XBOX One will play used games. But you have to pay

From Kotaku

So basically they’re going to treat the Xbox One as a digital platform with a physical delivery device.

Anybody think Sony is going to do the same?

Microsoft…making people so mad it even brought RC out of retirement.

I see this as a golden chance for Sony to one-up MS on the whole “used game” debacle. I do think they’re gonna still have the whole “non-retro compatibility” thing going on (seeing as the PS3 isn’t backwards compatible with PS2 games), but if they want to go for the kill, they should just give free reign to used games, and MS will just crash and burn right there.

Fuck the Xbox One, I went with Microsoft last gen but not this time. Once a day internet connection required, even for single player games is fucking stupid.


  • Give us free online play
  • Do not block used games (no fucking fees either, if not that at least make it publisher’s choice so retarded companies like EA and Treyarch can burn)
  • Region Free

That is literally all they need, if they force offline passes or whatever they’ll be writing their john hancock on there death certificate. I’ll admit Sony has been on a role lately but I’ll run away like Sonic if they pull this shit too.

Sony just needs to play it smart. Advertise the fact the PS4 plays used games and online multiplayer is free, as well as the fact that the PS4 has more raw power from a tech stand point. That’s all they really need to do, they’re already making it easier for developers to make games for their console and have a hefty amount of first-party and third-party support which sounds great.

MS and Nintendo are bent over for Sony right now, it’s now up to Sony to decide if it’s coming at them with a limp dick or a raging-hard on ready to blow out dat vag.

I think Sony needs to be more cautious this gen since they know they lost a lot of ground to MS. Anyway, if that makes you mad, check this out:

And here’s the bombshell:

Kotaku: If I’m playing a single player game, do I have to be online at least once per hour or something like that? Or can I go weeks and weeks?

Harrison: I believe it’s 24 hours.

Kotaku: I’d have to connect online once every day.

Harrison: Correct.

So the system is built to work even if your Internet connection goes down, but you still have to be connected at least once a day to use it, according to Harrison. We’re not sure exactly what would happen if you don’t connect once per day—and that timeframe could change—but this doesn’t sound good for anyone who was hoping to use Xbox One without an Internet connection.

Is that gonna affect tournaments and events?

I honestly don’t see why Sony would not try to do something like MS is doing, or at least pull some shit and say “Well, we will give developers the choice” so they don’t have to be the bad guys.

I think Sony hasn’t been in a better position since the PS2 days. Nintendo fucking up with the WiiU, Microsoft shooting itself in the foot with a rocket launcher after their release conference… Sony has all the cards now. Better not fuck up that shit.

Right, but it’s not like Sony, or any developer seems to love used games. If given the option, I can’t think of a many publishers who wouldn’t go with a similar type of option that MS has. That’s what’s crazy about it.

MS must think its reasonable to assume Sony will do the same “you always have to be online” crap. I fuckin hope not, I barely even update my PS3, much less use it for anything online. Let me play my Metal Gear single player in peace

Being someone who rents all his single player games, this sucks

You’d be stupid to think Sony isn’t carefully watching this and taking notes. Sony isn’t stupid and they have said that they won’t implement blocking used games BUT that option is available for developers IF they want to use it. At this point, the ball is in Sony’s court.
Lets be real, the ONLY developer thats has a hard-on against used games in EA more than anyone else.

Nintendo’s recent hardware, and that Vita thing Sony made for shits and giggles, probably indicates that there isn’t some industry-wide mandate against used gaming. That’s the best news you can hope for, because we all know that the industry hates the 2nd hand market. Even if E3/Gamescom/TGS comes and goes and PS4 launches without any used game lockout system, they can add that shit later with a firmware update.

The “need to install games” and “once a day connection” bits make me think that it’s going to be a bitch to use this new XBox in tournaments.

Also, the design is ugly as fuck.

Conspiracy theory time. I’m willing to bet that the system was supposed to be always online at one point and that the connect “once every 24 hours” is their half hearted response to the backlash against it.

I have not watched the showing yet, but what is their reason for having the system connect online once a day and what happens if you dont. Does it just lock you out?

Windows 8, now XBOX One.


So I’ve been reading on twitter that the only clapping at the venue was from Microsoft employees and not the press.

Wait why is Treyarch a bad company now?

I actually like the new Xbox, but I have to agree, Microsoft couldn’t make a more gaming unfriendly console if they tried.
Connecting once a day, monthly fees for online, charging a fee for pre-owned games, Kinect voice command trolling.
The worse part is that the graphics are simply not much better for a person to want to shell out another $400+ for the console.

In the end, it’s all going to come down to the games. 15 exclusive titles is a big deal, and if they force these developers to utilize all the features on this new X-Box, then I can see people changing their tune. I’m not talking about some stupid kinetic dance game either.

Dumb ass company… it basically requires online since each game will be tied up with the gamertag, and you have to “check in” at least every day…probably so the system and all that jazz knows it’s really you that’s trying to start the game…so you can most likely be locked out of playing games that you already bought (what happened to ownership of the products we buy?) on a system you already own, even though it’s YOUR shit(what the FUCK happened to ownership of the product?)… get the fuck out of here with this foolishness. It’s amazing to me that any reasonably logical person can be ok with that. …oh and then there’s the required installation on every game, man get the hell out of here with that.

At this point, their success will be entirely dependent on just how spineless and gullible the general gaming audience is.
*edit-- whatever, youtube, fuck you too.