Xbox 360 rrod

Smart decision.

cool i didnt know PC’s could play xbox 360 games :looney:

You guys have hardware problems, I have software issues. Both of my 360’s got the the red quadrants of death. Oh well, they are already sent to microsoft. Better come back good or else ime burn something…

You typically get a refurb.

Also, unless told otherwise, you just send the console itself. No cables, No HDD, No faceplate. When you get your coffin there should be an instruction sheet in there to tell you how to send off your 360. The RROD sucks (I know, and so do many of my friends) but the 360 is where all the games I like are at so…

Can someone please give me an honestly idea of just how reliable, or not reliable, a brand new 360 is these days?

If I were to buy a fresh-off-the-assembly-line Xbox 360 tomorrow, what are the odds that it’s going to crap out on me in a (relatively) short amount of time? How long should I expect it to last? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? As long as any other disc-based console?

I know it’s had a bad rep ever since its supposedly “disasterous” launch. (For the record, I believe the rate of malfunction for systems sold on day one was greater for the PS2.) Truthfully, I think it makes itself seem worse by HAVING a big bright red warning you can see when something is wrong, as opposed to simply, quietly not turning on anymore or maybe freezing or displaying scramble-garble like every other console ever. I wonder how much of the “Xbox 360’s break” talk is just carryover from its debut debacle. I feel maybe a little too ready to believe that everything is fine by now; I mean, they’re a major manufacturer with their public reputation at stake. How could it not be, right?

Still, in the SFHD thread alone it seriously seems like one person per week mentions that their 360 just died. That seems like a lot but I can’t see why anyone in there would have any reason to… lie about it. It’s enough to make me think twice about picking one up, that’s for sure.

No rumours no bullshit no fanboyism no fearmongering no my-brother-said and please a minimum of anecdotes from game store employees… straight up, how well-engineered or how often defective are these things as of now?

Cant you get most of the big games for the 360 on a pc? At lower prices? With a better control interface (mouse+keyboard) ?

I’ve had a PS since the age of 6 and to this day I’ve bought Sony Playstations because I have had no real issues with them, but the day my PS3 suddenly dies if its not even 2 years old is the day I quit buying PSs. If i pay good money for something, it better fucking work, or else I drop it.

The only sony console that had issues when it came out was the PS2. Those things were horrible when they were first released. And now they are perfect. I still play my PS2 more than my PS3 though…

I play PS2 games on my PS3 more than I play PS3 games lol.

Never had issues wtih my PS2.

My friend’s cousin 360 has broken 4 times!! And he still puts up with that shit. In Kuwait (where I’m from) you don’t get warranties for the system, and you can’t send it to Microsoft when its broken, hes paying around $50 each time to repair it.
He won’t buy a PS3 cause he cant get blackmarket games for it, while he has his 360 chipped to play burned games (burned games, $3, original games $60) and thats why he puts up with it. Thing is, hes paying the difference by paying for the repairs lol.

AWESOME LINK. ty tyt ytyty

It plays the few 360 games that I care about. PC versions, of course. PS3 covers the other bases.

this is my opinion , I love Gears of War, i Love Halo, and i Love SF Hyper for Xbox 360, but the Xbox 360 is a very unreliable system, trust me, ive been through 5 of them, and they all died because of the RROD, every Six Month i had to send my box to M$ for a refurbish one, so i switched to PS3 now, i Love the games for the Xbox 360, but im not going to be buying or changing a 360 every 6 month. . and like some other guys said, this is not a troll post or anything, its just, damn M$ why cant you build a more reliable system with all the money you have?.

PS. i got my PS3 and IM waiting for HD remix Yeahh.

Yeah, I agree the noise is bad, but if it helps keep my 360 from RROD I’ll try anything. So far so good and it runs alot cooler. I need to get a laser thermometer to see the actually difference.

HA HA thats my mod that I posted on my site. Yeah its involved but it works like a champ. My 360 has been running fine since I added those usb fans. You can adjust the speed with the fans I used if noise is a problem but its not for me.

The airflow noise doesnt bother me and neither does the piece of mind. lol The fans cool the heatsinks in after launch versions and circulate air better getting the hot air out in all hardware versions.

Jamezorz glad its working for you also. My 360 has never rrod’d :tup:

Yeah man, Thanks for coming up with it. I would of never found those fans on my own. I think the best thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t void the warranty. Unlike those others that have you hookup full on water cooling systems.

i was considering doing mods on my 360 before my first rrod, but never got around to getting the parts. i modded my wii with a clear case and apparently if you can do that you can do a 360 easy.

needless to say, the rrods came and i gave it up. in retrospect, why should you be forced to buy accessories/fans/mods for a system you paid 400$ for just to keep it alive?

Haha. Check this out. I just got the rings yesterday. I’m wondering whether just to buy the arcade edition for 200, because it has a 3 year warranty. Mine was just over 1 year since the last repair, and it’s going to cost me 99 dollars to have it fixed. I’d say fuck it if I didn’t have so many damn arcade games.

so wait, if your 360 RROD, you get it fixed (for free) if that new one then gets a RROD its 100 bucks?!?!?

If it happens more than a year later. Mine was like one week over a year since I had it fixed. 99 bucks. :annoy: I think I should just call and say it’s broke next time just before a year approaches.

Fry’s also has those thermaltake fans (those in particular push alot of air)… they were on sale a few weeks back and I was so tempted to get extras lol… im like a kid in that damn store…

But yeah I spent like a little under $50 on the cooling mod parts including the white tape I used in the final version that looked much better and I think its totally worth it to not get the rings… have to wait for the box… ship it… and then wait to get a new one.

a while ago they have a special at gamestop if you trade in a ps2 with 2 controllers and 4 games you get 100 dollars off towards a new system. hopefully that will help someone.

fallback what fans are you talking about???