Yo, this MMA fighter ripped this other guys heart out! With his BARE HANDS!

And his eyes too!

uhhhhh :confused:

In before MK Kano. :razz:

he looks pleasant
fucken crackers and their stupid hair

He should face charges for that aswell

Yo, what kind of mushroom tea did he have?!

in his defense, the whole thing probably mushroomed out of control.

didnt some rapper do basically the same thing after smoking some pcp

nm found it

I wanna know how he managed to do that if it was him.

That’s messed up. He’s got Abel’s hair.

how the fuck do you rip through someones rip cage? jesus christ

Man that’s just fucking heartless.

even worse when you consider the poor guy never saw it coming.

i guess his friend never saw it coming.

damn it thurst!!!


Attacker tore open victims chest, removed his heart and eyes, we arrested him at the scene

I guess if he didn’t want to get caught…
puts on shades
… he should of gone out for spare ribs


must of had some salvia in that tea

Why was he naked?

Come defender of the Earth realm, it is time for you to leave this dimension and partake in the tournament of mortal kombat. The fate of all realms rests on your hands.

Because he was on mushrooms

LOL goddamn. :rofl: