Your biggest weakness in battle?

I’ve been thinking about it recently and I was curious to know.

What is your biggest weakness when it comes to fighting games?
Example :- Mine is that I tend to overcomplicate my combos in Street Fighter x Tekken. Also I panic at the end of games on SSF4AE.

How about you?

I play my main characters in ST the same in every game they’re in.

I always expect wake-up shoryu/ultra/whatever reversal when I knock the opponent down, so I get too scared to do okizeme, which sucks because I usually play offensive characters.

I have no offense so I let my opponent dictate the pace of the match.

Also, in general I’m a pretty gutless player.

I get over-aggressive. It’s always that one time I knock them down and decide to be aggressive that they do something on wakeup. That and my reaction time isn’t the greatest.

I just pictured you getting a sweep then stomp crossups to death.

I like to random super. Alot. I just tell myself it’s a reversal, although most of the time it’s a reversal to nothing.

Its like the guy decides to wake up shoryu now! That makes me lose momentum too.

i expect my opponent to be smarter than they actually are

too impatient which lead to dumb errors

Getting out of pressure.

I lose

keep trying to do the motions for my move to work, but my ps3 controller is like, old as fuck. So I keep dong the motions over and over and this shit finally works… Or maybe i keep doing it wrong?

I sometimes don’t pick top tier.

Sad, I know.

You know, that isn’t bad. Just means your not a tier whore.

Not going to the bathroom before a match.

When you’re knocked down and trying to make a decision, all you can think is FUCK I GOTTA PEE.

the answer lies in the heart of battle

“Tier whore” is a complinent.

I don’t block

Being too fixated on landing a certain move
Playing too many fighters
Character loyalty
Not taking it seriously enough
Foot Dive
Magic 4