York University/Seneca @ York SF Players

Ok figured I’d give this a try… I’m looking to start/join SF get togethers at York U and Seneca @ York. If you play post here and we’ll work out the logistics for casuals/tournaments.

Willing to bus up the street to pay and bring gear.


just a suggestion, try putting some posters around campus to see if there uis any interest. Might find some “basement” players that way who don’t know about Srk :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. Ask gunman for help on the poster, he’s top tier. Outsource that shit!

I’d be down, I could bring several friends too.

gg’s last nite tatenda, too bad it was laggy as shit for some reason, i need to practice more with rufus

I’m down…getting sick of online -_-

Easily the best way to go about this. Do this right and you may get a nice North Toronto community going.

Only white girls apply.

Master Race.

Does York U still have a gamer club?

IIRC there was one when we were running tournaments at Cove around 06/07.

Just got back from playing SFII: Turbo at the Student Center (21 - 4, get at me bitches), and I met a few people who would be interested in attending. I exchanged gamer tags with one guy, I forgot to ask if he posted on here because I was late to class. So that’s 5 people including myself :tup:


The best I can offer is me, a Peruvian/Moroccan, two black guys and an asian dude. Deal?

Wanna MM in ST? :smiley: Also Tat you want me to make a poster for this?

Yeah Ngu if you can make a poster it would be greatly appreciated. Good to see some interest although its from familiar faces lol.

P.S Alvin ggs, use rog plz I need to learn that match up once and for all and I think im getting there. The lag made it seem otherwise though lol.

If there will be a way to play ST / SF2 Turbo, I will be there.

York sucks.

honestly, if ST is gonna be at York, I want to rock it.

I’m down for Hyper FIghting/ST.

lol i always wanted to play Hyperfighting.

:sweat: Trust me, you don’t. I hate that game. Where’s Rey at? :sweat:

Hyper Fighting is by far the best version of SFII, better than ST. New Challengers comes second.

I personally don’t like Supers or meter-based moves in general, maybe that’s why it appeals to me.

Your best? Only losers whine about their best. The winners go home and fuck the prom queen.