Yoshimitsu Video Thread

Just some casual matches, feel free to critique either player

So this thread is quite barren, figured I’d contribute, nothing mind blowing in any sense, but more Yoshi focused with a bit of explanation.




Check this out by Snoooch, some interesting stuff



Another combo/setup/and tip video

Short version of my video guide:


You can check the complete 25 minute version here: Yoshimitsu Video Guide (Long and Short vids + written version)

3 matches:




Youre Australian! Me too! =D Aussiemistu’s FTW

This is only the second time I meet another Yoshimitsu player online:



Saw this on EventHubs today.

That ex poison breath> jump over HP > super was pretty sick. Wonder if that works on everyone. Also using the ex stone fists for charging moves was pretty sick.

Good question.

Recent matches:



Round 2 = full of fails on my part. I kept missing my resets, dropping my tag cancels. Also had 2 opportunities to land Juri’s Super but didn’t go for it for some stupid reason. I was sitting on all that meter but didn’t do anything with it. I just hate myself lol. And round 3 was just me getting blown up. I got downloaded pretty bad…



So yeah as you can see I’ve started to incorporate resets, SlapUSilly (full reps) and Flea Stance more into my game and I’ve been having pretty good success.

Dhalsim is tough for me… I just don’t know how I’m supposed to approach that matchup. Still easier than Raven and Guile imo but a pain in the ass nonetheless…



End of the match: I did it by accident (wanted to teleport away) but EX Stone Fists seems to work wonders vs cross-ups. :slight_smile:

I’m too lazy to repost them all here, but I have videos with yoshi teamed up with these characters in the Team Synergy thread:

Lili, Ryu, Rolento, Kuma, Julia, Asuka, Raven, Ibuki, Zangief, Akuma, Hugo, King, Law, Ogre, Steve, Claw, Jin

There’s a pretty good Yoshi+Kuma player at the end (Last 2 matches):


I didn’t like how he was sometimes wasting his meter on EX PB and EX Gehosen but he was still very good overall. He knew his stuff.

Couple of fights vs Raven players:


Raven likes to back jump ninja star at the start of a round so I like dashing 2-3 times and throwing a Windmill. Works pretty often. :slight_smile:

Ima try to upload some matches soon. Got to try dashing past ninja stars.

uploading replays from a bunch of players, assorted teams with yoshi. I’ll keep posting them as they upload. One of my new faves is this Boxer/Yoshi dude and a yoshi/kaz guy. Both from japan if you’re looking to follow their replays. Got about 14 videos total including these that I’m in the process of uploading so I’ll be posting them as they finish up. Don’t bother looking at my youtube for more because these are all unlisted. I use my youtube for other things.



Two of my matches