Xandarian Enemy Database. Nova Detailed Matchup Thread

I thought I’d get the ball rolling with a detailed matchup thread where we go over certain Nova matchups in detail similar to how they do it in the Street Fighter threads.

Also, whoever is in charge of making this an announcement thread, please do so!

Nova matchups 2014 - Marvelo’s opinion

Definitely Nova’s favor - Chun-Li, Arthur, Spiderman, Haggar, Doom, MODOK, Dormammu, Chris, Shuma, X23, Storm, She-hulk, Sentinel, Ghost Rider, Rocket Raccoon, Hsien-Ko, Dr.Strange, Ironman

Possibly in Nova’s favor - Super Skrull, Jill, Ironfist, Hawkeye, Magneto

Even with Nova - Frank West, Wesker, Thor, Deadpool, Strider, Tron Bonne, Vergil, Firebrand, Phoenix, Captain America, Akuma, Phoenix Wright, Nemesis, Ryu, Trish, Ammy

Possibly in Opponent’s favor - Felicia, Dante, Spencer, Taskmaster, Hulk, Viewtiful Joe, Wolverine

Definitely in Opponent’s favor - Morrigan, Viper, Zero

Of course this is all a matter of my opinion which can be wrong, so discussion is encouraged.





Captain America[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]

Chris Redfield[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]




Doctor Strange[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]





Frank West[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]

Ghost Rider[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]





Iron Fist[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]

Iron Man[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]

Jill Valentine[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]







Phoenix Wright[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]

Rocket Raccoon[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]









Super Skrull[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]




Tron Bonne[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]


Viewtiful Joe[details=Spoiler]stuff[/details]





I agree with most stuff you said. Only a couple things I disagree with.

  1. I believe Morrigan is 5-5 or possibly 5.5-4.5 Morrigan’s favor. Its not that bad.

  2. Cap vs. Nova is not even IMO. It gotta be in Cap’s favor.

  3. Spencer might be Nova’s 3rd worst match-up, behind Viper (worst) and Dante (second worst).

  4. Zero isn’t a blow up but not in Nova’s favor.

  5. Nova blows up Phoenix (on paper, gotta test my theory).

  6. Nova makes sweet passionate love with Joe.

There might be some others but I’m so fucking tired. I’ll get into the deeper part of the match-ups I have alot of experience with some other time.

Lol no way dude.

  1. Nope. Don’t be convinced from the bopping Nemo gave FChamp. Chris just didn’t play the matchup right since that was the first time he’s likely fought a Nova with plinks. Morrigan wins solely because you have one chance with Nova. You need to get her at the start. If you don’t its over and you’ll never get in again. Next option is to use juiced up Grav Pulses, but this is hail-mary type of attack. This is true for many of the matchups vs her, but if the Morrigan plays the matchup right. He can’t ever started. You need to take huge guesses to win. Nova also does better though if he has bolts. Still in Morrigan’s favor IMO.

  2. Definitely not in Caps favor. At least not vs my team. He throws a shield slash and I REACT with speed tackle. Every time. ggwp. Don’t airdash into shield slashes, be careful with pulses, and he can’t win.

  3. Spencer is hard, but not as bad as some others. Pretty manageable.

  4. Zero is Nova’s worst matchup IMO with Viper (though only Vipers that have mastery of Seismo focus dash seismo). If Zero plays the matchup right, it’s pretty bad for Nova.

  5. Nova vs Phoenix is even IMO, but its hard to say because who plays point Phoenix and Dark Phoenix rapes everyone. Good things in the matchup though, if you ever snap her in and you see her throw a trap down, react with speed tackle and get her. She can’t pull that on you.

  6. Joe has the slight advantage IMO, but he needs a strong horizontal projectile like bolts/hawkeye/logtrap. His voomerangs are so fast they interrupt the startup of speedtackle and he’s to touch if he stays mobile. Manageable but can be difficult.

This is just from what I witnessed, hell, I could be super wrong and not know it lol.

The reason I say Morrigan vs. Nova is even or just ever so slightly in Morrigan’s favor is because Nova can avoid bullet hell outright. Morrigan’s most valuable resource is meter, and what’s so fucked up about it is that the only meter that she can get when Nova does it right (and that’s a maybe if Nova’s positioning is really good) is the meter from the missiles. I think its something like normal jump, airdash up, fly, H pulse (red health only), and wait. If she super jumps and tries to soul fist you, that’s cool, speed tackle when you see her in the air and either 2 things will happen, 1. She’ll block, and you just go back in neutral. 2. She gets hit, and you can x-factor for the kill OR if you have Strider and call him before the speed tackle and you get a free combo (I think). I seen Leonultimate do alot of this against AlmightyLPZ. Dirty stuff.

I think Nova gets blown up more from ground pressure from Morrigan. Morrigan gotta get a combo on him to start up bullethell, then rush in behind missiles. I don’t think Nova does well against pressure, especially Morrigan pressure. I feel like Morrigan is better off rushing down against Nova.

I do agree with you about Nova’s best chance of beating her is the start of the round, but I think Nova can at least control the worst of it with good red health management and not taking big time risks.

Cap vs. Nova is best played at midrange and a step for Cap. In that range, Cap’s ground game becomes scarier. Its extremely hard to react with speed tackle at this range, Cap can still punish airdashes against Nova, he can’t do any pulses or he gets charging star’ed and Cap’s cr. L is faster than anything Nova has IIRC. Nova has to keep him full screen, but even at this range Nova has to be careful because Cap can still plink dash on reaction to Nova doing H pulse or energy javelin and get a charging star to the grill.

Of course its not a total blow up. I know Nova can punish the sloppy Cap shit (thank god the majority of Cap players are sloppy as fuck), but if the Cap plays solid and picks his spots, Cap wins the matchup. I wish I recorded a match with me versus a Nova player back when I played Cap.

I’m interested in how you feel about the Spencer, Viper and Zero match-ups. I know they are bad, but I don’t think Zero is a total blowup and I think Spencer is IMPOSSIBLE with greyhound behind him, especially if you don’t have plasma beam.

I feel like Joe has to be in Nova’s face or close to it in order for Joe to win. Joe can’t keep Nova out. Not only will Nova outlame him but he can speed tackle voomerangs plus any assist he throws out for fucking free. Around midrange, its a little harder to react to, but there isn’t any harm in just doing it when you see Joe throw in a pattern. If you made a bad guess, oh well, go back in neutral. What’s so godlike about this match-up is that Joe can’t do V dodge xxx mach speed on Nova if Nova is pressuring him for some reason. Nova can just fly when he does Mach Speed. What happens is that you get hit by the first punch, but the rest will totally miss. You’ll be on the other side of him and you get a free punish with whatever you feel like.

Marv using your format I’d put it something like this, not really all that different though I did change the category names.

Not even fair - Arthur, Spiderman, Haggar, Doom, Chris, Shuma, X23, Storm, She-hulk, Sentinel, Dormammu, Ghost Rider, Rocket Raccoon, Hsien-Ko, Dr.Strange, Ironman, Super Skrull, Phoenix Wright

You kinda suck - Jill, Ironfist, Hawkeye, Magneto, Chun-Li, MODOK, Wesker, Nemesis

I’ll tell the other Guardians of the Galaxy you put up a good fight - Frank West, Thor, Deadpool, Strider, Tron Bonne, Vergil, Firebrand, Phoenix, Captain America, Akuma, Ryu, Trish, Ammy, Spencer, Taskmaster, Wolverine, Felicia, Hulk

Uh… help? - Dante, Viewtiful Joe

Not… cool… - Morrigan, Viper, Zero

It’s really hard to rank things without considering what assists they use… I’m assuming they have shit that actually gives Nova trouble. So here’s how I figured some of the moves up:

Chun- give her Daggers and a player who knows how to abuse SBK and this is really annoying on the ground, though she still can be zoned out. I also need to try Molecular vs. her.

