chip damage, and they do it again. and again…


and again

You parry it, on the other hand… and Akuma eats 50% damage.