Yang Lab

Umm… yeah.

Option selects, safe jumps, frame traps, whatever the fuck. Go.


That’s all I’ve developed so far. I’m gonna hit the lab again tonight and make up some bullshit.

Share, everyone! This is not focused on combos, though… there’s already a thread for that.

Option select U2 vs some characters after a reset (only tested in yun and vega). Launcher, jump HK(reset), jump MK (crossup) OS with U2.

End of round 2.


It’d be nice if you guys start off with things for starters lol…then move on to those things…

Kool… Im gonna go in the lab and practice some of this.

Sorry. There are plenty of places for starters to um… start. This isn’t one of them.

This thread is for people that already have a grasp of the game system (it’s been around since 2008…), and want to dive into the technical part of the character.

Not trying to be a dick or anything… just SRK is all about “starters” now. There needs to be something for people that want to get a little past that. You can search the forums and YouTube for tutorials and explanations of stuff like OS, safe jumps, and whatever… but this thread is meant to assume there’s already a level of proficiency with that stuff.

I know it’s the 21th century but I don’t have way to record this stuff. Hopefully plain text is not a problem and people can test things out for themselves.

  1. Against charge characters, I always end combos with MK DP and immediately do HK teleport. This will cause them to lose back charge, limiting their wakeup options and it’s really confusing to block. On a sidenote, I don’t know if it’s me, but I can’t seen to combo cr.lk x3 MK DP…only cr.lp, s.lp, cr.mk xx MK DP (this is sad because s.lp wiffs on blanka and honda).

  2. After full rekka chain, HK teleport, jump forward HK dive kick will cross up if the opponent doesn’t quick rise. If he does you can continue pressure. LK dive kick will hit the front and with any of them sometimes it’s possible to have the dive kick cross up and land in front (mostly a character dependant thing I think, based on their hitboxes). Very slight, easy timing is required. The HK dive kick will also beat reversals (most likely make them wiff) and it’s humanly impossible to auto-correct.

  3. After full cinematic U2, HK teleport, jump forward HP is a safe jump vs 5-frame reversals, at least. Since both steps depend on human timing however, I’m not sure I recommend attempting it.

  4. OS vs Viper: EX DP will beat every single one of her options. OS U2 will also beat every option, but won’t go into full cinematic if she does Fierce TK and regular Burn Kick.

I still haven’t found a perfect setup for safe jumps and stuff, all of them you have to manually time so there’s a lot of room for error. So I think Yang simply isn’t the safe jump kind of guy and I’m gonna scratch that from my gameplay.

cr.lk, cr.lk, cr.lk xx MK DP pushes the opponent too far away to be able to link the MK DP. It’s not just you.

As far as frametraps (though this has been posted), cr.lp, cl.mp, cr.mk works well. Two, 2-frame gaps. You could do cr.lk, cl.mp, cr.mk to start with a low hit, but now you have a 4-frame gap and a 2-frame gap.

Not exactly a frame trap, but cr.lp, cr.lp walk back a bit, mk xx rekka alone gave Justin Wong second place in that AE tourney they played a while back (the one Marn won with Yun and later they had the video where they complained about balance and Justin said Mike’s Honda was a 10, etc.)

Also, s.lp into launcher has a 3 frame gap and is awesome, because you get a lot out of it, even ultra, potentially.

Fuck you for making this thread before me HAV.

I’d try to mix in a forward dash, then an MK teleport and a divekick of choice. That way you can turn this into a nice little mixup almost similar to Ibuki’s post-backthrow mixup, where you’d utilize her dash, her superjump and ambigious crossups.

For starters, you could do a full series rekka and a forward dash. If they don’t quickrise, do a LK teleport and attempt a safe jump with j.mp. Or, you could dash up, do an MK teleport and go for a crossup j.mk. Now if you start adding in delayed divekicks, you might have yourself some good oki options off the Rekka.

MK tele is a better option against those who love to quickrise imo, HK tele gives your opponent the time to take advantage of your recovery and turn the tables.

I’m thinking of something like this:

Hitconfirm - > Full Rekka - > MK Teleport -> (opponent quickrises) 1x LP Rekka. The MK dash puts you in the proper position to space the LP Rekka just right.

Full Rekka -> Dash -> MK Teleport -> crossup j.mk

Full rekka -> Dash -> LK Teleport -> J.mk

Full rekka -> Dash -> MK Teleport -> crossup divekick

You can also choose to go for HK teleport, or just two dashes. But that’s how I envisioned Yang’s post rekka game, idk how viable it is, gotta test it I guess

New technology from the latest Nemo match: s.lp, launcher combos against some characters. Out of the ones I’ve tested (maybe 15), works on Abel and Seth.

s.lp, launcher has worked on every character I’ve tried. The issue–more often than not–is that you’re pushing the character too far away using more hits in your hit confirm.

i.e, you could cr.lk, s.lp, cl.mk Ryu. But, changing that cr.lk to a cr.lp would push the opponent too far away.

Were you using f.s.lp, or cl.s.lp?

Yang has some really great option selects, he’s got a lot to work with.

I think it was close…I honestly can’t tell lol. What I was trying to do was a hit confirm on the ground, so cr.lp, s.lp, launcher.

Yeah, with cr.lk, s.lp, cl.mk, you hit most characters. Some smaller ones like Juri don’t. You might wanna check and see if that works better for you.


Well that’s done.

So, potential safe jump. Haven’t had enough time to figure it out or not.

You can FADC the third slash of rekkas. You can end with LP rekkas, rather than HP rekkas, to have the opponent fall closer to you (HP rekkas push the opponent further away). If you do HP, HP, LP rekkas, FADC, then immediately jump and HK dive kick, it hits deep. I’ll try tomorrow and check if it’s legit or not.

I must be doing something wrong in training mode, because Ryu can easily reversal DP that setup from my testing. How early does the divekick timing have to be done?

NINJA EDIT: HK teleport is quite useless when someone quick rises. Shotos will get a free reversal DP FADC before your teleport even finishes.


More later. I know this shit isn’t that creative yet. I’m just applying old concepts to a new character. Gonna try to see what other shit I can devise in a little bit.



Just a visual on how good meaty Palm is. Completely shuts down some characters’ options on wake-up. Like Viper… I’m coming up with this cute shit to do against Viper… but you really don’t need it. The only situation I can think of, that would lend itself towards using an OS over Palm against Viper is if you land Senkyutai in the corner, and you don’t have time to get a meaty Palm out before she wakes up. In that case, OS’ing makes sense. Outside of that… nah. The best Viper can do is trade with Fierce TK, and that’s in your favor anyway. She can trade with EX BK also, for like 20 damage, and a wasted bar.

The only OS really worth doing with her, as far as I can tell, is a safe jump OS into EX Senkyutai. That loses to wake-up Thunder Knuckle, but beats everything else, outside of EX Seismo feint.

EDIT2- Actually, depending on how you set up the OS, it can potentially beat everything outside of EX Seismo Feint. If you safe jump off of a forward throw, or something like that, TK will win, but if you safe jump from a Senkyutai knockdown, and cross-up, the TK will lose clean.

going in the lab now to see what i can find.