|| Yoshimitsu || When in doubt... FLASH 'em!

For Yoshi stats, strategies, matchups, combos, and anything else Manji-related! I’ll update the OP as more info is provided/discovered. Until the console release, most of the info will be coming from TZ forums…


Translated by google translator, some so of the words are off (I’m working on this now). This link uses the ‘keypad’ notation, meaning that 6=foward, 4=backwards, 1=down & back, etc… also, LP= left punck, RK=right kick… you’ll get used to it.

New Moves
Inputs (Hit Range for each hit) i(frames), b(+ or - frames on block)
ws+2,1,3_BT 1,3 (m,h,h_h,h) - i15, b -8,-9,-5
Last kick is now high, sends opponent far. Pushback on block.

NSS 2,1 (h,h,h) - i10, b -12
KND on hit. NOT the same as his old DR 2,1. NC, and the second hit tracks at least 180. Wall splat !!! and Jails.

d+2>2 (m,m) - i16, b -9,-14, h 0,0
high crush, at least jab punishable on block. NC only if not delayed. CS launcher on CH. When used as a juggle ender, the delayed second hit sends opponent higher for better wall combo.

3~4(~u) (m,m) - i16, b -5(0), h +4(+9)
NC, + on hit, safe on block. ~u into DGF. Tracks Yoshi’s left. When 3~4~u is blocked, opponent’s jab against yoshi is guaranteed.

NSS KIN 1 (sM) - i15, b -8, h PLD
Ground-hitting special mid.

1SS f+1+2 (m) - i17 b -8
Yoshi’s new B! attack. Safe and push back on block. It feels like Bruce’s b+2.

NSS Fc d/f+1,2 (l,L) - i25, b -19,-19, h pld,+8
Swordless spin extention to another spin that hits ground opponent. Exceptional stun on 2nd CH.

Tekken 6 BR Property Changes

[+]ws+1,2 is now NCC.
[+]You can walk forward (though slowly) while in KIN.
[+] ws+2,1,2_BT 1,2 (m,h,m_h,m)
[+/?] The old f+1+2 is now in NSS only.
[+/?] WS_qcf+3,2 is now m,m. It’s NCc, and punishable on block.
[?] MED 3 causes reverse B!.
[?] CH d+1_(d/f+3),1 delay no longer bounce opponents.
[?] Only the first hit of d/b+3,3,3 series hits ground.
[?] No conventional low jab, but can possibly done by d/f~d_d/b~d+1
[?] Fc d/f+4 cannot be done from iFc d/f+4
[?] Shorter 1+4 range
[?] f,F+4 turnaround jab juggle is no longer applicable.

Latest Ina Tekken 6 Punish Guide
Frame, Command Input, Hit Range, Damage, Hit frame/property, Reach, Misc. Info

i6, 1SS 1+4, m, 21+juggle, Opp down, Short, 1SS only.
i8, NSS 1+4, m, 21+juggle, Opp down, Short, NSS only.
i10, 1,1, h,m, 23(7,16), -4Opp crouch, Medium, 1SS only.
i10, 2,2, h,h, 18(10,8), +5, Medium.
i10, 2,1, h,hh, ?(10,10,?), Opp down, Medium, NSS only.
i12, d/f+4, m, 15, +4, Long.
i13, d/f+1, m, 13, +5, Long.
i15, u/f+3, m, 15+juggle, JG, Medium.
i15, b+2, m, 15, +2, Very long, NSS only.
i15, d/f+2, m, 13+juggle, JG, Long, NSS only
i15, 4,4, h,h, 34(17,17), -3?, Long.
i16, d/f+2,2, m,m, 24(10,14)+juggle, JG, Long, 1SS only
i16+, f,f+4, m, 20+juggle, JG, Very long
i17?+, CD+1, m, 18+juggle, JG, Long-Very long.
i17, f+1+2, m, 18?, Opp down, Very long, 1SS only
i21, f+3+4, m, 30?, Opp down, Very long.
i27+, 4~3, m, 35+juggle, JG, Long.

COMMON JUGGLES: (Credited to SyLVoS)

-f,F+4 BT 1 BT d+2 WS+3,2 B!

-u/f+3 b+1,1 b+1,1,1,(1),1 f+1+2 B!
-u/f+3 b+1,1 b+1,1 b+1 f+1+2 B!
-u/f+3 b+1,1 b+1,1,1 qcf+3,2 B!

-swordsweep d/f+1 1 b+1,1 f+1+2, B!
-swordsweep d/f+1 1 b+1 b+2,1~1+2, KIN f+2

-CH FC d/f+4 WS+2,1,3
-CH FC d/f+4 WS+3,2, B!
-CH FC d/f+4 cc d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B!

