"You can do better than that!" Critique my Cody!

Enough said.

If you want to post matches of yourself and get opinions…they go here.

I would recommend typing a reference code for your matches that you post so that when you want to find the people that critiqued you…you can just type in your code for “find” (CTRL F on keyboard…) and you’ll easily get your responses without having to scroll through pages.


youtube match a
youtube match b

ref code: knifedude (you can use any ref code you want but change it for each set you post)

if you dont want to do that…just scroll.

-Dont Jump

Convenient thread (for me) as I just started messing with Cody a few days ago; I usually use Guile & Adon.

Aside from watching people’s videos to learn, I know there’s a lot I can work on but critique away:




at first glance one of your biggest flaw is that you dont finish your combos. often you do a jab, jab (on hit!) and nothing afterwards.
also, you seem to like c.mp into lk ruffian, which doesnt make that much sense, less damage and more worse position for wakeup game. you do it, backdash and then nothing ^^
It’d be better to use HP CU for damage and positioning or mk ruffian for pushing the opponent in the corner / get you out of there.
also you whif the c.lp, c.lp, c.mp link too much. go to lab and practices it, also consider the usage of c.lk. it’s an easier link and has more range where c.mp + followup would often whiff or not full connect.

I’d add what zUkUu said and say. Less Jumping more Ground pressureing with Cody’s amazing Normals.

True. I’ve never been good at linking/plinkling/whatever you call it, but it’s something I’ve been trying to work on :stuck_out_tongue: If I do nothing it’s because I messed up the combo, which I do often :rofl: Again, more practice needed.

Never thought of that for the wakeup, I will try your suggestion as it does make sense for positioning. I backdash sometimes for a crossup attempt but I guess I could try something different.

Will try the lk instead, and gotta get links down better. Also gotta stop jumping as much. I pick up bad habits easy since I don’t play every day. Thanks for the tips, appreciated.




Enjoy watching my shitty cody. ._.

is it me or stop both videos at 0:42 and dont let me watch any further.

That’s strange, I would say try refreshing your page and then try watching it. If it still gives anybody problems I’ll re-upload the videos.

Edit: Edited another C. Viper match in my first post, trying to work on that match up.

you’re from CT? Lets play sometime.

Man, you’ve got to learn those links and a few more damaging combos. Maybe it was just cause it was online but you dropped like 90% of your links. Other than that it was pretty solid.

I’d love my vids to get critiqued :smiley:
[media=youtube]_GbcPMxY2FE[/media] (I lost the first match to him, but I already learned from that match and applied to this match, so it’s pointless)
[media=youtube]kwOKGfIsCLk[/media] (old, haven’t uploaded many sfiv matches lately)

I’ll try to get more recent ones up soon. Been playing a lot of 3s and SC2. I’d say I have a better understanding of the game and Cody now.

ref code: footsies

I’ll watch you guys later today~

Good shit Rizhall.
Your cody seems pretty Solid.


Let me know what you guys think.

Alkipot: To me, your most glaring issue is that you don’t use any of your moves outside of combos. All of your offense starts with c.lp, and you always jump to get close. That’s just asking for a shoryuken fadc ultra XD
Try to walk more, and try to use your moves more often. Don’t just aim for the c.lp and hope it lands.

FearR: I think you’re good. You do a lot of frame traps, and you’re very offensive. It’s very distinct from the way I play. But like Alkipot, your main approach to jump in. Once Chronic antiair’d you, he basically shut you down, and then your damage came from any openings he left for you.

Kwyjib123: You play almost identical to the way I play, except you have better combos. Can’t say much about your play, except that it’s good~ :slight_smile:

that’s some good sh!t. don’t see any mistakes on your side.

only thing I could see improved a little is your wakeup game. 90% of the time you go in with a f.mp / s.hp which is fine, but gets punished several times vs that ryu. some more (less reckless) mixup wouldnt hurt. but that’s nutpicking so dont mind :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree, you’re pretty tits. I watched all three videos and I don’t remember seeing any crack kicks (f+hk) for wakeup options, but I wasn’t really looking. I really like retreating to max range so they don’t feel threatened and putting it out there. Of course it’s not really safer than s.hp but it is a little more confusing since it whiffs on crouch.

i think i loved the finish of the ryu match… invincible cody :woot:

& he threw 3 crack kicks that i saw, enochrewt… 2 vs sakura(one crossed under a jump… the other got stuffed) & 1 vs gen(crack kick blocked followed by a successful bingo)

but yeah, nice stuff :tup:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I usually do use more crack kicks but have recently started using s.HP more and more. I do need to backoff sometimes on wakeup or at leeat mix it up more. Thanks for the advice, i’ll try and get more videos up soon.

Yeah I watched again, and saw them, but not on opponent’s wakeup and that’s what I was getting at. Again, not necessarily safer, just different.

ooooooh i totally misread your post

im retarded, my bad dude :sweat: