XBCD drivers for Fightstick TE?

I just got my tournament edition fightstick from Gamestop today, and I’m loving every moment, but now I’m having a bit of a conundrum. On the PC, I don’t like the drivers that the Stick comes with (POV only, cant use left stick mode), so I wanted to use the XBCD drivers that I use for my 360 wired controller. However, the program doesn’t recognize my stick. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers; that didn’t work. Then I decided to configure the inf file and added the following line:

;Xbox 360 Controllers
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_045E&PID_028E ; Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_162E&PID_BEEF ; Joytech SE for 360
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0E6F&PID_0201 ; Pelican XSZ Wired Controller (Model #PL-3601)
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4716 ; Madcatz Xbox 360 Controller #
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4726 ; MadCatz Pro for Xbox 360
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4736 ; MadCatz 360 MicroCon
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0F0D&PID_000A ; HORI DOA4 Stick
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0F0D&PID_000C ; HORI Pad EX Turbo
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4738 ; Arcade Stick (Street Fighter IV Fightstick TE)

This doesn’t seem to working either. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing to get XBCD working with this? I really wnat to take advantage of this bad boy on the PC. Thanks.

EDIT: The controller works perfectly fine on my Xbox360, so at least that’s awesome.

It’s even worse than I thought. The default Microsoft drivers are doing jack for me. Other than not being able to use the left stick option, the buttons work fine in the control panel, but games like Melty Blood won’t even recognize the controller. Now I’m really desperate to get this thing working with XBCD. Also, I’m using version 0.2.6 if anyone wanted to know. Thanks.

You won’t be able to get XBCD working with it, unless the code for XBCD is updated specifically to include the Madcatz stuff.
The stick itself knows that it’s not connected to a 360, so goes into a PC mode.

Grab xpadder, and it will solve all of your problems.

I see. Thanks for the info Toodles. That kind of sucks though. Since that’s the case, is it still possible to get the left and right axis sticks recognized by Windows XP? I’d rather not be stuck with POV movement only (d-pad mode). Of course, I’ll use xpadder if that isn’t possible either. Thanks.

You’re stuck with the POV hat.

Okay. I sort of figured. Thanks for clearing that up Toodles.

I got the XBCD driver to work with the TE stick, if you want the modified *.inf file you can add me to msn frontierwiseman (at) hotmail.com or pm me your email so i can send it to you.

If you did, then I apologize for giving wrong information. I was under the impression that it detected the PC and went into a PC mode; I could easily be wrong about that.

I personally wouldn’t use Xpadder. The reason is that the triggers don’t work with it so the HK button doesn’t work and you have to map it to the black button next to your HP button.

Joy2Key allows the triggers so I prefer that.

No Problem, we all make mistakes, and also i got them working for the harp ex if any body’s interested.

I just sent a PM to you vandutch. Also, I just realized the xpadder problem PuFF mentioned, so this will be a godsend. Thank you so much! :lovin:

They work!!!

I just download the drivers, and I’m happy to say that they work flawlessly. I can finally play melty blood with the stick. You, vandutch, are a god! It’s times like these where I wish I had the power to rep. Thank so very much! :lovin:

On the subject, may I suggest creating a separate topic for these drivers as you did with the HRAP EX? I’m sure others like me would benefit immensely from the drivers you supplied. As great as the stick is, the drivers are terrible compared to the XBCD ones.

Again I can’t possibly thank you enough. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna MAME it up with this stick (and play some Melty Blood).

Thanks I’m glad I could help, just doing my small part for the community.

if i could get these drivers from anyone that would be awesome email me at vdubberx@hotmail.com or look for me on msn messanger thzx


These drivers worked fine for me. They also work for my fightpads too.

check out my post here


use this code in the INF portion of my write up…

%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4738 ; Arcade Stick (Street Fighter IV Fightstick TE)

stock m$ drivers work for some , not for most

My post count isn’t high enough to PM you (likes to lurk), but could you help me as well?

Sure just post your email and I’ll send you the driver.

hahaha this is my 5th post so I’ll pm it to you

I would LOVE it if you had any insight into getting my HRAP EX to work in Windows XP. I’ve been searching SRK/Google for hours trying to get some combination of XBCD/etc to work with no luck.

Any help appreciated!