MODOK- give him something like Cart and he can actually get in Nova’s ass and give him trouble. The problem is MODOK can’t afford to sit back and try to zone OR take pressure, but he can definitely rush Nova down.

Cee Dizzy, to give you some perspective on Joe, only one player is using what I think is Joe’s optimal assist which is Hawkeye Greyhound assist. It’s the perfect height and speed to let him set up Vooms even vs. Nova and it’s frankly pretty unfair. I think in a pure 1v1 fight it’s still even. Marv’s team has a better advantage thanks to Speed Tackle Vajra but it’s still a big risk.

Anyway, the moves down:
Phoenix Wright from even to big advantage- c’mon dude. This guy is free when not in turnabout and you can run from him when leveled. Not like Nova gains any particular disadvantage over other characters when Wright gets evidence.

Task from slight disadvantage to even- you have to utilize a different toolset vs. this character, mainly Cent Rush + beam in my opinion. Can’t air-dash in too blindly and Speed Tackle is always a bit risky. But Task also can’t afford to throw arrows at the wrong range.

Spencer from slight disadvantage to even- this really depends on the player. I dunno how to deal with nutty Spencers too well, but Nemo can. In general it comes down to knowing what you can punish with 5L and playing very patient.

Hulk from slight disadvantage to even- Hulk/Drones is hard to zone and hard to approach. But running away is still very doable; after that it’s just capitalizing on mistakes and punishing hard. Hulk with any other assist besides Daggers is whatevs

Wolverine from slight disadvantage to even- same as always. Get away at the start with an OS, zone him out, OS berserker slashes, punish unsafe stuff and/or force whiffs, and pick rocks against the nuttier types. Just gotta get away.

Felicia from slight disadvantage to even- the same thing with less OS options (of which I’m aware) but as limited approach and as easy to zone. But I admit lack of matchup experience…

Nemesis from even to slight advantage- play this matchup with 5L, slide and Cent L to get under noodles, and lots of beam. PB or Bolts, don’t matter he’s kept out by both. Punish any rocket with Speed Tackle.

Skrull from slight advantage to big advantage- no answer to pressure aside from Orbital which can be baited and punished. Only answer to shield is Rolling Hook which can be baited and punished. Can’t fight from the air due to javelin. Skrull with drones or bolts is slightly different; you can’t afford to stay on the ground as much.

Yeah. I hope this takes off better than my previous matchup thread; there’s still some good discussion there but sadly a lot of it is outdated.

Let’s get some full writeups going ya? I can do Tron, RR, Strange etc… The Japanese chars lol.

I think Wesker beats Nova slightly, 6-4, and I’ve heard quite a few players echo that. Yipes has a history of picking his Wesker team vs Nova. It’s a fun matchup tho.

As for Hulk, I believe my Hulk team does relatively well against Nova (Hulk/Sent/Dante), but Nova can definitely fight Hulk. The interesting part of this matchup is that Hulk hates Plasma Beam and Psionic Blaster assists, and Bolts smack Sent through Drones (but it’s a little riskier to use bc of how well Hulk can punish assists, especially with this team), and Nova is rarely without one of these three assists.

Haha, interesting. Well if anyone does any writeups, I’ll add it to the relevant section.

It’s why I mention POSSIBLY, because it’s matchups that CAN give Nova a problem.

Hulk can be a problem for Nova, if he has Lariat and plays the matchup right. It’s hard to really get started against him and unlike Magneto, Nova can’t runaway as well. It’s probably even at the highest lvl, but it CAN be problematic since Nova doesn’t have any fast lows, multihitting moves, etc so he needs to pick his spots and play the matchup 100%. Jan thinks its actually in Hulk’s favor.

As far as Wesker, I think Nova may actually beat him because of tridash j.L. If he’s attempting to command grab or cr.L you, both of those options are blown up bad by Nova’s instant overhead. Pair that with zoning him and the matchup bad at all. It’s probably even or slightly in Nova’s favor if anything. My opinion at least.

