Xbox 360 rrod

Well, I just got the dreaded red ring of death. So much for the falcon chip being better. This thing didn’t even last one year.

I’ve never had to send it in to microsoft so I was wondering if they ACTUALLY fix the system you send in or do they send you another refurbished one? I’m contemplating buying another one but if sending it to them fixes the problem then I’ll do that instead. For anyone that’s done it, do you have to send everything like the hdd/cables or just the bare system?

i got it twice last year. thats right twice. i got it once, took the month to get it back, and the next week it did it again. i didnt really play it that much either. only game i really played was halo for an hour or two a night. regardless, after the second rrod, I made the decision to get it fixed again, but instead of supporting microsoft any further, i traded in the system + all my games + the 2 free games i got from them + all controllers and got mgs4 bundled ps3 along with some 50 dollars in store credit. I am pretty satisfied with my decision to go along with what is clearly the superior system.

My thing was this: I paid 400 bucks for an xbox for one purpose, to play games whenever i wanted to on my xbox. when that paid privilege was broken, I quickly developed contempt for microsoft, even their reconciliation offers failed to quell my anger. Anyways, Ill prob never buy an xbox again to be honest. am i too hasty/unforgiving? probably. but I am a fundamentalist at heart, and when you sell me a 400 dollar system claiming its the best thing on the market and that bitch breaks twice, thats all it takes for me to call you a fucktard.

ps. this was by no means a troll post. just a detailing of my terrible experience with 360.

:lol: I hear ya. How many games did you trade in? And I thought they checked the systems before taking them in since you said it did it again.

The funny thing is that they said the new chip would stop this or at least make it less likely and my old first 360 lasted longer than this one. I already called them and am awaiting a shipping label. Frankly, I’m right there with you on the Xbox but what can I do? All the games that I like are on it and the ps3 (although reliable, don’t know anyone with a messed up one) doesn’t have any games that I want to play or would be willing to shell out another $4-500 just to play it.

I’ll see how this repair goes, hopefully it’ll be good.

if by “check the system” you mean turn it on to see if it worked, then yes they did that. (i had it repaired a second time and when i got it back went striaght to gamestop) i traded in about 6 games, had like 680$ in credit at the store.

dont worry about it. from what i understand, my case was an extreme one:looney:

I may just do that if it happens a second time. Although, I’ll probably not get as much credit as you and may end up using the credit to buy another 360 :sweat:

i went through similar experiences. If somehow you ever do end up getting a new one make sure you get a 2 year in store warranty.

It makes life a lot easier

To the OP… How is your 360 positioned and where do you keep it?

The 360 is a heat monster and needs to be kept in an open space with ample room on all sides. If its crammed in cabinet then chances are you’re smothering it.

just a thought.

Funny thing just happened, I was browsing the tech forum and saw this thread heading I thought to myself “HAHAh feeble fools”, couple of minutes later I go to turn my 360 on I get not the RROD but one flashing red ring and on my tv it says “system error contact xbox customer support”, I really love my 360.

Anybody have anytips with dealing with this?

Yea, I know all about that. Fact is that it’s in a well ventilated area and I have it sitting horizontally; I always felt that standing it up that it would fall down or something. It froze on me yesterday during COD4 and then today while talking to Xbox Tech and after turning it off and on a few times the bleeding thing won’t start up now.

I didn’t get the red rings at all at first. I just got the power light on and the system kept freezing. It gives me the red rings now and doesn’t boot up. So, either try turning it on later to see if it does it again or call tech support. I’m just glad I wasn’t playing that much and can send it in for repairs without too much of a hassle. If Gears of War 2 comes out and I don’t have THEN I’ll be pretty ticked.

Yeah I went to the xbox and registered my console and im still in warranty so im expecting a repai…still on hold waiting for someone to answer from customer support…

i bought a broken xbox 360 from x.X here on srk and when it arrived i was SHOCKED to see it’s a new 2008 model!!! i personally have 2 myself but it’s a shame this system is dying left and right because it’s an amazing system.

Well, everthing went smoothly Im just shipping it out to them, all I have to pay for is the box…im kinda glad i didnt get a rrod but a hardware problem…

I thought RROD was a hardware problem? I managed to leave mine at the ups store today before they closed but I think it won’t be picked up till Monday. M$ is lucky that it has good games because if it were the other way around the ps3 would be the undeniable ruler in the system wars.

believe it or not rrod is not the only problem the 360 has, apparently it is also faulty to random hardware mishaps…just got my shipping label guess I’ll ship it out monday…anyone know how long the repair processs usuually takes??

yea rrod is a hardware problem. it’s mostly the video overheating cuz of the crappy heatsinks.

yea mine had a bad drive and a few of my friends also had a bad dvd drive. from what i’ve read on xbox-scene it varies from 2 weeks-1 month. if your problem is really serious they sometimes replace the whole unit.

Took me about 1 week and a half. When I got the RROD recently. They sent me back a refurbished unit. Now I hooked up a shit ton a fans to my 360 and it runs 1000 times cooler. Heres the mod I did, I recommend everyone try it if their 360 tends to run hot.

Jamez… that might be the worst mod ive seen yet.

Aside from that the noise produced from those fans would be very annoying.

Stop wasting your time and money. When you fork over $400+ for a video game system you shouldnt be “okay with it” if it dies on you due to hardware issues, and you also shouldnt have to wait 2 weeks - 1 month to get it back when it dies. You said you have the new falcon chip model? What makes you think that when you get your repaired 360 back that this won’t happenen again? Follow Ex0dUs27’s example and move on to another system, be it Wii or PS3.

Shit, I already have a PS3 and I’m thinking about selling my 360. My PC does everything it does better, and I have my PS3 for fighters and console games. I’m on my third 360.

That’s what I said before, it’s not exactly my choice to get a 360 but that’s where the games that I like are on. If gears of war 2 and all the other games that I’m looking forward to would be on the ps3 then yea I’d get that in a second. If it happens again I’ll just trade it in and get another one no big deal really.