-flash d+1+2, FLE 1+2, b+2,1~1+2, KIN f+2
-flash d+2>2

-NSS d/f+2 f+3+4 1 b+1 d+1 B!
-NSS d/f+2 f+3+4 1 b+1 b+2,1~1+2 KIN f+2

POST B! OPTIONS: (Credited to SyLVoS)

-b,b u/f+1+2~d

LOW-PARRY B! OPTIONS: (Credited to SyLVoS)

-LP B! d/f+1, 1, b+1, b+2,1~1+2, KIN f+2 [for damage]
-LP B! d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 [for oki]

Yoshimitsu Gameplay Videos

Sorted by matchup. But, lucky for you, they are also sub-sorted in chronological order, so the most recent videos against each character will be at the bottom of said character’s video list. Yippie! I also included some non-Bloodline Resurrection vids (meaning just regular old T6), because I feel that they could still be of some use, but of course, those will be at the top, since the vids are in order by date.

vs Anna Williams

vs Alisa Boskonovich

vs Armor King

vs Asuka Kazama

vs Baek Doo San

vs Bob

vs Bruce Irvin

vs Bryan Fury

vs Christie Monteiro

vs Craig Marduk

vs Devil Jin

vs Eddy Gordo

vs Feng Wei

vs Ganryu

vs Heihachi Mishima

vs Hwoarang

vs Jack-6

vs Jin Kazama

vs Julia Chang

vs Kazuya Mishima

vs King

vs Kuma

vs Lars Alexanderson

vs Lee Chaolan

vs Lei Wulong

vs Leo

vs Lili Rochefort

vs Ling Xiaoyu

vs Marshall Law

vs Miguel Callabero Rojo

vs Mokujin

vs Nina Williams

vs Panda

vs Paul Pheonix

vs Raven

vs Roger Jr.

vs Sergei Dragunov

vs Steve Fox

vs Wang Jinrei

vs Yoshimitsu

vs Zafina

Yoshimitsu Matchup-Specifics, Strategies, Tips, blah blah blah will be added later

I actually want to learn this guy. Can you post his other moves also?

Sure. I’m actually in the process of getting his enitre moveset here, along with frame data and the likes, but that’ll probably take a while…

how good is u/f+3 for crushing jabs? and how do i deal with rabid Steve players?

Wow, this is awesome, thanks Dasvanu. Just wanted to point something out, you probably know this, but after watching more Yoshi vids on youtube, I found that in KIN 2, 1+2, the 2 can be used to delay the 1+2 hit. I kinda saw that done a few times in some vids I favored, where one of the Yoshi players would launch the KIN 2 and delay the 1+2 (you see Yoshi stall for a few seconds before he lands the last hit) which makes the last sword hit.

I wonder if it’s just a delay to delay it or if it’s a stronger hit. Because when you look at it, it’s as if Yoshi’s coming down slowly with his blade but with a more aggressive strike.

If know one has come across it, by all means let me know and I’ll send you some links :3


[media=youtube]Npsym8BolrQ&#t=2m24s[/media] (and this was WITHOUT Rage)

BTW it’s blockable


Yep that’s it, Oh i know it’s blockable, I just wondered what it would do if it wasn’t blockable since you see Yoshi look as if he’s executing a more aggresive strike than that of just a regular KIN 2, 1+2 ya know.

I guess will determine that when the game comes out. :3

Thanks though :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping him Autocrat. lol I can’t believe I didn’t realize anyone posted in here; lol I thought this thread was dying.

u/f+3 CAN be good for crushing jabs, depends on the timing. And for anyone mashing from point blank, just laugh and mash out flash lol.

I’m new to SRK, was crossed referenced by a good friend of mine who’s always on here. I saw the Yoshi thread and since he’s my main I decided to check it out ya know. :3

But yeah, good stuff above.

Good to have ya on the SRK Manji team. I think we have 2 people total now lol

Thanks for the welcome Dasvanu, are we looking to recruit more individuals or somethin lol

Well, the more people we have using him, the more chances we’ll have to find out new stuff. If we don’t get too many ppl, I might just have to stick with TZ lol.

btw added approximately 40 vids to the above post. Just remember; newer vids vs insert character here will be at the bottom of that character’s list

u/f+3 is better at crushing lows than highs. it has had that weird property since t4.

True enough :3
I think I can help you out Dasvanu and get 2 people that I know to join, they’re both Yoshi players. Tenshimitsu and SDubb. :3

Thanks alot everyone. Keep it up Dasvanu

can you add me to the team ? I mainly use yoshi in T5DR and will start to play T6 before the ps3 / 360 verson comes out.

Welcome aboard :3
Also Dasvanu I already sent notifications to, to other Yoshi players I know and I’ll renotify them again to have them join since I haven’t gotten an email from them yet. :3

add me to da manji team please