Well, Lariat does silly things for Hulk’s matchups, so I wouldn’t be surprised at a lot of people putting Hulk/Lariat over Nova. I can agree with all of that, but I think with one of those three assists Nova should be able to wear Hulk down pretty consistently. Go play a long set vs Jan and report back lol

Could’ve sworn I typed something about ADD j.L, but I guess not…yeah, that’s a huge tool for Nova in that matchup. I think it even avoids c.M, which has a huge hitbox. But I still think Wesker has a slight advantage here. It may depend on Wesker’s assists, but I’ve never seen any matches between competent Wesker and Nova players to make me think that Nova has the advantage.

Also, something that may be somewhat coloring your opinion of stuff like Cap and Wesker is Vajra-assisted Human Rocket. It’s such a fantastic tool to able to confirm off a Human Rocket no matter what height the opponent is at; hell, you don’t even have to hit them with the hyper! That really blows up jumping Shield Slashes and gunshots.

I find Wesker really easy to zone out… Samurai Edge ain’t doing shit to even a level 1 shield. Rushdown Weskers, as Marv mentioned, get blown up by IOH. Again this is very dependent on assists; most I’ve had trouble with was Wesker/Bolts.

Tiger knee shield would screw his guns I think

Lol I’ve got to ask: what in the world happened to you guys with Viper? Last year she was no big deal and now she’s one of his 3 worst match ups. Did you all see Yipes vs. Fullschedule?

Yo Marvelo I think you have to pm Preppy to get this stickied

Lack of Viper experience on my end.

If you look at the match with Yipes, it wasn’t really Nova what he lost to except for one game where Nova got the grab somehow at the start…which rarely works because Viper beats Nova at the start. Derrike just fucked up the plink. Bolts also plays a considerable factor in the matchup. Hence why Bolts is without a doubt the best Nova assist.

Viper wins, but assists can make a difference.

Same. To be fair we also had Morrigan as an even matchup around that time.

Having molecular vs. Viper helps a lot because it stops her from completely spamming optic laser (thank you CrazyJoe)

Nice you got the sticky going

This thread is a good example of why the Nova boards are beast

I’m not good at playing Nova but I play against him so I wanna bitch offer a few things from Dorm’s perspective

I know most of you already know this because it’s a simple matchup but idk Marvelo might need stuff to add so he doesn’t have to write everything

Dorm is usually placed second and Nova is usually on point so the most typical Nova vs Dorm scenario is when Nova kills the opponent’s point character. Their usual point of first encounter is the incoming mixup.

Dorm has air mobility so Nova will want to run a mixup that tries to cover the possibility of air dashing out, most especially air dash up forward because Dorm’s ADUF is faster than his ADU and gets him out of more shit. The Nova I play regularly uses Drones assist so his incoming mixup usually looks like Nova fucking around at SJ height while Drones rise to Dorm’s height. Ambiguous setups like these are good against Dorm because what Nova does up there to cross up/not cross up (like L Human Rocket, ADF xx fly with various timings) can usually catch Dorm’s ADUF so Dorm has no choice but to try to block Drones.

If Dorm does get to block Drones, the next layer is usually bringing Dorm to the ground and run a split second high-low-throw mixup at the instant Dorm touches the ground. This can layer off into other mixups in conjunction with Nova’s other assist.

What you want to be looking out for in this situation is pushblock in the air and s. L on the ground. Basically, in the air, Dorm has just about the same number of options as a regular air dash character because teleports have too much startup, so just deal with him accordingly. If Dorm manages to get a teleport out though, it’s likely going to be M teleport because it sets him farthest from Nova. Dorm has good enough recovery on his teleports that I don’t think you can grab him out of M teleport on reaction, but if you intentionally bait it out Nova can just back dash + jump into throw before Dorm materializes from the teleport’s spark.

