XBox 720 To Ban Used Games?

I am also hearing a smaller controller, onboard processor for Kinect 2, and the raw graphics processing power will be 6 times what the 360 has (something like a Radeon 6670 in it)

Why do they call it an xbox 720? Because when you see it, you turn 720 degrees and walk away! :rofl:

Damn… tough crowd.

If you turned 720 degrees, you would still be facing the console…

Technically, if you spun 720 you’d be back to where you were facing.

I don’t think that was the joke, but I admit I smiled. Didn’t quite chuckle though.

On topic, no me gusta. I’m too cheap to buy new games. Unless I already know I am going to like the game, in which case whatever.

lol It’s a troll a joke. . . Why do they call it an xbox 360? Because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and walk away is a pretty well known joke on the internet, and it’s supposed to be funny because you would end up… FORGET IT :sad:

microsoft dont want it with gamestop. gamestop will go for blood.


holy shit lol


Anywho, I’ve been on a “only buy physical copies of stuff if electronic copies aren’t available or somehow less good” kick for some time now, and being really picky about what I buy, so meh. If true, this doesn’t hurt me too much.

I think the used games rumor is BS. The very same rumor was going around for the PS3 before it’s release. Personally, I hate these speculative articles since the only thing it seems to do is fuel flame wars about console supremacy. Except this time is about a console that hasn’t even officially been announced yet.

No 720 degree grapple super jokes?

Well I know i wont be buying a 720

the thing is…i dont think its a rumor. i remember an article out a while back talkin about this happening and that was only a few months ago, and it wasnt about 720 either. i think its gonna happen but the industry wants to make sure their secure in the fact downloadables will be the norm from now on. basically the vhs to dvd equiv.

Hahah YES! Keep the PC aliiiiiiveee!

I wonder if 720 actually bans used games will that make people more wary about buying new games once they know that they can’t get any of their money back if it happens to not be their cup of tea.

This is just fucking stupid. :mad:

hmm i hadnt thought of that. are d/l games not returnable at all?

Glorious pc master race? :lol:

Gamers would never stand for this. Dudebro and his pals who frequent Gamestop and think they’re getting great deals while taking it up the anus from Gamestop would rage with the fury of a thousand suns.