Yokota Air Base - Fussa

Looking for UMvC3, BlazBlue, MK9, Soul Calibur and/or Battlefield 3 players in or around Fussa!
Post your Gamertags and/or PSN ID’s

ProudDisciple - XBL and PSN

It will be my first time in japan so I’m just trying to contact with fellow gamers prior to me actually getting there. Overall I’m hoping to find and/or develop a scene where we could run casuals online or preferably in person. I enjoy competition, working and developing fundamentals and meeting others that share these interests.

I lived out in Fussa years ago (I’m in Yokohama currently). I haven’t been over there in a while, but if you like arcades there’s Playland Big near Higashi-Fussa station. And right outside Hachioji station there’s a strip of arcades worth checking out. Don’t expect hardcore players (if you want that check out the Tokyo arcade guide in the main Japan thread), but they usually have the latest games and a good selection of FGs. Round One (the building with the bowling pin) next to Yokota doesn’t have fighters, just deluxe cab stuff.

I don’t have any consoles with me, just a PSVita that I don’t really use.

I appreciate the info and glad to see someone replied. Arcades are were I grew up and wish to take part in that sort of culture again soon. Console gaming has been in my life for so long now that it’s where I find myself most comfortable. That’s why I really hope and look forward to meeting people willing to get together to game on consoles.

Anyone else at Yokota AB or near it!?

I’m out here with you man. Anyone else? Speak up! Lol

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Speak up YOKOTA, where you at!!!???

ProudDisciple on XBL and PSN

Just got here yesterday. What’s up?

Anyone else in the Yokota/Fussa area? Also any arcades still left around here?

I’m surprised that this thread exists. I don’t live in Yokota Air Base, I live in Camp Zama; but I usually visit to Yokota Air Base for shopping. I always play fighting games mostly on PS3 because I have two arcade sticks and I’m thinking about moving my modern Capcom fighting games to the Xbox 360. I also collect fighting games on any consoles I own. The fighting games I play the most are BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Persona 4 Arena, Arcana Heart 3, Street Fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super Smash Bros. Project M, Dead or Alive 5 ULTIMATE, and King of Fighters XIII.

Prouddisciple, I know this thread is 2 years old but are you still living in Japan as of today? I want to make friends who play fighting games.

Hey guys what’s going on. I’m still stationed at Yokota but I’m currently deployed and won’t be back till next may. I mainly play Injustice but dabble a little in Blazblue. Where I’m at currently I met a couple of people that are in to TTT2 and might try to pick that up. Though I won’t physically be there for a while let’s try and keep in touch. I’m mainly on TYM forums but will make sure to check in on here more often.

I need to check this thread more often. Yeah, I’m more into 3rd Strike, SF4, but I do like playing the anime fighters. Granted, I’m also terrible at anime fighters. Any combo numbers that go into the teens seem to throw me off. I would have thought I would find a ton of competition in downtown Tokyo, but so far my favorite arcade is actually up in Kowagoe. It’s an hour away by the Kowagoe line out of Higashifussa. Iminthenet2, let me know next time you’re heading to Yokota. We’ll have to meet up. I can definitely use the competition.

Picked up an XB1 and have been grinding out KI, anyone thinking of giving KI a shot?

I got my copy recently. FINALLY got some time into it, and I’m digging it. Though I really feel like I’m mashing. I need some competition to get that taken care of, pronto. Though I really do like Fulgore in this version.

I’m really liking Fulgore as well, hope to get some games in once I return.

I’m finally back in town, looking for some games in Killer Instinct or BBCP.

Nice man! Yeah, I’m working nights right now, so my schedule is all messed up. Should normalize next month and I’ll have the weekends off.

I live in Tokyo, I’m looking for an xbox1 for my KI fix.

Add ProudDisciple so we can get some games in!

I just arrived at Yokota today. What is the gaming situation here? Dying to get a game of something in. Anything, board, video, RPG! Are there any meetups nereby?