On the ground, Dorm’s going to be looking for spots to do s. L because it’s his fastest normal at 4 or 5 frames IIRC (also fast thing to watch out for: snapback). When Dorm does this, he’s usually looking to cancel into Flame Carpet so he can call his assist + teleport to try to turn things back in his favor. Basically Dorm is just your average character in this situation (fastest moves are L and snapback, no invincible moves); his best options are universal options so the counters are basic: frame trap either with normals or with assists, and tick throw.

An important thing to watch out for though is the occasional c. M. In the midst of tight blockstrings it’s usually a bad idea, but if Dorm catches Nova during an air attack and he’s not in assist blockstun, c. M is going to be Dorm’s trump button. It may even meaty some assists on startup and cost you two characters. Of course its weakness is its startup; like I said tight blockstrings will keep Dorm from trying to throw it out. Even dirtier is when you late-call a beam assist that comes out behind Nova (like a far placed Doom beam maybe) while you attempt to do box dash H, because you’re teasing the Dorm into throwing out a c. M which WILL beat out your air attack, but leaves Dorm open to the beam. Nova can usually convert off this and win the trade.

Another important thing which is even more situational than c. M is level 3. It’s Dorm’s only fully-invincible-startup move. When Dorm is sitting on 3 bars and is trying to get out of the corner incoming situation, a level 3 reversal isn’t enough of a bad idea to ignore. It’s 0-frame after the flash so Nova can’t XF-cancel to block. It’s also a cinematic super so if Nova gets hit, there’s no stopping the follow-up (no Missiles or Drones combo-breaking or whatever). If level 3 hits it’s pretty easy to TOD with 0 or 1 bar if you XF-cancel an OTG Flame Carpet, which gets Dorm back on his feet and gives him control of the situation. If the level 3 whiffs or gets blocked, Dorm has to XF to save himself so there’s usually an understandable hesitation to do it, but you also have to acknowledge that in Dorm teams, the decision to blow XF2 on Dorm + assist is usually better than saving XF3 for the last character. The point is that while this option drains a lot of resources, don’t expect that it’s never going to be used.

If Dorm gets out of the corner situation, Nova can essentially just put up a Pulse and start spamming Energy Javelin + Doom beam or some other assist if he’s sitting on at least one bar. This is pretty smothering for Dorm; if he tries to counter-zone with anything (Dark Matter, Purification, Dark Hole) Nova can Speed Tackle on reaction. Dorm’s only options there are cancel into Chaotic Flame then immediately DHC out, X-Factor cancel, or get hit. Which is pretty depressing because Nova still stays safe after Speed Tackle so you just basically made him waste resources. Movement and assist calling also become an issue because of the constant barrage of hitboxes, unless Dorm gets to maximum fullscreen range and stays off the ground. This basically means a shutdown of Dorm’s options at the range of 1/4 screen to almost full screen.

Dorm has difficulty dealing with this, but he still has options.

Dorm/Missiles is going to be very, very, VERY lame about this. FChamp back when he was at the peak of his Dorm usage is a very good example of this. He’s not gonna call Doom right away, he’s not gonna try and Dark Matter, no pillars or Flares, nothing. Dorm’s just gonna run like the little bitch that he is (to clarify, he is Nova’s little bitch). Think of the screen as divided into four quadrants: upper left, lower right, etc. Dorm’s gonna want to stay in the opposite corner where Nova is in (Nova is in lower left, Dorm goes to upper right, etc). Teleports and fly plinks are gonna make this doable, but it’s going to be really tight because the Nova player can do tricky shit like faking movement or assist traps and if Dorm guesses wrong he gets the short end of the stick. Basically it’s going to be one huge mind game. Dorm’s gonna threaten while running away by charging a hand every now and then. You usually only get a split second to charge a hand, but if you do you’re one step closer to making this VERY BAD matchup into just a BAD matchup.

