You are big fool!

Am I close??

Xmas gift for a friend who loves Gen. Still early I know but is the likeness almost there? BTW, took a break from this shit cause WoW grabbed me up again. Then it was painting (oil/acrylic) so I’m back now. gotta learn to leave dat WoW alone. shit is a waste of time.

i think the nose is a little big and rectangular… he doesn’t really look asian… but it’s definitely on it’s way. the beard is awesome! lol they kinda look like small enoki mushrooms. and btw… post dem paints!!! :smiley:

He’s spot on for SF4 Gouken though lol.

closer? redoin the eye area etc…
shit, i’ll throw another pic up with a better view of the redone nose. that one wasnt good but the batteries in my cam went dead. more tomorrow.

figured as much. from the photo it just looked like the front portion was very wide and flat. the redone one looks amazing. definitely closer. and the expression works way better as well. keep it comin!

good stuff man looks spot on!

more. don’t mind the front shot. it throws the scale off. his shoulders are in scale, believe me.

hopefully it’s comin along. Kind of my take on him hile tryin to stay close to the source art I got from fighters generation.

EDIT: shit, now the nostrils may look too wide :confused:

wow, this looks legit.
that’s one meaningful gift

quick update before bed.

Thank you all for the comments. I’m hopin to do this one up right. Bland, I’ll post some paintings soon. I’m still gettin used to the brush again. Haven’t messed with them since high school. I did find out how much I missed that shit though. Love smearing some oil paint around :slight_smile:

very cool what are u using to sculpt this

super sculpey. Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Wow. Really cool. Can’t wait for the next post.

Gen is baking, so after a paint up I’ll post more on him. Started this fellow while he was in the oven. I’ll let you guys tell me who it is so I know if I got it down or not

Just a quick rough in atm. I think it likes like what I’m aiming for, but we’ll see what you guys have to say. More Gen to come soon!

I think its birdie if so the nose needs to be a bit bigger.

hahaha at first glance i’m like "… the hulk? o_O"
but in keeping with the old guys and the comment about gouken in the beginning i’m gonna venture that that’s who you’re shaping this one out to be.
… unless it’s some weird alien general from some movie that has a stache…

he’s… he’s alive! he’s alive?

lol, sup man. been some time since I’ve thrown shit up. Still paintin Gen so I’ll update when he’s complete. Damn, I was aiming for Balrog with that last one. I kinda mixed different capcom art to get that look. We’ll see how it goes, perhaps he should be birdie or something.

lol maybe the lack of bugged out eyes? or i just suck at this game ^^;
as always can’t wait to see how it turns out man.

yeah, guess the eyes could be buggier :confused: maybe the hair etc… will help. painting these things sucks… oh well, gotta learn sometime.

well it’s still in a pretty early stage. besides there’re so many different faces out there for balrog that i think the most defining feature he has is the hair so it’s all good.