Dorm/Missiles isn’t even gonna try to zone you even if he gets a full 3 hands. The game plan is to run, so you try to lure Nova into overextending himself, then Liberation xx Chaotic Flame into XF-cancel or dash down fish hooks for a huge punish. When he runs, he WANTS you to run after him. If you try to act reserved he might get the chance to launch Missiles, which is even stronger bait to get Nova to move where he doesn’t want to. I’ve already mentioned the counter to this strategy, tricky stuff like fakes and jukes. It’s not a deterministic counterstrategy because the nature of the situation is that it’s a mind game, but know that it’s still tilted against Dorm’s favor because not only does he have to continuously make correct decisions at multiple points in time, he also needs to execute the decision correctly and there is little room for error.

Dorm/Jam I feel has a better grasp on this matchup. Basically what I want to do with Dorm/Jam is lock you down in the corner with Dark Hole, Flame Carpet, Jam, and teleports into fish hooks. Do not underestimate this; if Dorm/Jam gets you in this situation you stop being Nova, you’re just a regular blocking character and Dorm/Jam may actually take the advantage. If the stars align in Dorm’s favor he can even get a few reps of Liberation trap going, which is going to be difficult to get out of because Dorm/Jam Liberation trap is near-complete blockstun in the corner. I don’t think you can Speed Tackle out of it.

From my experience, Nova’s best options when he’s being locked down in the corner (outside of Liberation trap) is to:
-try to find a spot to anti-air s. L
-try to pushblock to buy a few moments of time then superjump then pushblock like crazy up there cause Dorm usually can’t bring you down without 2C1D or 1C1D
-CC into something (Shopping Cart for example) if there aren’t any stray hitboxes in the way like Carpet or lingering Dark Hole, or better yet use invincible CCs

If Dorm gets a chance to go into Liberation trap, the best attempt at getting out is pushblocking the Meteors release AFTER Dorm does H teleport so there’s a chance he’ll be too far for a Jam call to catch you (Liberation trap with Dorm/Jam requires Dorm to H teleport right before Meteors blockstun ends so he gets into the proper range to call Dante and lock you down with Jam). If you try to mash pushblock, you’re being obvious so Dorm is gonna have time to react by doing M teleport instead, which will take you out of the corner but will still keep you in Liberation trap (requires a Flare activation at a certain point in the trap sequence though). This leads into another Liberation trap rep that pushes Nova back into the corner, leaving you right back where you started so yeah it’s better if you pushblock AFTER the teleport instead of mashing pushblock all throughout the trap sequence and just waiting for Dorm to run out of meter for Flare.

Of course, an easier way of getting out of it would be CC, but try to make sure you have a good CC behind you because the only time in the trap sequence that Dorm is close enough to get hit by CCs is when he’s about to be covered by Jam, so invincible or high-priority CCs are required.

Overall, yes, Dorm has a very bad matchup against Nova. His regular gameplan of Liberation zoning and trapping is going to be ineffective most of the time because of Speed Tackle, so he has to resort to either runaway or corner lockdown, both of which have no room for error and are pretty hard to set up in the first place.[/details]

EDIT: I went back and reworded some stuff

Also talked about level 3 reversal as an option

Keep in mind I’m not a Nova player, so don’t add this to the OP, I’m just saying what Dorm can do in the MU and what I’ve seen Nova can do against it, so the Nova board regulars should discuss this first

An example of what I’m saying is Marvelo’s Speed Tackle + Vajra tech, I’ve never run into that so I don’t know the full impact of that on the matchup, it would seem like a powerful tool against Dorm/Missiles runaway but like I said I haven’t run into that so I don’t know the nuances

EDIT 2: I added a little bit on trying to get out of Dorm/Jam corner Liberation trap

Thanks for adding Dorm’s perspective to the thread!

so i confirmed my theory that australia loves magneto, what can i do against magnetos?

Body their shit.

j.H disruptors, punish shockwaves with speed tackle on block or if you’re at least half screen away, be patient.

Bait H disruptors also with Grav Pulse cancel to speed tackle if he’s disruptoring it constantly.

Is there anything in particular you’re having trouble with?